"Candor, Part III of III": Saturn Queen has captured Power Girl and brainwashed Supergirl into becoming Ultraman's betrothed.

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Supergirl (Volume 5) #8 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 5) with a cover date of September, 2006. It was published on July 26, 2006.

Synopsis for "Candor, Part III of III"

Saturn Queen has captured Power Girl and brainwashed Supergirl into becoming Ultraman's betrothed.

After ensuring her mind-control holds and Kara is ready to get married to Ultraman, Saturn Queen interrogates Power Girl with zero success. As she tries to break Power Girl both physically and mentally, though, she realizes something is going wrong with Kara.

Kara's talking to Ultraman, who off-handily states he'd just die if she broke on their wedding night and he doesn't want to wait so long for ravishing her. His careless innuendo triggers on Kara hallucinations of her father wanting her to kill Kal-El which weaken Saturn Queen's hold.

Saturn Queen barges in the chamber to restore her mind-control. Upon touching Kara's mind again, Kara gets a glimpse into her memories. She sees Saturn Queen and the Legion of Super-Villains setting out to create a new reality by travelling far into the past and indoctrinating the future Superman and Batman.[1] Their plan failed, and following Alexander Luthor's attempt to create a new reality by restructuring the Multiverse, Saturn Queen and Ultraman were displaced from their native timelines/realities and temporarily shunted into the Phantom Zone. Since escaping, Saturn Queen mind-controlled Ultraman into being her "son" and calling himself Kal-El, and used her mental powers to create her own personal version of Kandor.

Supergirl tries to fight Saturn Queen's brainwashing, but the villainess reasserts her mind control. Though she triggers more horrible hallucinations which make Kara snap and finally break free of the brainwashing. Saturn Queen mind-controls Ultraman into attacking her, but an infuriated Kara punches him across the city.

Panicked, Saturn Queen quickly heads to the place where Power Girl is awaiting for her execution and orders the executioner to cut her head off now. However Supergirl arrives right then, smashes the executioner down and frees her counterpart.

Ultraman turns up to kill both women, but Supergirl and Power Girl fight him, and their battle becomes the spark that ignites the Kandorian rebellion. Supergirl defeats Ultraman and her hallucinations are goading her into killing him, but Saturn Girl asks her to spare him in exchange for the truth about Argo City.

Supergirl agrees to spare Ultraman's life and suddenly flies off. Confused, Power Girl trails after her.

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