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"With a Vengeance! Part Six: Supermen/Batmen": Supergirl, along with Power Girl, Linda Danvers, Cir-El, and [[Kara Zor-El (Earth-One)|Earth-One Su

Superman/Batman #25 is an issue of the series Superman/Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2006. It was published on July 5, 2006.

Synopsis for "With a Vengeance! Part Six: Supermen/Batmen"

Supergirl, along with Power Girl, Linda Danvers, Cir-El, and Earth-One Supergirl, free Superman from the Source Wall. Supergirl explains to Superman that Bizarro told them where he was, and that he sent them to get Superman. She tells him that Bizarro said that something or someone more dangerous than Darkseid was playing for control of the universe, and Superman asks who it is, since he can't recall anyone more dangerous than Darkseid.

In the big top, the Joker bows to Batman, having just slaughtered Batzarro by shooting him point blank with his trick gun. Batman, furious, approaches Joker. Wolfen tries to attack Batman from behind, but Batman elbows him in the face, only concerned with the Joker. Joker summons Lex Luthor, Darkseid, and evil Superboy and Supergirl to his aid. Batman is stunned, thinking that Joker shouldn't have the power to summon someone as powerful as Darkseid, and that this is all in his head. Mxyzptlk counters, by summoning Superman and the Supergirls. The Supergirls attack the Superman villains, and Superman asks Batman what's going on. Batman tells him that the Joker has somehow achieved god-like power, but he doesn't know how Joker got it. Meanwhile, Joker and Mxyzptlk watch the fight, and they explain the stakes of their game. Mxyzptlk has blocked everyone from remembering when the Joker had his powers, and that when he go his power back, the Joker held onto a little bit that Mxyzptlk wants back. if Joker wins, he gets everything, including the 5th dimensional powers of Mxyzptlk, and if Mxyzptlk wins, Joker pays the price.

In the big top, the Kryptonite possessed Monster savagely attacks Superman, while Soldier and Hornet double-team Batman. Batman tries to reason with them, but they refuse to listen, since they won't give up on getting Skyscraper back. The villains gain the upper hand on the Supergirls, and begin easily beating them. Darkseid decides to remove himself from the conflict, and when Mxyzptlk asks where he's going, he tells him that he doesn't do anyone's bidding, and he calls Mxyzptlk an imp. Mxyzptlk lets him go, but tells him that it'll be his fault when Joker ends everything. Meanwhile, Superman beats Monster back. He asks who the entity is, but it responds simply that it is the Kryptonite Man. As Batman watches Monster pound Superman's head in, he realizes that they're going to need help.

Just then, two boom tubes open, and Bizarro and Man-Bat arrive with a bunch of different versions of Superman and Batman. The alternate heroes enter the fray, and the battle grows. Negative Superman attacks Monster, while Wolfen and Vampire Batman go head-to-head, Silver Age Batman takes on Soldier and Lex Luthor battles Superman Red. Amid the fighting, Bizarro finds Batzarro's body, and puts on Batzaro's blue kryptonite ring. He receives a 12-level intellect, and he flies out of the tent with Batzarro. Mxyzptlk, desperate to win, hopes that ht heroes will work together. When this doesn't happen, he zaps them all, creating the Composite Superman-Batman. Joker does the same with the Maximums, creating the Maximum Maximum. The Composite Superman-Batman fights the Maximum Maximum. In the stands, Joker tries to watch, but can't see over Darkseid. He tells Darkseid to move, but Darkseid uses his omega beams on the spot next to Joker scaring the clown enough to stop.

As the two composite heroes battle one another, Mxy tricks Bizarro into activating a Phantom Zone projector on the Joker, freeing Bat-Mite who was apparently trapped inside him, empowering him. Mxy was unable to directly free his fellow 5th Dimensional imp, and had to have a creation of the Joker do it himself. Mxy and Bat-Mite return everything to normal, and they teleport everyone who doesn't need to be there away. The two imps explain that the Maximums and Batzarro and a lot of the others were merely imagined, and that they were all just pawns in the game. The Superman and Batman that killed Skyscraper were the evil versions from the timeline where Batman and Superman were oppressive rulers, and that that timeline has been removed. Batman punches Joker, and Superman tries to punch Luthor, but both villain are sent back to earth. They there is a Crisis coming, and Superman and Batman will play central roles in it. Mxy says that the poi t was to show that Superman and Batman need each other, and that they're balance is upset, everything gets upset. He then returns them to Earth.

Intrigued by the talk of another Crisis, Darkseid asks what role he will to play. Mxy reveals to Darkseid his role in the coming Crisis: "We ... have a future together that has yet to be revealed. "From the Fourth World ... into the Fifth Dimension." Kinda like that ring tone, big D."

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