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"Last Stand on Krypton": In 2000, Earth has been hit with an asteroid, but Superman, using Kryptonian technology, hopes to bring Earth back to its potential. In front of a large group of people, they pledge to rebuild the world as it once was.

Superman: Last Stand on Krypton is a one-shot with a cover date of March, 2003. It was published on January 29, 2003.

Synopsis for "Last Stand on Krypton"

In 2000, Earth has been hit with an asteroid, but Superman, using Kryptonian technology, hopes to bring Earth back to its potential. In front of a large group of people, they pledge to rebuild the world as it once was.

In 2011, Metropolis is a paradise, but the people inside of it are corrupt. In a council hearing, Superman is harangued by Morgan Edge, a senator, because he refuses to share more of his Kryptonian technology. He tells the people of Earth that Krypton suffered a horrible fate, and he is not about to let Earth suffer the same fate as that of his adopted homeworld, Krypton giving them secrets to genetics and cloning that would lead to conflict. The council is strictly divided, but Kal-El leaves in frustration.

At the Daily Planet, Kal seeks the advice of Perry White, who tells him to check on Lois, now a Captain in the military doing work in South America. Jimmy Olsen asks Kal what he thinks now that Morgan Edge is calling him a traitor to humanity.

Kal visits his mother near the Jonathan Kent Memorial Observatory. She tells him that he is right to leave, but wonders if he will miss her.

At the Arkham Island detention facility, Lex Luthor bargains with Morgan Edge for freedom. He says he vows to take Kal down, seeing as Kal is the only person ever to get him into a prison. When Edge gets anxious over Luthor's offer, Lex becomes furious and takes him to the wall. He tells Edge that he's the only one who could find where Superman is and destroy him. Edge says that Kal has disappeared.

In South America, Lois receives a call that Kal needs to be found. She thinks she has an idea.

In Kansas, nearing a farm, Lex asks his guards if they have his inventory. They haggle with him, but eventually tell him that everything is in order. He takes the inventory and fries the guards.

Later, Lois finds the dead guards and heads for the farmhouse. Luthor intercepts her with robots taken from Kal's arsenal he foolishly left behind.

Meanwhile, Kal-El comes out of warp near Krypton, and his robot, Krypto, tells him that things have advanced far further than they had when he left. Kal checks the logs, but they've been moved.

On Krypton, Im-Zod is furious at Kryptonian heritage being squandered on plants, dirt, and contact. He takes up the mantle of General again to defend the true Kryptonian heritage.

Kal finds Jor-El and Lara, and has a happy reunion. Kal is informed of how Zod would have the land reduced to a barren waste rather than use the cloning tech to restore Krypton to its former glory. Zod comes over as a hologram and gives Jor a final warning to cease his activity. Jor declines.

Somewhere on Krypton, a spaceship crashes and Lois tumbles out. Lex mocks her in his exo-suit, telling her that because of the density of Krypton, she will suffer. Robots descend and attack Lex. They are both carried off and brought before Zod. Zod then questions Lex and finds out Kal is on the planet. Lex agrees to help Zod, asking him where Kal would most likely turn up.

Zod's robots descend upon the New Kryptonian sanctuary, where the colonists are then infected with Kryptonium, the green death. Animals and people die horribly. This attack reaches Kal, who comes to a consensus with his family and the colonists. They must fight or die.

Kal goes to Zod and pleads with him to avoid war. Zod declines, and hands Kal over to Luthor. Luthor infects him with forms of the green death until he is overexposed, turning him into a brutish being and grabbing Lois away. Zod finds no more use for Lex and is about to attack him, but Lex turns a red energy ray on himself.

Superman takes Lois far away. He is brutish and unintelligible, but his motives are still pure. He tells her he will take her to his father who will get her an exo-suit.

Luthor then reveals to Zod that he now has brainpower sufficient to mentally control Zod's armies. He has Zod's own men move in on him, and calls the rest of Zod's forces to him.

Meanwhile, Lois is equipped with an exo-suit, and tells Jor that she will run his war for him. Kal, meanwhile, has expanded powers thanks to Luthor's machinations. Kal shows Lois Thought-Beasts, giant triceratops with an image of though in their forehead shield. Kal accidentally uses a Phantom Zone lamp on Lois, thinking it a light. Lois disappears, but Jor quickly tells him to bring her back. She sees the strategic advantage of such a device.

Luthor later has gathered Zod's army to him, and he brings Kal's grandfather, Seyg-El, before him. He removes Seyg-El's bodysuit and Seyg begins to age his 450 years. He calls Jor and warns him of the impending danger. Kal surmises that Luthor turned the red ray on his own body and gained powers like unto his own.

Luthor marches upon the colony, but it appears deserted. Thought-Beasts take out the rear guard. Out of range, Lois initiates phase two. Gryphon riders swoop in and attack, taking out heavy artillery. Lois then initiates phase three by going in and using the Phantom Zone on Luthor's troops. Despite the loss of his armies, Luthor is able to bring the spire Kal is hiding in down, and in doing so angers Kal. Luthor tries to bring Kal under his influence, but Kal was once a Green Lantern, and Luthor cannot best him in wills. Smug, he drops beasts on Kal, distracting him. They are enveloped in an energy field of their mental projection, and an explosion ensues.

Both fighters, burned beyond recognition and dying, argue the futility of their actions. Luthor tells Kal that a madman's work is never done, and unhinges Krypton. Kal tries to warn them to leave, but earthquakes start to rock the planet. Both die.

Lois, Lara and Jor run to Jor's lab, and there they find a mostly finished spaceship with a hyperdrive. There is only enough room for Lara and Lois, and Jor-El sends them on as Krypton explodes, secure in their knowledge that they have violated Krypton's greatest taboo in the baby Lara caries in her belly, Jor-El's heir.

Appearing in "Last Stand on Krypton"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Jor-El (Dies)
  • Krypto 2.0
  • Lara
  • Lois Lane
  • Martha Kent
  • Perry White


  • General Zod (Dies)
  • Lex Luthor (Dies)
  • Morgan Edge
  • Seyg-El (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Colonel Trevor (Mentioned only)
  • Joh-Enn (Single appearance)
  • Xun-Ka (Single appearance)
  • World Security Council
  • Thought-Beasts
  • Zaxor (Single appearance)
  • Zuurts




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