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Some time after Superman's first appearance, Perry promotes Clark to write articles to help rebuild the Daily Planet’​s reputation. Lois is suspicious of Clark and the authenticity of his Superman article, so she decides to investigate his past.

Superman: Earth One #2 is an issue of the series Superman: Earth One (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2012.

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Some time after Superman's first appearance,[1] Perry promotes Clark to write articles to help rebuild the Daily Planet’​s reputation. Lois is suspicious of Clark and the authenticity of his Superman article, so she decides to investigate his past. Clark later meets his neighbors Lisa Lasalle and Eddie Monroe; Lisa and Clark start dating.

Criminal Raymond Maxwell Jensen infiltrates the S.T.A.R. Labs research facility to destroy evidence of his crimes kept by an accomplice. Jensen is discovered by guards and while escaping he is accidentally exposed to a high-energy neutrino that transforms him into an energy-absorbing supervillain called Parasite. Elsewhere, Clark learns that a tsunami is about to hit the island of Borada. He travels there to help as Superman, but the island nation's ruthless dictator General Samsa sees him as a threat and threatens to kill his own people if Superman does not leave; Superman complies. Meanwhile, Parasite feeds on the life force of innocent people, killing them, but is unable to satiate his newfound hunger. Parasite decides that Superman might be powerful enough to feed him.

Distrustful of Superman, Major Lee proposes that the United States should develop countermeasures should he go rogue. Superman is lured to an incident at a power plant where Parasite attacks him and drains his energy, turning Parasite into a hulking beast with Superman's power. Weakened, Superman escapes while Parasite begins a rampage. Parasite's sister Theresa is informed of his actions, but refuses to believe that it is her brother and takes a flight to Metropolis to see for herself.

In the Arctic, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) aboard the Kryptonian ship that brought Superman to Earth has turned a cave system into a vast Fortress of Solitude. There, Superman researches a means to counter Parasite's power, and the AI offers to build a crystalline shielding warsuit. In the US, Lee responds to Parasite's rampage with military force; during the following attack, Lee realizes that Parasite is progressively weakening as the energy he absorbed fades. Parasite attacks the Daily Planet building to draw out Superman; they fight and Superman is completely drained and powerless, leaving him comparable to humans and capable of being injured. The next day, Superman's powers are restored and he returns to the Fortress. The AI completes the warsuit, but warns Superman that it will prevent him from using his heat vision, will block the sun's energy, which powers Superman, and that if Parasite breaches the suit and absorbs his power again, he will die.

Parasite again attacks the Daily Planet and Superman intervenes. With the warsuit, Superman can fight Parasite on equal terms, but the suit gradually disintegrates as the battle continues. Theresa arrives and Parasite breaks away from the fight to hug her, accidentally absorbing her energy and killing her. Parasite blames Superman for her death and resumes his attack. Superman strikes Parasite with his full strength, incapacitating him. Parasite is taken into the custody of the Secondary Army Advanced Technology Division.

During a later telephone conversation with his mother, Clark hears Lisa scream from her apartment and finds she is being attacked. As Superman, he flies her attacker to Alaska and warns him not to go near her again. Lisa tells Clark that she is working part-time as a prostitute to earn extra money. Clark is heartbroken but the pair agrees to remain friends.

In Boroda, Superman instigates a rebellion against General Samsa, leading the country to democratic reform. Clark returns to his apartment and learns that Eddie has died of a heroin overdose. He writes an article about Eddie to raise awareness of substance abuse. Clark receives a telephone call from a former teacher in Smallville, and learns that Lois is investigating his past. In the epilogue, Lee recruits the wealthy scientists Alexandra "Lex" Luthor and her husband Alexander, to help find a way to kill Superman.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Abrhams
  • Alexandra Luthor (First appearance)
  • Alexander Luthor (First appearance)
  • Congress
    • Wylie
    • Davies
  • Eddie Johannson
  • Jeff
  • Jo Ann Massie
  • Lisa Lasalle (First appearance)
  • Major Sandra Lee
  • Mikey (Flashback only)
  • Steve (Flashback only)
  • Theresa Jensen (Flashback and main story)
  • Willy




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