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"With a Vengeance! Part Three: Heroes and Villains": Batman and Superman escape from a bizarre cell in the Maximums' reality. Back on New Earth, Bizarro and [[Batzarro (New Earth

Superman/Batman #22 is an issue of the series Superman/Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2005. It was published on September 28, 2005.

Synopsis for "With a Vengeance! Part Three: Heroes and Villains"

Batman and Superman escape from a bizarre cell in the Maximums' reality. Back on New Earth, Bizarro and Batzarro show up at the Watchtower, where they meet Martian Manhunter. the Martian hits Bizarro, who uses his fire breath to hold the Martian at bay. Bizarro uses the instructions given to him by Batzarro to operate the teleport, and Batzarro teleports there. The two then use the transporter to attempt to reach Batman and Superman. Once they disappear, Martian Manhunter appears, and wonders where they went.

While battling Viking in San Francisco, Superman is distracted by a woman being thrown from a bridge. Catching her, he realizes too late that it's a set-up, and is attacked by Robot, who no longer believes that he murdered Skyscraper. Meanwhile, Batman is wandering this reality's Alcatraz prison when he is attacked by an intelligent but feral Maximum named Wolfen. Wolfe almost kills Batman during their fight, but Hornet knocks Wolfen out before he can kill Batman. Bizarro and Batzarro, having used the transporter incorrectly, both end up on alternate worlds. Batzarro falls out of the sky, and is caught by the Superman of Earth-30. Meanwhile, Bizarro ends up on Earth-12, where he runs into the Batman of Earth-12.

The Bowman visits Lex Luthor, who seems to know him. Bowman returns to the Maximums reality and releases the Kryptonite Man into an imprisoned Batman, possessing him. They let the Kryptonite Man loose, hoping that it will kill Superman.

Appearing in "With a Vengeance! Part Three: Heroes and Villains"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Maximums
    • Soldier
    • Viking
    • Monster
    • Hornet
    • Robot
    • Bowman (Ghost)
    • Bug (First appearance)
    • Wolfen (First appearance)


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