Quote1.png No-you're livin' in the wrong costume, that one's already taken! And don't think I'll go easy just 'cause you changed the jacket! No one disses Supergrrl! Quote2.png
Supergrrl (Earth-1098) src

Supergrrl was the escaped Cadmus attempt to clone Supergirl.

Supergrrl allied herself with the Justice Society and gained Supergirl as a mentor.[1]

During the period when the Justice Society was investigating Cadmus' less savory practices Kon-El (New Earth) accidentally traveled into their headquarters due to his malfunctioning Hyperjacket. Supergrrl was displeased by his arrival, thinking him a costume copycat and the entire Society was highly suspicious of him since he materialized within their base, but any misunderstandings were unable to be cleared up before he was transported to a different earth.[2] Shortly after Kon-El disappeared from their midst Black Zero captured Supergrrl on his way through Earth-1098 as he tracked and hunted Kon-El.[3] She then teamed up with multiple versions of Superboy to fight Black Zero after Kon-El of New Earth and a young Earth-One Clark Kent broke them free of their bindings.[4]


  • Tactile Telekinesis: She can use telekinesis on things she has contact with.
  • Superhuman Strength: Supergrrl displays greater than human strength. It is possible she achieves this through manipulation of her telekinesis in the same manner as her New Earth counterpart was still doing at her age.




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