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"All that Burns": On Paradise Island, the Amazons have been captured and bound by a pale woman who insists that the slight against her committed by Hippolyta will not go unanswered, and her daughter, [[Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)

Quote1.png WHO AM I? I am MAGOG! And I'm here to save the world from you! Quote2.png

Superman/Wonder Woman #14 is an issue of the series Superman/Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 24, 2014.

Synopsis for "All that Burns"

On Paradise Island, the Amazons have been captured and bound by a pale woman who insists that the slight against her committed by Hippolyta will not go unanswered, and her daughter, Diana must pay the price of spreading Hippolyta's rot throughout the world at the hands of her creation.

Meanwhile, near the Indian Point Nuclear Powerplant in Westchester, New York, Major Disaster and The Atomic Skull are packed into the back of trucks by the authorities, thanks to the efforts of a newcomer called Wonderstar. He rescued Wonder Woman and Superman from the pair of villains, and explains that he hopes that they will train him to use his gifts. Though they are skeptical, the pair guide him away, and he asks them if they would follow him to see something he has to show them.

He guides them to a crater, explaining that he has no memories of his life before waking up inside it with his powers and uniform. He does remember, though, that he is dedicated to doing good because of Superman and Wonder Woman's examples. Superman suggests that if his story is true, he will need to let them take him somewhere to be checked out before he interacts with anyone. Wonderstar admits that he anticipated that, but instead of going with them, he leaves suddenly, claiming that someone else is in need. Giving him a bit of latitude, Superman suggests that they let Wonderstar lead the way in this case.

At the New York Federal Reserve, Mammoth crashes through the front doors, as part of a trio in a heist gang, employed by someone else. Superman and company arrive before the gang can use the device they were given by their employers, and Superman tasks Wonderstar with helping the guards while he and Wonder Woman fight the gang. Unfortunately, he is attacked by a gang member calling herself Debutante. Before he can fully retaliate, Wonder Woman yanks him out of the fray with her Lasso of Truth, and Superman knocks Debutante unconscious. With the lasso wrapped around him, Wonderstar's sincere expression of gratitude for the save proves satisfying enough for the time being, as far as his trustworthiness goes. However, she does sense that there is a void within his sense of self that may hide darker aspects of his personality from the lasso's influence.

Back in the crater, the three of them search for any sign of Wonderstar's identity, but Superman can't find anything otherworldly about it. As he watches them work, Wonderstar comments that he can see how much Superman and Wonder Woman are in love. Superman responds that their relationship is personal business. Wonderstar responds apologetically, but comments under his breath that their love will be the death of them. Superman hears it, and when questioned, Wonderstar doesn't seem to know what or who the comment came from. He unexpectedly unleashes a burst of heat-vision, and Superman and Wonder Woman have to restrain him.

Suddenly, a portal opens behind them, and a spear hurtles through it, piercing Superman's back. Wonderstar turns on Wonder Woman and blasts her in the face, plucking the spear from Superman's back. He announces that he remembers now, who he is. He is Magog - and he has come to save the world from them.

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