"Close To Home": Supergirl is surprised to see a man who resembles her cousin Kal-El, but with much of his body replaced by technology. This man insists that he is not Kal-El, but some kind of Cyborg Superman. Unfortunately, he has

Quote1 You can stay here and be reunited with your family. Your friends. You can be with all of them. Forever. Quote2
Cyborg Superman

Supergirl (Volume 6) #22 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 6) with a cover date of September, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Close To Home"

Supergirl is surprised to see a man who resembles her cousin Kal-El, but with much of his body replaced by technology. This man insists that he is not Kal-El, but some kind of Cyborg Superman. Unfortunately, he has no memory of who he was before he became what he is now, and not even the people of I'noxia could help. He hoped, though, that Kara could. In fact, both he and Delacore hope that with her help, they can recreate Krypton completely. Perhaps, that would help spark his memory.

Kara expresses doubts, but Delacore encourages her to start small by remembering the house she grew up in. As she describes her memories of it aloud, the I'noxian technology begins to recreate it in an almost perfect representation. As she gleefully explores the house's rooms, Delacore quietly wonders whether the Cyborg Superman intends to tell her who made him. The superman responds that Kara must trust them enough that she will understand that by giving him what he wants, she can have everything she wants.

Kara thanks Delacore for giving her the chance to see her house again, and he responds that he could make that house into a home if she would allow him to access her core memories - but the experience might be painful. Kara agrees, and notes that the process was not painful at all. Delacore explains that it was not the process that would be painful, but the result. He gestures toward something behind her, and Kara turns to see her mother alive and well. Tears flow from Kara's eyes, because she knows that this woman who asks to embrace her is not real. The representation of Alura admits that it is not real, but that it is Kara's memory brought to life - and that is at least worth a hug. Gladly, Kara enters an embrace with her.

Alura explains that while they cannot recreate all of Krypton, they can recreate that which is most familiar and most dear to Kara. As she says this, she points out that Kara's uncle Jor-El and his family have been brought back, as well as Kara's friends Tali and Tak-Ro. The cyborg responds to Kara's doubts by saying that while this is all a lie, it is a pleasant lie; a gift. She can be with her friends and family forever. Unfortunately, Kara doesn't have forever, thanks to the Kryptonite poisoning she suffered in her encounter with H'el. The news of the poisoning coincides well with the cyborgs plans, but his masters want to study the interaction of the poisoning with her body - which does not conform with the plan.

Ignoring his master's voice, the cyborg explains that he needs more help from Kara than just recreating Krypton. He needs her to fuse her consciousness with the I'noxians' so that he can use her flesh to reconstitute his own body. Kara is less amenable to this request. He explains that since she is dying she has no reason to deny him. She could be given immortality by becoming an I'noxian, while giving him the completion he craves. Kara responds that he is insane and flies off. In order to subdue her, the I'noxians draw on every memory Kara has of her own rage and anger, and turns hundreds of Supergirls against her.

This only serves to anger Kara further, as she unleashes all of her pent-up frustration and rage built since she first landed on Earth, and learned that many of those who had claimed to care about her were lying. She defeats the other Karas, and knocks the cyborg to the ground, hopping back onto her space bike and escaping into space. Unfortunately, Delacore will not let her leave, and the people of I'noxia send every memory Kara ever had to chase her down.


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