"Valkyrie": Superman hovers in the sky, shocked, as he watches a burning building in Metropolis. A voice from behind him observes that he's flying, and that humans don't fly. He turns to see a strange, chalk-white man sitting on what appears

Quote1 Look at your hands shaking. You've got no idea what to do next. You're in shock. From what, sixty, seventy dead humans? Quote2

Superman: American Alien #7 is an issue of the series Superman: American Alien (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2016. It was published on May 18, 2016.

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Synopsis for "Valkyrie"

Superman hovers in the sky, shocked, as he watches a burning building in Metropolis. A voice from behind him observes that he's flying, and that humans don't fly. He turns to see a strange, chalk-white man sitting on what appears to be a flying motorcycle. He observes that Superman looks human, and speaks an earth language. The man asks Superman what his deal is, but Superman, stunned from the massive amount of destruction caused to the building, struggles to find the proper words. Finally, Superman asks the man why he destroyed the building. The man tells Superman that it was his job, and that the building has to go. The man asks Superman if he's some kind of ruler on the planet, but Superman tells him that all he does is protect the people. The man asks if he protects the dead people, then asks if Superman protects dead people. Superman asks the man if he could please just back off, and let him try to help with the building and the many injured or dying people down below. The man asks what makes Superman think he has any control over what he does next. He tells Superman that the rest of the building has to go, and that some Thanagarian asked the man to send a message to another Thanagarian deserter that earth isn't safe anymore.

Superman asks the man to please just give him sone answers and help him to understand why he did this. He asks the man if he's alien, and if he's a Kryptonian. The man tells him that he doesn't know what kind of crap the people below give him, but that he's new, and that he can and will hurt Superman. He tells Superman that he's soft, and that his hands are shaking from only sixty to seventy dead humans. The man asks Superman how shocked the humans will be when they see him beat Superman's teeth down his throat. Superman tells him that they'll be more shocked when they see him jam the man's bike up his butt. The man loses it, and leaps off of his bike, tackling Superman. As they fall, he grabs Superman's cape and swings him by it, and smashes him into a car. Both of them land, and do not get up. Two onlookers assume that they're dead, but then both get back up, groaning in pain.

Superman gets up to face the man, who takes out a hook and chain, and swings it at the Man of Steel. Superman reaches up and blocks it, surprising the man. Superman then swings his fist and backhands the man across the face, seizing his right arm in the process. The man recovers quickly, and smashes his head into Superman's face, and then punches him backwards. Superman throws a weak punch in retaliation, but the man blocks this and sweeps Superman's feet out from under him. The man prepares to crush Superman's face under his right boot, but Superman quickly punches in his left leg from the side, dislocating his leg, and setting him off balance. The man quickly recovers, and punches Superman in the face again, following this up with a knee to the stomach. As Superman struggles to get up, the man tells him that he asked for this when he could have just flown away, and that this is his fault. The man asks him how his blood tastes, but Superman takes this time to rip a parking meter out of the ground, and smack the man across the face with it. He jumps on top of the man, and begins punching his face in. The man kicks Superman in the groin, and has his fingers into Superman's eyes.

As the man begins to force his fingers deeper into Superman's eyelids, he finally introduces himself as Lobo. He asks Superman if he thinks he can mess with the Main Man, but Superman doesn't answer. He instead blasts heat vision, which slices through Lobo's fingers, and burns him. As Lobo pulls away and examines his damaged fingers, Superman grabs a manhole cover and swiftly smashes it across Lobo's face. As Superman falls to his knees, exhausted, Lobo limps back to his bike, saying that he's done with Superman and that he'll incinerate the planet. Superman reaches out and clamps a hand down on both feet, pulling his legs out from under him and bringing him down on top of his bike. He tells Lobo that he warned him not to do this, but he didn't listen. As Lobo tries to say something, Superman swings him by his feet again and smashes him into the street. As Superman limps over and supports himself on the back of a car, Lobo's broken, but still conscious form tells him that he didn't see that coming, but he also informs Superman that he can heal. He tells Superman that if he gives him ten minutes, he'll be good as new, and Superman will be dead, "just like the rest of the idiots on Krypton".

Superman tells him that he's from Kansas, and not Krypton. He grabs Lobo by the feet, and begins spinning in circles, swinging Lobo around. He finally lets go, and Lobo flies towards the sun. As Martha and Jonathan Kent watch on TV, and Luthor watches from his building, Lobo flies out of earth's orbit, and goes into space.


  • Final issue of the series.


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