Thirty-five years ago, Brainiac stole the city of Kandor from the planet Krypton.

In the present, Superman defeats an android which he believes to be Brainiac. However, his cousin Supergirl reveals that it isn't the real Brainiac but a probe. Brainiac always sends his probes out and never lets himself be seen. She knows this because many decades ago he attacked Krypton. His androids raided the city of Kandor and killed hundreds of people before Brainiac stole the city. Since that day, all Kryptonians fear Brainiac.

Superman realizes his past battles against Brainiac's minions mean Brainiac is looking for him. Now the Last Son of Krypton must leave his planet before Brainiac finds Earth and travel across the galaxy in search of one of his most dangerous, smartest and cruelest enemies in order to rescue Kandor.

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