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"Girl of Tomorrow!": Director Bones and Mokkari are driving back to the National City's D.E.O. base to interrogate Shay Veritas when their vehicle is unexpectedly attacked.

Quote1.png My name is Kara Zor-El, the Last Daughter of Krypton. My parents sent me to Earth to save my life. But as Supergirl, I choose to do more than survive. I choose to have hope. I choose to inspire and to be inspired. I choose to fight so that today will be better than yesterday. And I choose to believe that together, we can build a brighter, better future. I have to. After all... I'm the Girl of Tomorrow! Quote2.png

Supergirl (Volume 7) #20 is an issue of the series Supergirl (Volume 7) with a cover date of June, 2018. It was published on April 11, 2018.

Synopsis for "Girl of Tomorrow!"

Director Bones and Mokkari are driving back to the National City's D.E.O. base to interrogate Shay Veritas when their vehicle is unexpectedly attacked.

Meanwhile, in Benjamin Rubel's apartment, Supergirl explains to Ben the plan to liberate the D.E.O. from Mokkari: they're going to expone the organization's ilegal activities. Supergirl will confront Bones and Mokkari to distract them while Cameron Chase and Lar-On sneak in The Blade, save Shay Veritas and set Insight free. Then Insight will transmit what information they have discovered to Ben Rubel who'll spread it via CatCo's networks.

As Supergirl debriefs Ben, Chase and Lar-On are waiting for Kara's "go" outside of The Blade. Inside the building, Shay Veritas is shackled to a mind-rewriting contraction, watching a countdown on a screen. When the numbers reach zero, the Psycho-Redactor will activate.

In National City's downtown, a woman who calls herself the Viking Judge has ripped into pieces Bones and Mokkari's armored car and is chasing after them. However Mokkari thinks she'll go after the easier prey so he shoots Bones in his right leg.

Supergirl's senses alert her to the commotion. Ben suggests to leave the bad guy to his own devices, but Supergirl's priority is saving lives no matter what. She warns Cameron they're going ahead with the plan now, and heads off.

Supergirl arrives just in time to stop Viking Judge from slicing Bones in half. Turid's axe cuts Supergirl's hands, confirming her magical nature. Supergirl engages the older armored woman but she's having a hard time stopping Bones and Mokkari from running away and Viking Judge from applying the death penalty. Bones insists they're on the same side, but Viking Judge calls him a self-deluded hypocrite.

In The Blade, Cameron carries forward her part of the plan. She rescues Shay and Insight and hacks the D.E.O. database as Lar-On, Strange Visitor and Insight keep the guards busy. The data reaches Ben and he sends it.

Supergirl keeps standing in the Viking Judge's way, but she's incredibly strong. Viking Judge calls Supergirl's "nobody dies" mindset childish, and the Girl of Steel replies her "crime means death penalty" brand of justice is outdated, simplistic and never worked anyway.

Right then, news of Bones' framing Supergirl and colluding with Darkseid's head scientist spread all over the city. Supergirl tries to convince Viking Judge to stop her judgment since Bones' dealings have been exposed, but her adversary goes on fighting. All of sudden, a man named Neon teleports in. Neon reminds the Judge there're more pressing matters to be dealt with. Viking Judge finally relents, and Neon teleports both away.

Bones attempts to rush back to The Blade, but Supergirl blocks his escape. Bones is arrested.

Later, Kara Danvers has dinner with her parents before making a public speech. Supergirl tells the people of National City she isn't perfect, but she'll work hard to earn their trust and hopes someday they'll believe in her.

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