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"Night of the Cure, Part One": In space, bunches of small lights shoot around in the air, and enter earth, where they all go to different locations. One light flies over Gotham City, and lands in Slaughter Swamp, where it finds the decayed corpse of [[Cyrus Gold (New Earth)|Solomon Grund


Superman/Batman #66 is an issue of the series Superman/Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2010.

Synopsis for "Night of the Cure, Part One"

In space, bunches of small lights shoot around in the air, and enter earth, where they all go to different locations. One light flies over Gotham City, and lands in Slaughter Swamp, where it finds the decayed corpse of Solomon Grundy. The lights are Black Lantern Rings. This particular ring's purpose was to seek out Grundy. It enters Grundy's body, and does a memory download, learning of Grundy's past life.The ring slips on Grundy's finger and reanimates the zombie. The newly revived Black Lantern Solomon Grundy rises from the murky waters of Slaughter Swamp, and heads to the nearby Gotham city.

Elsewhere, Man-Bat tries to remember what happened to him. He hangs near a church, and a S.H.A.D.E. truck pulls up, and several armed troops get out. They find Man-Bat in the bell tower of the cathedral, and open fire on him, hitting him with a tranquilizer. Man-Bat dodges a net, and knocks two men off of the tower. Man-Bat catches them at the last second, but is hit my more tranquilizers. He crashes into the street, where they contain him with another net. Elsewhere, a couple meets up in the streets mind the raving citizens, and wonder how they'll get home. They hear a boom, and everyone sees Superman. They ask for help, only, Superman is actually Bizarro, and they were confused by the similar costumes. Bizarro, lonely, asks for friends. Everyone runs in terror, and he remembers how Solomon Grundy was his best friend. He hears a squealing noise, and leaves to find it, since it hurts his ears.

Meanwhile, S.H.A.D.E. has successfully taken Man-Bat into custody, and Frankenstein and Bride oversee the containment of the creature. Francine Langstrom is also there, and she tries to communicate with her husband, Robert Angstrom, who is still in his Man-Bat form. Francine removes the net from Robert and kisses him, and he tells her that it's not safe here. She tells him that they just need a blood sample, so that the final calculations can be made. Robert remembers his happy life before the nightmare of the Man-Bat, and Francine retrieves the sample, and Robert is returned to normal. Bizarro finds the source of the squealing, Man-Bat, and sees his nemesis, Frankenstein, and he also sees Francine take Man-Bat's powers away, which doesn't sit well with him. He swoops down and grabs Robert, and Francine tries to reason with him, remembering that he only speaks in opposites. Frankenstein tries to stop Bizarro, who knocks him away, and the stress turns Robert back into Man-Bat. Man-Bat flies away, and Bizarro flies after his new 'friend', but both are grabbed by Solomon Grundy, who has finally found them.

Grundy declares that he'll kill all monsters, and Bizarro is overjoyed to see him. He hugs Grundy, who knocks him back into a building, angry that Bizarro thought they were friends. Man-Bat returns to the S.H.A.D.E. vehicle, where Francine informs him that his cells are breaking down, and that if they don't cure his condition as Man-Bat soon, they'll never get another chance. Bizarro gets up from being knocked into the building, and asks why Grundy is being so mean. Grundy rudely tells Bizarro that he's stupid, and that they'll never be friends. Bizarro starts to say that he doesn't understand, but he's interrupted when Grundy's fist connects with his face. Grundy begins brutalizing Bizarro, pummeling and beating him into a pulp. Bizarro screams at Grundy to stop, and declares that he hates Grundy. He flies into Grundy, ad the two careen back out into the sky. Francine finally gets the cure ready and hands it to Robert. Meanwhile, Grundy uses his ring, and slams his fist into Bizarro's chest, preparing to kill him.

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