"Maelstrom Part 4": Supergirl confronts the aliens that poisoned Superman and persuades them to give her the antidote.

Quote1 Is that really how it is? All the time? Am I going to have to watch people die knowing I wasn't fast enough or couldn't get to them in time? Quote2

Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom #4 is an issue of the series Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2009. It was published on December 24, 2008.

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Synopsis for "Maelstrom Part 4"

Supergirl confronts the aliens that poisoned Superman and persuades them to give her the antidote.

Many hours later, Kal-El comes around. Supergirl informs he was out for thirty-six hours. Then he woke up briefly and lost consciousness for other twenty-four hours. She was distressed beyond imagination and they've been out of food for nearly three days because she didn't dare to leave his side, but at least she has managed to repair their ship. All of sudden, Kal passes out again. Kara doesn't like to hunt and doesn't want to leave him alone, but she has no choice. She picks up a wooden spear and reluctantly walks in the woods.

While on Earth, Maelstron and four Female Furies arrive in Metropolis and star tearing the city up in order to draw Superman out.

Back on the alien world, Supergirl is plundering a nest. Before she can steal a giant egg, she's attacked by a flying, squid-like monster. Supergirl is nearly eaten, but she manages to kill the monster... unfortunately getting drenched with its internal fluids in the process. She is severely grossed out but at least she has found dinner.

On Metropolis, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are trying to report Maelstrom and the Furies' rampage.

On the alien planet, Kara has returned to the camp. Kal is up and about again. As they start fixing dinner, Kara grumbles about that trip being a stupid idea, but her cousin disagrees: she's learned how to fix the ship and fend for herself without powers. Kal wants to have a heart-to-heart talk but Kara would rather to not talk about complicated emotional issues or boys. Supergirl is afraid she's about to hear a "We have to accept that we don't have a choice in being heroes" lecture, which prompts Superman to say they always have a choice between making things in their benefit or in other people's, even if it means they must do things they don't want to. People will get hurt and even die because they can't save everyone, but not even trying to help out when they can make a difference is just as bad.

Kara is unhappy about having to accept she'll never be good enough to save everyone, but Kal insists Earth is worth fighting for. Kara stands up and suggests to go back home and try to make things a little better for everyone. Both cousins pack and start their ship up. Kara'll not miss the planet but she readily admits that she'll miss spending more time with her cousin.

On Metropolis, Maelstrom has taken Lois and Jimmy hostages and demands Superman to come to her.


  • In the previous issue, Speed Queen was one of the Furies chosen to escort Maelstrom. In the current issue she's been replaced with Bernadeth


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