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Brainiac unleashes his robot army against the planet of New Krypton, and the Kryptonian citizens rise up to fight the drones. Superman manages to enter Brainiac's ship after penetrating its force field. Meanwhile, Supergirl

Last Stand of New Krypton was a 2010 storyline across Superman titles and one miniseries Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton (Volume 1). It was part of the larger New Krypton arc.


Brainiac unleashes his robot army against the planet of New Krypton, and the Kryptonian citizens rise up to fight the drones. Superman manages to enter Brainiac's ship after penetrating its force field. Meanwhile, Supergirl is leading the Kryptonians against the drones, but is attacked by an anti-Kryptonian Brainiac probe. Superboy, Mon-El, and the Legion of Super-Heroes join the fight and save Supergirl. Supergirl introduces Superboy as her cousin to Mon-El and the Legion, then introduces the Legion to General Zod. The Legion explains to Zod that, just as Krypton's city of Kandor was held in a bottle onboard Brainiac's ship, other planets' cities are also imprisoned, and, therefore, Zod cannot destroy Brainiac's ship until the cities can be rescued. Zod sends Supergirl off and then arrests the Legionnaires, branding them terrorists. Meanwhile, Superman is about to face off against Brainiac when he is knocked down by a Kryptonite energy blast fired by Lex Luthor and subsequently captured.

Alura has confronted Zod and told him the Legion were not terrorists. As Alura and Zod argue, the Legion attempts to break into Brainiac's ship, but fail. Inside Brainiac's ship, Superman and Mon-El continue to gather the trapped cities, but are confronted by a re-energized Brainiac. During the brawl, Superman is able to get hold of the telepathic Lanothians but Brainiac teleports away with all the others bottled cities that Mon-El and Superman had in their possession. The Legion manages to enter Brainiac's ship thanks to Brainiac 5's help. But even this does not seem to help, and New Krypton is put into a bottle. Superman is pummeled by Brainiac's weapon's system and is declared dead. However, Zod says that Brainiac has lost.

The city that Luthor expanded is still growing, now putting Kandor at risk. As Brainiac 5 works on the problem, Supergirl is shocked to discover Superman impaled by pieces of Brainiac's ship as a result of the explosion. Superman appears to have been fatally stricken. Luthor, though reeling from the explosion, is pleased with all the destruction he has caused. Brainiac confronts Luthor and is furious that Lex sabotaged his ship. Luthor mocks him and spits in his eye before Brainiac angrily snaps Luthor's neck, killing him.

Meanwhile Zod is eager for a final showdown with Brainiac, who calls Zod a coward for confronting Brainiac with his powers intact and an army of super-powered Kryptonians at his back. In response, Zod fires the red sun radiation from an Archer rifle at himself, to remove his powers and thus supposedly level the playing field as he prepares to take Brainiac down. Brainiac 5 works feverishly to save Superman. He gives him a transfusion of Conner's blood. Then he bathes Superman in a very large dose of concentrated synthesized yellow sun rays that Brainiac 5 has brought with him from the 31st century for just this moment. Using these techniques, Brainiac 5 is able to revive Superman. We see Superman standing and able to talk, as Kara and Conner look on with delight.

We join the battle between Zod and Brainiac. Despite the loss of his powers, Zod is able to get the upper hand and force Brainiac to his knees. Zod is about to shoot Brainiac when Superman intervenes. This causes a heated argument between Superman and Zod. Zod commands his soldiers to restrain Kal-El so Zod can proceed with the execution of Brainiac. Brainiac 5, sensing that this is his moment of destiny, steps in and then teleports himself and Brainiac off of New Krypton.

Meanwhile, we learn that Lex used a Luthor robot, supplied by Toyman, to accomplish his mission on New Krypton. It was the robot that was "killed" by Brainiac. Lex is very much alive and discussing with General Lane how his objective, to bring chaos to New Krypton, was achieved. Lex has been working as an agent of General Lane all along. The disarray that Lex caused is considered Lane's window of opportunity as he prepares for the impending war with New Krypton. Lex receives a Presidential pardon for his efforts.

We close with Zod rallying his people as he declares war on the planet Earth, and the story concludes in the pages of the next mini-series, Superman: War of the Supermen.



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