"Hall of 100 Mirrors": Lois Lane interviews Planet reporter Dave Stevens as he publicly declares war on the 100. His interview is interrupted by members of the 100 that are there to shoot Stevens. As the volley of shots fly, Superman appears and subdues the assassins. At the end of the scuffle t

Quote1 You failed, Desaad-- Because you tried to trap Superman on your own, using your methods! You wanted to watch him suffer! Then you let yourself be beaten by Earthlings! Each of my agents who has tried to kill him has failed! Perhaps, in the end, I shall have to deal with Superman! Quote2

Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #116 is an issue of the series Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1971.

Appearing in "Hall of 100 Mirrors"

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Synopsis for "Hall of 100 Mirrors"

Lois Lane interviews Planet reporter Dave Stevens as he publicly declares war on the 100. His interview is interrupted by members of the 100 that are there to shoot Stevens. As the volley of shots fly, Superman appears and subdues the assassins. At the end of the scuffle they discover that Dave Stevens has disappeared. Superman, Lois and Stevens girlfriend Tina commence searching for Dave. They encounter a gang of motorcycle hoods that succeed in abducting Lois and carrying her off to an abandoned amusement park.

Superman finds that Lois and Stevens are being held in the hall of mirrors. As he examines his reflection, he finds that the mirrors have an uncanny effect on his physical form. Superman smashes through the mirrors in agony and discovers Lois being tortured by the alien DeSaad from Apokolips. Superman continues to be affected by the mauling mindmirrors when DeSaad is neutralized by Lois using Kryptonian Karate. DeSaad escapes to Apokolips where Darkseid displays his displeasure on his failure to neutralize Superman.

Appearing in Dr. Pat: "Cure for Romance!"

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  • Bill
  • Dr. Lang (Flashback only)
  • Mrs. Windsor (Flashback only)
  • Adam (Flashback only)
  • Dean Bentley (Flashback only)
  • PI Jerry Blade (Flashback only)
  • Lane Abbot (Flashback only)

Synopsis for Dr. Pat: "Cure for Romance!"

This story is reprinted from Sensation Comics #94.

Dr Pat Windsor parachutes into mountainous terrain in response to an emergency call for help. A member of a meteorological expedition has fallen over the side of a ledge. The man is alive but badly injured. Dr Pat embarks on a rescue attempt with the assistance of the victims brother who was also a member of the meteorological party. She scales down the ledge and applies a tourniquet to stop the mans bleeding. She attachés a rope to him and has his pulled up to safety. On the way up the ledge, Dr Pat is attacked by a mountain eagle but Dr Pat easily subdues the bird using a bottle of ammonia. At the end of the adventure the victims brother professes his love for Dr Pat but she responds by saying that she is already in love with her work.

As Dr Pat drives home she recalls the events that lead her to becoming a Dr. she also recalls giving up an engagement to pursue her career. Dr Pat then pays a visit to her school dean who is in need of a female physician to assist with a detective case. She is introduced to Jerry Blade, a detective who has a millionaire client that is being threatened by an unknown gang. Blade has the idea to put out the rumor that his client is being treated for hallucinations by a female doctor in hopes of flushing out the gang. Dr Pat agrees to accompany Blade to his clients mansion.

Dr Pat is introduced to eccentric millionaire Mr Abbott. Dr Pat notices that Abbott has a magnificent hot house on his estate and she immediately takes an interest in the plants. In the meantime Blade confesses that he can’t stop thinking about Dr Pat when they notice a silhouette in the window of Mr Abbott being threatened by a gunman. They rush to the house where it is revealed that the silhouette is really a dummy made to look like Abbott. The thieves force Abbott to open his safe and they retrieve a stash of money. Dr Pat suddenly grabs the cash and runs out to the hothouse. The thieves follow and triumphantly retrieve the cash but they don’t notice that the money has been soaked in buckets of chloroform by Dr Pat. The fumes overwhelm the thieves and they pass out. With the case wrapped up, Dr Pat says farewell to a love smitten Jerry Blade.

Appearing in Rose and the Thorn: "Computed to Kill"

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Synopsis for Rose and the Thorn: "Computed to Kill"

Poison Ivy visits the 100s House of Suicide to discuss a plan to trap the Thorn. She asks the alien computer K.A.R.L. how she might earn her fee of $50,000. The computer produces a notecard. After reading it, Poison Ivy declares that the plan can’t miss. Ivy then visits the art studio of dejected artist Mr Maleyun. She commissions a life size clay figure of the Thorn in clay. Maleyun attempts to create the figure but has difficulty finishing. Poison Ivy whispers a solution into Maleyuns ear and a new plan is hatched.

The next night Rose is reading the Daily Planet when she notices an ad placed by Maleyun. It offers Thorn $100 an hour if she poses for the sculpture. Thorn arrives at Maleyuns studio where he announces that he wishes to create a mold of Thorn by pouring a golden liquid over her body. He states that the liquid will take hours to harden but it hardens instantly. Thorn is helplessly immobilized. At that point, Poison Ivy and Vince Adams arrive. Maleyun announces that the encased Thorn belongs to him and he is promptly shot by Adams. The computer K.A.R.L. Is then asked how it would like to be rewarded and it responds by saying that it wants Thorn.

Adams laughs at the response from KARL and throws the encased Thorn into the river. A few moments later he also throws the computer KARL into the river as well. It’s computer body comes to rest next to Thorn and it immediately begins to melt Thorns golden mold. Thorn breaks free and subdues Poison Ivy. KARL is left at the bottom of the river slowly saying goodbye to a Thorn.


  • Computed to Kill "with special thanks to Jeff Jones."


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