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"Superman: Heroes": Many years ago, at the Kent Farm, Clark was complaining to his parents about school. Jonathan says he understands what Clark is going through, there was a time where was constantly angry and felt no one could understand him. Everyone goes through that phase at some point in

Quote1.png I don't want to be jealous of him. Of them. And most of them time, I'm not. Almost all the time, I'm not, Diana, that's the truth. But sometimes... times like this... I wonder what it would be like to have what he has. Family. Home. To live with nothing to hide. Quote2.png

Superman: Heroes #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of April, 2020. It was published on February 12, 2020.

Synopsis for "Superman: Heroes"

Many years ago, at the Kent Farm, Clark was complaining to his parents about school. Jonathan says he understands what Clark is going through, there was a time where was constantly angry and felt no one could understand him. Everyone goes through that phase at some point in their lives. Jonathan says that Clark himself knows his own situation better than anyone and whatever problem Clark is going through right now, he knows Clark can handle it. Clark replies that he feels like he's always saying and doing the wrong thing, but Jonathan says that making mistakes is the only way people can know they're making mistakes. Whatever happens, Clark must always do his honest best and if something goes wrong, he can always go back tomorrow and fix it. Jonathan and Martha then hug Clark.

Many years later, Superman visits Lois at her hotel room in Chicago and they discus his decision to reveal his secret identity to the entire world. Superman says that the reveal will change everything, including their marriage, but Lois feels she can handle it. She also feels that if Superman is about to reveal his truth to the world, then Lois needs to reveal another truth. She shows him the box Lex Luthor gave her.

The next day, Superman's truth comes out and the Man of Steel flies to the Hall of Justice in order to talk to his fellow superheroes about such an important event. Sure enough, the entire Justice League is waiting for him at the conference room and they all have different opinions on Superman's decision.

Sometime later, Booster Gold climbs to the highest mountain he can find and screams Clark's name at the top of his lungs. Superman suddenly arrives next to Booster, thinking he called for him, but Booster simply hugs Superman and says that he is glad he can finally speak about Superman's secret identity without endangering the timeline. Superman admits he didn't think much of modern history would survive to Booster's time but Booster replies that everyone in his time knows about Clark Kent. The two superheroes fly away, wondering what the future will bring now that the truth has come out.

Meanwhile, in Wayne Manor, Bruce visits his parents' grave until he himself is visited by Diana, who asks how is he doing. At first, Bruce says he doesn't want to talk and walks away. Diana follows him to the kitchen to get him to talk and he offers her some tea. Bruce finally relents and says that Superman made a bad decision and thinks that the truth will simply endanger his friends and loved ones. Furthermore, the truth will put greater scrutiny on Superman and he will always remain in the spotlight and that, in turn, could endanger the rest of the superhero community. Diana says that no matter what happens, Clark remains Superman and his decision to come forward with the truth means the people he cares about will be safer.

Bruce takes Diana to the Batcave, where she asks him how she really feels about Superman speaking his truth. She thought he would be happy for him and his family, but Bruce replies that when someone "speaks their truth", they are actually being selfish. They're putting their own personal comfort over the needs of others. Diana sees right through Bruce's arguments and deduces he is actually jealous. Superman has done the one thing Bruce can never replicate: live freely and without lies. Bruce says that most of the time, he doesn't try to be jealous of Superman, but just this once, he wonders what it would be like if he had what Superman has: family, home, living with nothing to hide. Perhaps, one day, Bruce and Diana will have that kind of life, but Bruce doesn't see that happening anytime soon.

Superman visits Mr. McKay, his chemistry teacher at his old school in Smallville. McKay, just like every other person in the world, has heard the truth and has no problem addressing Superman as "Mr. Kent". He tells McKay that he wanted to cheat through his class, he wanted to his powers to get the highest grades, but he never did. He wanted McKay to know that even though he has worked hard for everyone he's met, it was through McKay that he learned what hard work really means. McKay tells Superman he watched Clark get knocked down and back up over and over again. Clark never let failure stop him and McKay watched him improve and get better. When the truth came out, McKay said that it only made sense that Clark and Superman were one and the same and he will always remember Clark as the kid who always got back up. Superman thanks McKay for his encouragement and the old teacher says Superman can visit him anytime he wants. McKay then asks Superman what determines a covalent or ionic bond between two atoms, but as he turns around, he realizes Superman has already left, to which McKay replies that some things never change.

Sometime later, the people of the world has written all kinds of letters. The amount of letters is staggering, which is why Lois has asked the post office to keep them all in a warehouse. The post office has sorted the letters into three piles: one for fan mail, one for hate mail and one for requests for help. Lois states that with his super-speed, it should take him just a minute to read them all and then sort priorities. Superman thinks all the letters there are addressed to him, but upon closer inspection, he realizes the letters in the room he's in are actually addressed to Lois, who says that Superman's letters are in the next room.

At the Daily Planet, Jimmy is attempting to upload an article to the newspaper's database until he is visited by Superman, who asks what will happen to their friendship now that the truth has come out. Jimmy says they will be alright and that he knew the truth all along because Superman and Clark were the only two people in the world who called him "Jim", then he realized it was only one. As Jimmy finishes his work for the day, he asks Superman for a lift and Superman happily obliges.

Later that at night, at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman and Lois investigate the contents of Luthor's box. The box contained evidence that Marisol Leone, the Daily Planet's new owner, is also the leader of the Invisible Mafia. As Jimmy sleeps on a corner, Lois confirms her findings with independent sources. Superman and Lois realize that Luthor has set them up: he wanted them to destroy Leone, because that way, the Daily Planet will be destroyed as well.

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