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Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #109 is an issue of the series Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1968. It was published on January 11, 1968.

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This story is reprinted from Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #41.

Returning from a mission in space, Superman has an arm load of souvenirs for Jimmy to write articles about in the Daily Planet. While he is examining them, he accidentally bites into a strange alien fruit. When telling Superman about the incident, Superman informs Jimmy that the space fruit comes from a world populated with aliens that have six arms. Jimmy laughs off the possibility that the fruit might have an effect on him, however he isn't laughing the next morning when he wakes up to find that he has grown two extra pairs of arms.

In a panic he calls Superman, however when the Man of Steel arrives Jimmy has grown accustomed to his new limbs and begins showing off his ability to use them all at once doing independent tasks. While Jimmy embraces his new situation, Superman cautions him that his extra limbs might not be the blessing he was hoping for. Sure enough when Jimmy starts pumping out the work of three reporters the union tells Perry White that he either needs to pay him his worth or fire him. Unable to pay Jimmy three times his salary, Perry has no choice but to fire Jimmy. Olsen is not upset however as he believes that he can utilize his new appendages to form a new lucrative career.

First Jimmy tries out as a prize-fighter, using his extra arms to give him the advantage in the ring. However, he is disqualified from his first bout when it turns out that his extra limbs have added an extra 20 lbs to his weight and is therefor was undermatched. Later after getting into an automobile crash, Jimmy has trouble thumbing a ride back into town as people are too frightened to pull over. He next goes to a shooting gallery, using his six arms to win numerous prizes, hits three balls at once in the bating cage and sign numerous autographs. However, all this popularity soon has it's downside when Lucy Lane, worried that she is dating a freak, breaks off their relationship.

Worse, some crooks stick him up and threaten to shoot him unless he uses his six arms net them a huge pick-pocketing. Jimmy is caught however and arrested, however Jimmy is released when Superman arrives at the police station with the men who forced Jimmy to commit the crimes. With Jimmy wanting to be normal again Superman whips up an antidote. When Jimmy is cured, Superman points out that the fruit causes hallucinations, putting into question if events really happened. This is further compounded when Jimmy goes back to the Daily Planet to get his old job and Perry tells him that he doesn't recall firing Jimmy.



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