"The End Of The Beginning": Zor-El had known that Krypton was doomed. His brother Jor-El was right. As much as he wanted to share the information with his people, he would not, knowing that it would merely fill their remaining days with fear

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Supergirl (Volume 6) #0 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 6) with a cover date of November, 2012.

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Synopsis for "The End Of The Beginning"

Zor-El had known that Krypton was doomed. His brother Jor-El was right. As much as he wanted to share the information with his people, he would not, knowing that it would merely fill their remaining days with fear and panic. However, he would save who he could. He would save his daughter Kara.

Though he wanted to tell her the truth, Zor-El could only let lies come out. He had told her that he wanted a final gene scan before she would undergo the Trials. However, with the planet-quakes increasing in frequency, he worried about how much time he'd have left to save her. Even so, he delivered her to her mother, while he met with the council.

He had built great machines under the pretense that they were power generators meant to revolutionize the city of Argo's infrastructure. He had placed the machines all around the city in a ring, and when the time came, they would produce a force field to protect Argo from what would come. Unfortunately, Argo would be the only city to be saved.

Kara would occasionally visit her aunt and uncle, and their young son Kal-El, wishing that her parents would join her. Unfortunately, the rift between Jor-El and Zor-El had not yet been repaired. Jor-El explained that he had become aware of the unorthodox experiments that his elder brother was performing, and when he had warned that they would bring down the wrath of the council on all the scientists of Krypton, Zor-El had taken offence. This made Kara worry that her father was still conducting those experiments, noting the suspicious nature of the gene scan he had given her earlier. Concerned, Jor-El begged her to have her father contact him.

Later, Kara's mother Alura had found her husband working in his lab, when they were already late for their reception with the council. Her suspicions were aroused by the fact that he had been developing weapons to defend himself. When a tremor came, she demanded to know what is happening to Krypton. He promised to tell her everything soon. Kara, meanwhile, would have to be kept in the dark for the time being.

Finally, Zor-El took Kara to his power generators, to show her something special without disturbance by his assistants, and without her mother's knowledge. He showed her a pod, and inside it, there was a suit bearing the family crest. Kara was excited to have the garment, knowing that she was not to wear it until she had completed the trials - but what her mother didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Kara ran off to try it on while her father struggled with what he had to do next.

Alura, meanwhile, searched for her husband in his lab, and was horrified to discover the work he had been doing to prepare Kara. However, in the lab, she encountered a dark stranger wearing the crest of the House of El. He promised he was a friend, and explained that there was still time left to say goodbye to Kara.

Happily, Kara modelled her new outfit for her father, and he had to admit that it looked beautiful. Suddenly, though, as Zor-El had planned, Kara began to feel weak. There, he finally explained that Krypton was doomed. As his daughter collapsed, she whispered that if he loved her, he wouldn't send her away. Tears welling in his eyes, he responded that he had to do it, because there was no one he loved more.

He took the girl up into his arms and placed her into the pod as the tremors shook his planet in its final hours. He had built on his brother's idea of a life-saving rocket, using his experiments on the Worldkillers to save his daughter's life. While in the pod, orbiting the yellow sun Kara would remain in stasis until he could come and retrieve her, assuming Argo survived the end. Even if he did not survive, Kara would wake with enough stored power to protect herself from anything.

Finally, Zor-El recorded the message that he intended her to hear when she woke onto a sunstone. He was interrupted though, by the appearance of Alura, who shot him down with his own non-lethal weapon and rushed to Kara's side, begging the girl to wake up. As his wife struggled to keep the pod from closing, Zor-El entered the launch sequence, sealing Kara's fate, and separating her from her parents forever more.

As the rocket sped up into the atmosphere, the force field began to form around Argo. Kara would be safe, and Argo would survive the danger to come - for a time.


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