"When Superman Abandoned Lois Lane!": A delivery man brings Lois a window washer's costume, which she plans to use to spy on Phil "the Wrecker" and his fellow gangsters. Clark is worried because the Wrecker was arrested based on information she'

Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #30 is an issue of the series Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1962.

Appearing in "When Superman Abandoned Lois Lane!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Phil the Wrecker

Other Characters:



  • Ace Costume Company
    • window washer costume


Synopsis for "When Superman Abandoned Lois Lane!"

A delivery man brings Lois a window washer's costume, which she plans to use to spy on Phil "the Wrecker" and his fellow gangsters. Clark is worried because the Wrecker was arrested based on information she gathered. Lois is only concerned about gathering more evidence while the Wrecker is out on bail, and she heads out. Clark thinks to himself that he had better keep an eye on her... as Superman.

The gangsters quickly see through Lois's disguise because of her red nail polish, and they push her off the side of the building. Lois cries out for Superman, who catches her just in time.

Superman delivers the Wrecker and his minions to the police, and afterwards, when Lois goes to hug him, he stops her and scolds her for being so reckless. Lois looks abashed as Superman asks her what would happen if someone else needed his help while Lois was getting into trouble... he'd have to choose whose life to save.

The next day, Lois and Clark are attending a dog show when Lois spots an FBI-wanted dope peddler placing a packet of opium inside a loving cup to pass along to a smuggler. Clark offers to go get the police, but Lois wants the glory of catching him herself. Lois ignores Clark's warnings about the danger and assures him that even if she does get into a jam, Superman will save her.

Lois follows the dope peddler, but when he notices her, she stops to buy a chocolate pop from an ice cream man. Clark sees this and thinks that he has an idea... He releases a black dog, who jumps out and grabs Lois's ice cream. The dog eats it and dies, and Clark tells Lois that her ice cream must have been poisoned for it to have killed the dog. Lois sees that both the dope peddler and the ice cream man are gone, and she believes that the ice cream was poisoned and that the ice cream man was in cahoots with the dope peddler to kill her. It was sheer luck that the dog took it before she could ingest the poison.

When Lois isn't looking, the supposedly dead dog flies off and is revealed to be Krypto, who was playing dead on orders from Superman. Clark thinks their act will convince Lois to stop playing detective.

He's proven wrong later at the Daily Planet where Lois tells Jimmy that it won't happen again and Superman will save her the next time. She's going skin-diving for a scoop.

The next morning, the boat's skipper warns Lois that these are octopus-infested waters, but she tells him that a killer threw the murder weapon into these waters... if she can retrieve it, she can bring him to justice. Superman watches as Lois is attacked by an octopus, which only releases her when another diver goes swimming past and it leaves to chase after them.

Now that Superman has left her to her fate twice, Lois realizes she can't rely on him anymore. Meanwhile, Superman flies off to thank Aquaman for his help.

That afternoon, Lois and Clark are investigating a robbery at a fur storage warehouse when Lois is locked inside the storage room, which is kept cold to preserve the furs, while Clark interviews the owners. Clark sees her using his x-ray vision and frees her. She is disappointed to be saved by Clark instead of Superman.

Lois tells Perry to reassign her. No more dangerous assignments for her, only movie reviews and garden shows. Clark is smug, but Jimmy is worried that without Superman to protect her, Lois could be in danger. She is supposed to testify against the Wrecker tomorrow, and his pals will do anything to stop her.

Jimmy is proven right that evening when Lois is attacked in her apartment by the Wrecker's thugs. Superman jumps out to rescue her, and Lois is relieved. She runs downstairs, and the real Superman appears to confront her rescuer--really, Jimmy Olsen. Superman scolds him for ruining his plan to melt the bullets from a distance and keep up his guise.

Lois goes back to Perry and demands all the tough assignments because Superman will always save her, and she dismisses Jimmy's claims that he was the one who saved her. Clark is annoyed, knowing Lois will be in his hair worse than ever before.

Appearing in "Superman's Secret Family!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Antagonists: Other Characters:

  • Krypto
  • Mooki (First appearance)
  • Nipper (First appearance)
  • Professor Burke (Single appearance)
  • Lori (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "Superman's Secret Family!"

Perry White assigns Lois an interview with Professor Burke, who has invented a telescope that will not only allow the viewer to see but also to hear what is happening on other worlds.

In the professor's observatory, Lois watches a battle between two aliens and then a street scene on the planet Yorrp. Professor Burke then changes the scene to show a mermaid and her son, who are speaking English. Superman flies into the scene and greets the pair as his wife Mooki and his son Nipper. Lois cries as she observes the family's routine.

She rushes home, and her tears turn to anger as she comes to believe that Superman never told her about his secret family because he enjoyed watching her make a fool of herself.

The next day, Superman visits Lois at the Daily Planet, but she is cold to him, interpreting his conversation about his recent space mission as veiled references to his visit to his family. She asks him to leave because she's very busy.

Lois returns to the observatory to watch Mooki and Nipper again, but she finds them in the middle of a crisis as an enemy spaceship approaches. The planet disappears from view, and the spaceship passes them by without seeing them.

Through the telescope, Lois and Burke watch as Superman returns to his wife and child. Lois says she's seen enough and leaves.

When Superman visits her at her apartment the next day, Lois is again cold, and she again grows angry as Superman apparently references his visit to Mooki and Nipper. She slaps him across the chest, injuring her hand, and tells him to go. She knows the truth now.

Superman visits Burke at his observatory and sees the telescope is still pointed at the small planet where his wife and son live. He returns to Lois's apartment and abducts her, taking her to Mooki's planet. There he shows her that it isn't his family, and they are both shocked to learn that this is the robot family of Superman Robot X-3.

Appearing in "The Robot Paradise!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Antagonists: Other Characters:

  • Krypto (Cameo)(Flashback only)
  • Mooki
  • Nipper


  • Unnamed planet
  • Varda



Synopsis for "The Robot Paradise!"

Superman explains to Lois that he thought Superman Robot X-3 had been destroyed years ago. Superman had been teaching his four original Superman robots how to impersonate him when he came across some Red Kryptonite, which turned him into a phantom.

Just then, the robots heard a distress signal from outer space where an American astronaut was in need of help. Superman Robot X-3 flew up to save the astronaut, and Superman watched as his robot double was struck by a meteor, which apparently destroyed him right after he had saved the astronaut.

Lois asks how the apparently destroyed robot ended up on another planet with a robot family. Superman can't explain it, but the robot can.

He was badly damaged by the meteor strike and floated through space for awhile until the gravity of this planet dragged him down.

Meanwhile, the water-world Varda had dried up, leaving its last survivor, the scientist Mooki, in grave danger. She managed to build a spaceship, which took her to the planet where she found the damaged Superman robot. She repaired him as best she could, but she didn't have the parts that would allow him to fly back to Earth. She died soon afterwards, and the robot buried her.

The robot was stranded on the planet and very lonely, so he built himself a family, basing his robot wife on Mooki. Their son named himself Nipper. They built a home together where they could live just like humans do, and they devised safeguards to protect themselves from interplanetary menaces. The robot also patrolled nearby planets in honor of his creator.

Superman refuses to dismantle his robot double and his family like Superman Robot X-3 believes he will. Superman and Lois leave the happy family and return to Earth, where Lois apologizes for doubting Superman. He says he's happy they're friends again.

As he flies off, Lois thinks that not only is Superman the mightiest man in the universe, he's also gentle and understanding. She almost envies the robot Mooki, but maybe, one day...



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