"Doomsday": Superman deals with a derailed cargo train in Ohio as witnesses discuss their various views of the Man of Steel. The naysayers in the group change their opinions when Superman lifts one of the train cars loaded with toxic chemicals and asks the captain of the fire department what he

Superman: Day of Doom #1 is an issue of the series Superman: Day of Doom (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2003. It was published on November 13, 2002.

Synopsis for "Doomsday"

Superman deals with a derailed cargo train in Ohio as witnesses discuss their various views of the Man of Steel. The naysayers in the group change their opinions when Superman lifts one of the train cars loaded with toxic chemicals and asks the captain of the fire department what he should do with it.

One of the witnesses asks a reporter where he was from. The reporter introduces himself as Ty Duffy of the Daily Planet in Metropolis. This excites the crowd leading one of them to ask how many times Superman had saved his life. Ty replies gruffly that Superman has never saved him. Two of the witnesses talk about how the rumor of how rude people from Metropolis are is true and while they may think they are better than the rest of the world because they have Superman, a small town in Ohio had Superman watching out for them today.

Ty returns to Metropolis and meets with Perry White to discuss his story. After a minor constructive criticism Perry gives Ty his next assignment, which is the anniversary of Superman's death. Ty tries to beg off the story saying that it's a rehash. Perry explains he wants a fresh perspective on the story and that Ty is the man to give it to him. He even sweetens the deal by saying there is no word limit. Ty continues to protest that the story is not worth doing. Perry takes Ty to the hallway where the blow-ups of the front pages of the Daily Planet are hung and shows him the ones dealing with Superman's death. He explains how much the death of Superman affected not only the people of Metropolis and the world but also how it affected him. He ends by telling Ty that those days were about loss and that people lined the streets to get newspapers and magazines that dealt with the story. It was the duty of the Daily Planet to tell those people what happened next and there is still one story to be written. Perry then orders Ty to get that story.

Ty tries to think on how he is going to get the story just as he runs into Clark Kent and Lois Lane. When he hits the couple up for ideas on how to tackle the anniversary story Lois fumbles for a response, as Clark despondently ponder on Perry for unwilling to leave the story in the past. Ty asks if Lois agrees the story isn't worth doing. Lois replies that she doesn't agree but only bringing back some unpleasant memories. Ty asks if they can set him up with an interview with Superman. Clark tells him no, but suggests that he try someone else, maybe a member of the Justice League. Ty wonders how he could go about doing that and who would he talk to since the JLA was a minor league outfit back then. Clark informs him that while the League had its limitation back then there was one hero who was fairly accessible. Lois changes the subject by inquiring if Ty had any news on what caused the train crash in Ohio. Ty replies that he now knows why Perry refers to Lois and Clark as reporters from dawn to dusk and that the accident was just that; an accident. Ty then asks whom Clark was thinking he should call.

Ty waits for his interview subject in Centennial Park as he muses on how despite Clark Kent being "Mister Contact" this interview wouldn't have been hard to find. Just as he wonders if he's wasting his time Booster Gold and Blue Beetle appear, as they banter. After some good-nature, almost brotherly back and forth between the two Ty finally asks them to tell him about the day Superman died. The two normally chatty heroes are suddenly silent before Booster finally tells him those were some dark days and how it all started in an underground vault with Doomsday pounding away his way to break free. Beetle adds that they found out later that the punches registered on seismographs across the country. Booster and Beetle both continue filling Ty in on how the Justice League responded to news reports of Doomsday's rampage in Ohio and their first encounter.

Beetle tries to put the situation in perspective by explaining that super-heroes, despite all of their abilities have one drawback and that is the lack of advance planning and strategy. Booster concurs going on to say that Guy Gardner was especially bad about this. Booster continues the story that despite their best efforts Doomsday flatly defeated the League. He even reveals that the Beetle still has a six-inch scar on his scalp inflicted from the battle. Booster then gleefully adds that he was the one who named the creature and later tried to copyright the name but a comic book company beat him to it. Beetle then finish the story by saying that they still didn't realize how powerful Doomsday was. All they knew was that he was heading to Metropolis.

Meanwhile in a quiet suburb outside of Metropolis a series of explosions decimate a neighborhood. One of the homeowners yells for everyone to get out of the area because the whole neighborhood smelled like natural gas. A police cruiser pulls up and one of the patrolman says that he had never seen anything like this. His partner says that he has, a few years previous when Doomsday marched through there destroying everything in sight. As the patrolman and residents watch the street burn they fail to notice the mysterious figure in an overcoat walking in the opposite direction, his eyes glowing red.

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