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"One Life": Supergirl keeps operating openly in National City despite the public animosity against the "daughter of Cyborg Superman".

Quote1.png I look human, Lee... But I am not. When I first got to Earth, I didn't know the culture, the languages. People were scared of me, hated me, too. I was so angry, so confused... but that wasn't me. that was who they were afraid I could be. Other people didn't get to decide who I was. Quote2.png

Supergirl (Volume 7) #19 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 7) with a cover date of May, 2018. It was published on March 14, 2018.

Synopsis for "One Life"

Supergirl keeps operating openly in National City despite the public animosity against the "daughter of Cyborg Superman".

In The Blade, Chief Bones receives a phone call from Cameron Chase, who warns him she knows what he's up to, and he's playing with fire by working with Mokkari. Bones replies he has everything under control and hangs up the phone.

Oblivious to all of this, Benjamin Rubel is looking for a reason to trust Supergirl fully. He meets up with Lee Serrano, a kid who uploaded a story about how Supergirl helped them to the CatCo app. Lee believed the arguments about Supergirl being dangerous and unable to understand and relate to the average person until they met her.

Their first meeting happened during Cyborg Superman's invasion. They were running away from home when a Kryptonian cyborg attacked them, and Supergirl pummelled it into the ground. After saving their life she asked their name and told them to get somewhere safe before rushing out, adding she would be around if they needed her. Lee decided to head back home but they didn't think she truly cared.

They were wrong. Later she saw them sitting by the beach, noticed they were upset and stopped to check in. Lee opened up to her: they doesn't feel like a boy or a girl. They're bullied by their schoolmates and worried about their parents' reactions when it comes out. Supergirl told them her parents never asked her if she wanted to be sent away, they made the choice for her. She added parents can protect you and hurt you out of love, and whatever happens she was glad they told her.

Supergirl said they weren't alone, but she never promised things would get magically right. They actually appreciated her honesty.

Later they found Supergirl again. They'd just been bullied by a classmate, and they were sick of being harassed only because they're different by people who doesn't understand them. Supergirl stated she can look human, but she isn't. When she got to Earth she didn't know anything about her new home. People were frightened of her and hated her. For a long while she was extremely angry and confused, but that wasn't her real self. That was who they were afraid she could be. Other people didn't get to decide who she was, and they shouldn't let anyone else decide it, either.

Several weeks later Lee came out to their parents. They were puzzled but otherwise supportive.

Later they got into a fight with one of their bullies. Supergirl turned up to stop them, and one of the bullies hit her with his bookbag, prompting a "Really? A bookbag?" remark and a deadpan stare from her. However Lee decided to confront their bully. Lee told him everyone knew what his trouble is -his parents getting a divorce- and making them miserable won't change anything. Their speech made the bully back off.

Lee thanked Supergirl for having their back but not talking over or for them, either. She trusted them to know what they were doing and accepted them.

Lee caps their story telling them they support Supergirl because she supported them. Benjamin says goodbye and heads back home, muttering he needs to find a way to help Supergirl.

At night he's visited by Supergirl, who wants to take up his offer to help.

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