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"With a Vengeance! Part Five: The Price of Our Sins": Superman is at the Source Wall with Metron, trying to get Darkseid out as part of their deal. He finally pulls Darkseid free, an

Superman/Batman #24 is an issue of the series Superman/Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2006. It was published on March 29, 2006.

Synopsis for "With a Vengeance! Part Five: The Price of Our Sins"

Superman is at the Source Wall with Metron, trying to get Darkseid out as part of their deal. He finally pulls Darkseid free, and demands that Metron return him to earth. Darkseid tells Superman about how much he hated him when he was imprisoned in the wall, but Superman tells him that he doesn't care. Darkseid, furious at Superman for his arrogance, and that he imprisoned him, gets fed up and angrily punches Superman into the wall, trapping Superman in Darkseid's place.

On the gender reversed Earth, Batman is confronted by Batwoman and Superwoman in an alley. He recognizes Batwoman as Helena Wayne. He quickly explains himself, and asks if they have access to a Boom Tube. He is knocked out by Superlad, who prematurely attacked him before hearing the whole story. The trio return to Batwoman's Batcave, with Batman in tow. Later, Batman wakes up, and Batwoman informs him that she did some DNA tests, and that her and Batman's DNA are identical. Batman asks for a mother box, and Batwoman and Superwoman tell him that they don't have one, but the know who does. A boom tube opens, and Miss Miracle and Big Bard come through.

Meanwhile, on Paradise Island, Supergirl knocks Bizarro into the ocean again. Bizarro resurfaces, and spits out a fish. Supergirl, trying to get things straight, asks if Bizarro really did come all the way out to Paradise Island to get her to help him save Superman. Bizarro tells her that that is all true, and that they need to reduce him from Darkseid. Super girl tells him that they can't fight Darkseid alone, and that they'll need some heavy-hitters. Bizarro points behind her to the "help" that he brought. Super girl turns to find several other Supergirls, all ready to help.

In the Maximums reality, the Maximums interrogate Batzarro, confused by his backwards speech. Bowman's ghost tells the team that Batzarro speaks backwards, like all the other Bizarros, and that he's twisted, like the clown who created him. At the Maximums request, Bowman teleports them to Batman and Superman's location. As they leave, he reverts back to his true form, Mister Mxyzptlk. Once they've left, he tells them that without him, they'd be nothing at all.

The Maximums arrive at the location, which appears to be inside a big top circus tent. The spotlight shines on the team, and they see the ringmaster, the Joker. The Joker explains that he and Mxyzptlk are pitting the team against other fighters and if they win, they'll get Skyscraper back, and he shows them Skyscraper's corpse. Monster, who is apparently possessed by the Kryptonite Man, attacks Joker, but Joker snaps his fingers and the creature disappears. when Viking tries to kill the Joker, the Joker freezes him in ice. Hornet and Soldier agree to fight for the Joker, and he puts Monster, still possessed, and Viking both back in the game. A boom tube opens, and Batman, Batwoman, Superwoman, Superlad, Miss Miracle and Big Bard all come through. The Maximums attack them, and a massive brawl begins. Each opponent takes another opponent, and everyone begins pairing off. Batman kicks over Robot, just as Joker shoots at Batman. Batzarro comes out of nowhere and dives in front of Batman, taking the bullet for him. As Batman holds Batzarro's limp form, Batzarro says a few words to Batman, and then dies. Batman angrily turns on Joker, who tells Batman that he'll kill every Batman ever before the night is out.

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