"Superman King of the World": News reporter Simone Deneige tells the viewer the fight between Superman and Dominus is over. Superman explains to the world that Dominus has the ability to alter reality, and that is why he has been behaving so strangely

Quote1 Flex and morph reality all you like I'm no robot! I can adapt! I'll keep coming for you, Dominus. From now to Kingdom Come! The only true reality here is that you have no chance of getting away from me this time not even one in a million! Quote2

Superman: King of the World #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of June, 1999.

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Other Characters:

  • Dean Phelps
  • Kismet (As an illusion only)
  • Joker (Cameo)




Synopsis for "Superman King of the World"

News reporter Simone Deneige tells the viewer the fight between Superman and Dominus is over. Superman explains to the world that Dominus has the ability to alter reality, and that is why he has been behaving so strangely. However the battle may be over, but the war isn't. Dominus is still out there, and Superman and the JLA are going to capture him at all costs. Soon a command tower is built in Metropolis, and Superman sits in it as King Of The World.

Lex Luthor is unimpressed with the promo that Simone Deneige has just shown him. He hates giving the alien air time on WLEX. In his anger, Lex knocks over his glass of water. One of the Superman robots hears this, and fears it may be a sign of violence. Lex takes the intrusion personally. When the robot has gone, Lex receives a strange phone call from an anonymous caller. He then then immediately go to his lab.

Once inside the lab, Lex is trapped and forced to put on a pressure suit as the chamber is being made into an airless vacuum. From the other side of the lab comes Lois Lane. Lois connects their suits together so that con one can hear a word they say. Lex is obviously upset by this "assault" but, assault is not on Lois' mind. She wants his help to discover why Superman is behaving the way he is. Their first port of call is Pro Ham's lab to see the robot Superman left there. Lex turns the robot on, despite Ham's worries about its unpredictable behavior.

The Supermen of America's Elite Brigade are getting bored. There is nothing to do. Outburst heads off to Superman's Command Center to report in. When he gets there, he witnesses Wonder Woman expressing to Superman their concerns for the way he has been behaving. He is enjoying being King of The World. Superman suggests that maybe Dominus is hiding on Themyscira. When he suggests an invasion, Wonder Woman becomes naturally upset. To change the subject, Superman calls forth Outburst. When Outburst informs Superman that there have been no sightings, Superman tells him to get back out there and work harder. Outburst leaves while being concerned with Superman's behavior. On the way out he spots Lex, Lois and the Superman robot assigned to protect her. The robot is bringing the pair to Superman for plotting against them. He takes them to a sub basement holding cell far below the command center.

When they get there, they find a large door with a force-field. Luthor takes care of the field, while Lois shuts down the robot's override program. The robot returns to its original protection program. Suddenly two Superman robots appears, but Lois' soon battles them while Lex and Outburst open the door. On the other side they find Dominus, already captured! Suddenly the two robots leaves just as Superman arrives and attacks Lois for invading his castle with intent to insurrect. The robot tries to protect her, but he is easily cut in half by Superman. With Lois on her knees and choking to death, Outburst springs into action, however, is easily repel by Superman. But in a surprise move, Lex frees Dominus and attacks Superman. The truth is revealed Superman is really Dominus, and Dominus, Superman. Dominus "became" Superman and emerged from the rubble, while twisting reality so that Superman looked like one of his damaged robots. With a quick flick of his finger, Superman renders Lex unconscious so that Dominus cannot use his "dubious" mind. Dominus sends out and order for the Superman robots to attack innocent people, but willing to call them off if Superman becomes Dominus' slave. However, Wonder Woman informs the JLA. Superman tells Wonder Woman and Outburst to help the JLA stop the robots, he is capable of handling Dominus.

Dominus opens the fight by encasing Superman in a large piece of Kryptonite, but Superman breaks free - Superman is able to practice Kryptonian Theta State that has filled the entire area with theta waves. As the reality shatters, Lois decides that the world needs to see this.

Above ground in Metropolis The Elite Brigade are fighting the robots while WLEX broadcast this around the world. Suddenly, the images change to those of Superman fighting Dominus. Dominus uses some Nazis from a previous reality, then some Bizarros, but whatever Dominus throws at him, Superman is able to fight off. Superman counters back by projecting an image of Kismet, the woman whom Dominus once loved. But, Dominus' anger towards her is too deep and he "kills" her with a blast from his chest. Dominus suggest that Lois is Kismet. Superman leaps through Dominus to get Lois to protect her. As he passes through the villain, he gets a glimpse into Superman's mind. Superman does think he knows where Kismet is.

Dominus opens his cloak for the first time, and underneath it is a mass of people's faces. All the people he has killed. They morph to give him a physical body. But as the battle continues, Superman finds it harder and harder to maintain his theta waves as well as physically fight. Dominus suggests that it is the end of Superman's world. This makes the Man of Steel think about the destruction of Krypton. Dominus decides to use this thought, but so does Superman. Superman flies off smashing through Dominus' body of souls.

The pair enter a Kryptonian reality. Dominus confronts Jor-El, when suddenly Superman appears and using a Phantom Zone Projector defeats Dominus, sending him to where he came from.

In true reality the building in which Lois and Lex are in begins to callapse, but Superman whisks them out of danger. WLEX are soon broadcasting the news that the "war" is over. When the JLA arrive, Superman goes on TV saying that he will right everything that Dominus made wrong. But the media are unsure. Can they trust the Man of Steel again?


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