"Power Play": This story is reprinted from Superman Giant (Volume 2) #1.

Quote1.png You don't know real hunger,Superman! You'll never know! The suffering! The emptiness! The hate for those who don't ache to be sated! Quote2.png

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1 is a chapter in the digital-first series Superman: Man of Tomorrow (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of April, 2020.

Synopsis for "Power Play"

This story is reprinted from Superman Giant (Volume 2) #1.

As two children go away after watching a news broadcast about Superman preventing a road tunnel from collapsing, the Parasite sucks the power from the display screens on the street. At The Daily Planet, Lois is working on her news report late into the night and Clark realizes it'll take her a long time to finish. Jimmy draws their attention to a news broadcast of the city's electricity being sucked back to the power plant which causes an overload, resulting in a city-wide blackout.

Clark flies off to investigate and Lois convinces Perry to let her go out and cover the story. Perry also orders Jimmy to go with her. Parasite while sucking the electricity from the power station gets attacked by Superman, who calls out to Rudy to overcome the hunger and promises to help him. Parasite however refuses and loses his power after the station explodes, causing him to run away.

In downtown Metropolis, Jimmy's screams due to Lois' reckless driving causes Clark to check on him and he narrates that Parasite is responsible for the blackout as well as the explosion of the power station. As the people start worrying, Superman instructs them to help each other however they can so they can get through it together. Lois meanwhile figures out the only place Parasite might go after now will be Metropolis General Hospital due to the generators Luthor donated.

Superman stops Parasite from sucking the power form the hospital generators and flies him to the dark side of the moon, leaving Parasite with him as the only source for absorbing power. As the two battle, Parasite loses his absorbed power which allows Superman to subdue him. Clark states that if Rudy absorbs his energy, he won't be able to return to Earth. He promises to help resolve his condition, but states he has to be contained in the meanwhile for others' safety.

Next day at the Daily Planet, Perry chides Lois and Jimmy for publishing an article about Superman inspiring people to help each other, stating he wants a story that covers that covers something dangerous. As they oppose him, he tells them both to get out and Clark guesses what happened before leaving with Lois. Meanwhile, Luthor is upset the Daily Planet didn't report about him having the power plant quickly repaired and promises to show Superman that he's the most powerful man in Metropolis.

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