It has been one week after Superman's battle with the Parasite and General Samsa's removal on Boroda.

Superman: Earth One #3 is an issue of the series Superman: Earth One (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 4, 2015.

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It has been one week after Superman's battle with the Parasite and General Samsa's removal on Boroda.

The United Nations grows increasingly concerned over Superman. Dr. Alexander Luthor and his wife, Alexandra, play the footage of Superman's battle with Tyrell, revealing that Superman is vulnerable to red solar radiation.

In an unspecified desert, an extraterrestrial ship lands. A mysterious humanoid figure appears, and begins to develop powers under Earth's yellow sun. He then tests his powers on a group of soldiers that appear before him, killing them all with ease.

Meanwhile, Clark and Lisa celebrate of the latter obtaining a job as a model. Unbeknownst to them, Lisa accidentally drops one of her earrings on Clark's couch. At The Daily Planet, Clark and Jim discuss why Lois is investigating his past. Jim reveals to Clark that Lois is jealous of Clark's Superman story. Lois subsequently warns Superman that she learned from her uncle, a United Nations delegate, that the U.N is developing fail-safes against Superman.

Clark decides to confront Lois over what he found out from his family and friends. She reveals that she has ceased her investigation because she now sees Clark is a decent person of good character, and not the type of person to fabricate a story.

Lisa has her proprietor, Mr. Abrahm, to open Clark's apartment door to find her earring. After she retrieves it, she finds Clark's costume in his closet, thus learning that he is Superman. She later tries to imply to Clark what she has learned, but he does not understand what she is trying to convey. When Superman later goes to the scene of a collapsing bridge, another super-powered being named Zod-El appears, who says he is Superman's biological uncle. Zod claims that he has been searching for Kal-El ever since Krypton exploded. Though Superman is glad that he is not the only survivor of Krypton, he is skeptical of whether Zod is an ally. Elsewhere, Lois discovers melted rods from the bridge and then video footage of an unidentified flying man prior of its collapse.

Zod addresses the United Nations, stating that the House of El caused the planet Krypton to explode, and that Superman is a threat. Zod persuades the delegates that he is an ally and wants to help them kill Superman. Lois receives a phone call from her uncle and learns that Zod is responsible for the bridge's collapse, after which she tries to warn Superman.

Zod reveals that he possesses a supply of kryptonite in his ship, from whose radiation his lead-lined skin-suit protects him. He intends to kill Superman, but Superman uses his knowledge of chemistry to cause Zod's suit to disintegrate, forcing Zod to retreat. Superman also discovers that Zod has convinced the world's governments that he is an enemy.

In the Fortress of Solitude, the AI reveals that prior to Krypton's destruction; it was in the middle of a global civil war between Zod and his brother, Superman's father, Jor-El, who had refused to join Zod. Ultimately, forces loyal to the planet's Science Council defeated Zod, and in retaliation, Zod gave the Dheronians the weapon to destroy Krypton. Realizing that Zod intends to complete his revenge by hurting those he cares for, Superman arrives to his apartment building and fights Zod, but is no match for his uncle, who defeats him. Luthor and Lisa intervene to rescue him, but Luthor is killed and Lisa is critically injured. Luthor's red solar weapon greatly weakens Zod, allowing Alexandra to kill him. Blaming Superman for her husband's death, Alexandra vows to kill Superman as she did Zod. She subsequently places her husband's corpse in suspended animation and takes Zod's kryptonite from his ship.

In the hospital, Lisa recovers from her wounds and professes her love for Clark. Clark reciprocates her affection and they become a couple. Clark subsequently takes her to Smallville, where he introduces her to his adoptive mother. At the United Nations, Superman announces that although he is disappointed that they aligned themselves with Zod, it will not deter him from his mission to protect Earth. Seeing their fear, and noting Lois' astute insights, Superman asks Lois to be his political conscience.


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