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"Superman: Leviathan Rising": Yesterday, in Metropolis, Leone, the leader of the Invisible Mafia, was visiting a bookstore, until she was visited by a mysterious man who identified himself as Leviathan. The man uses camouflage technology to hide his face and prevent anyone from recognizing him

Quote1.png You're looking for the wrong man. You're looking for Superman... I need to find Clark Kent. Quote2.png
Lois Lane

Superman: Leviathan Rising Special #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of July, 2019. It was published on May 29, 2019.

Synopsis for "Superman: Leviathan Rising"

Yesterday, in Metropolis, Leone, the leader of the Invisible Mafia, was visiting a bookstore, until she was visited by a mysterious man who identified himself as Leviathan. The man uses camouflage technology to hide his face and prevent anyone from recognizing him. Leone thinks Leviathan has come to destroy her but instead, he expresses deep admiration for Leone and her work to keep the Invisible Mafia hidden from Superman, and so, he has come to offer her some R&D on how to destroy Superman if it ever comes to that.

Leone is intrigued by Leviathan's proposition and explains that Superman, from her perspective, is just a broken boy from a broken home, feeling alone in the universe. To truly destroy, one should not attack him or the people and things he cares about. One must attack a softer target. Leone thinks that Lois Lane is not a softer target for three reasons: a) she is a very dangerous woman with access to a highly reliable media outlet, b) she is the daughter of Sam Lane, one of the most dangerous men in the world, c) she is a close friend to Superman. That is why Superman's enemies should refrain from attacking Lois.

Leviathan, who was already planning to attack Superman, is given inspiration by Leone to change tactics.

Superman arrives at Lois' hotel room in Chicago and suddenly hears a group of armed men infiltrating his apartment in Metropolis. They carry no IDs, they speak only in sign languages and they intend to kidnap Clark Kent. Lois thinks they should call the police, but Clark gets another idea: he will let himself be kidnapped and see what this is all about.

Clark returns home and, sure enough, he gets ambushed and incapacitated by the kidnappers, who knock him unconscious with a stun charge. Much later, Clark awakens at a remote location and comes face to face with Talia al Ghul, the woman that ordered his kidnapping in order to bring Superman to her. Although she is unaware that Clark and Superman are one and the same, she does believe Superman will come in and save him, so she orders her men to outfit Clark with a vest that features a piece of Kryptonite, which severely weakens Clark. Talia leaves Clark alone in the holding room.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Lois waits for Clark to call her, but she gets no response. She does get a text message from Jimmy, who asks her to lend him money, but Lois frustratingly refuses and answers that Clark will not lend him money either. The next day, Lois goes home and but Clark is nowhere to be found. She goes to the kitchen and reaches out for a special phone that gives a signal to Batman.

Later that night, Batman arrives at the Kent apartment and Lois tells him about what happened to Clark. Just as Batman finishes inspecting the apartment, Wonder Woman arrives as well. They both agree to find Superman and make sure he is alright, but as they leave, Lois thinks they are looking for the wrong person. They are looking for Superman, when they should be looking for Clark.

Far away from Metropolis, at Gorilla City, Jimmy is having a difficult morning. He had travelled to Gorilla City in a book trip for his new photography book but he met a girl and shared a few drinks with her. Under the influence of gorilla champagne, Jimmy and the girl got married and now, they deeply regret what they did last night. The girl, called Jix, reveals she comes from an alternate dimension and she has been travelling across dimensions to steal back some valuable jewels that were stolen from her family thousands of years ago. Jimmy, already familiar to strange events, accepts her explanation and tries to find his clothes. Jix takes his leave as Jimmy goes to the bathroom, finding a cat there. The cat had torn Jimmy's clothes part and attacks Jimmy, who barely puts on his clothes and finds out that Jix had stolen his wallet to make sure Jimmy didn't follow her.

Jimmy reaches out for his signal watch and cellphone but the cat vomits a long stream of blood, painting the whole room red. As Jimmy tries to regain his bearing, the signal watch informs him that Superman has been exposed to Kryptonite and cannot help him. He tries to ask Lois for money but she says no and blocks him. Frustrated but undaunted, Jimmy grabs the cat and exits the hotel, promising to save Superman.

Supergirl flies to National City and reaches the remains of the Danvers' apartment.

Three months ago, Jeremiah and Eliza were inspecting the ruins of the D.E.O., with multiple dead bodies surrounding them. Eliza is frustrated that the D.E.O.'s actions indirectly led to the deaths of their friends and colleagues, but Jeremiah tries to stay positive, thinking the D.E.O. serves the greater good. As they watch Superman talk with Director Bones, Eliza says that the people like Jeremiah and herself are insignificant to the game of gods and devils that happens all around them. Jeremiah cannot believe what Eliza is saying, but Eliza stands by her comments and says that denying the truth will not bring back the dead.

Supergirl finds Jeremiah's wedding band, knowing he would never take it off willingly. She really hopes Jeremiah and Eliza are safe and sound.

One month ago, Jeremiah and Eliza's relationship had reached the breaking point. Jeremiah packs his bags and gets ready to leave. He needs his life to have meaning, which is why he served the D.E.O. for as long as he did. Eliza refuses to keep playing the "good soldier" routine, as it led to the deaths of their friends at the D.E.O.. Jeremiah leaves the Danvers household, leaving his wedding band on a table.

One week ago, Eliza was burning her belongings and getting rid of anything that reminded her of her old life at the D.E.O.. Although the D.E.O. brought her nothing but grief, the moments she spent with Jeremiah and Supergirl were genuinely happy. Eliza wanted to see Kara again and explain what had happened. Suddenly, the Leviathan creature arrives at the Danvers househould. Eliza attempts to defend herself, but she gets consumed by the creature's blue light.

Supergirl finds a bottle with note inside. The note, written by Eliza, tells Supergirl to look out for Leviathan. As she reads the note, Manhunter watches from afar and takes her leave.

Meanwhile, Clark gets severe pain from the Kryptonite vest, but suddenly, a man in a red armor takes off the vest and tells Clark he is not giving any interviews right now. As he leaves, Clark tries to free himself of his restraints but he is yet to fully shake off the Kryptonite poisoning. Fortunately, Lois and her friends Jimmy, Firestorm, and the Red Lantern Dex-Starr, the cat that Jimmy brought from Gorilla City, break into the room and free Clark. As Firestorm, Jimmy and Dex-Starr fight Leviathan's forces, Lois gives Clark his Superman uniform.

Superman spots an airship and tries to reach it, just as the ship generates a blue light that teleports it and Superman deep into the mountains. Aboard the ship, Talia confronts the man in the red armor, accusing him to stealing Leviathan from her, but the stranger replies that he offered Talia an opportunity to join him and to rise above her upbringing, but her lack of ambition means he can no longer trust her, so he throws her out of the airship. Superman catches her just in time, asking Talia about Leviathan's true identity, but Talia refuses to divulge anything, saying that Superman should instead take her to jail.

Later that night, at Metropolis, Leone admonishes her bodyguard for allowing Leviathan to get close to her, but the bodyguard argues that Leviathan used unknown technology to bypass her defenses. Leone refuses to keep arguing, so she orders Red Cloud to kill the bodyguard. After killing the bodyguard, Robinson and Leone discuss about the Daily Planet's investigation into Leviathan. As they watch a TV screen, they learn that Clark Kent was kidnapped by Leviathan, shocking Leone, as she didn't think Leviathan would actually attempt to do the idea she gave him. Even so, Robinson and Leone are interested to see what will happen next.

Clark and Lois reunite with the Daily Planet team and prepare to work on their next story.

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