"Superman: Lost Hearts, Part Three: Giving In": The man infected with AIDS is stricken with grief and collapses to the ground, taken by the green "heartbreaker" beasts.

Superman: The Man of Steel #133 is an issue of the series Superman: The Man of Steel (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2003. It was published on December 18, 2002.

Appearing in "Superman: Lost Hearts, Part Three: Giving In"

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Synopsis for "Superman: Lost Hearts, Part Three: Giving In"

The man infected with AIDS is stricken with grief and collapses to the ground, taken by the green "heartbreaker" beasts.

In Hell's Heart, Clark, undercover, wonders aloud to himself why he can see the green beasts and no one else can. The bartender gives him a double take and then offers him a drink, which Clark takes it. Traci Thirteen, with him, sees that this is the green beast on Clark's chest affecting him. She points this out, and asks why Clark is sitting and drinking when he could be searching for Lana. He says it's because he's giving up, showing skepticism that the heartbreakers even make people do anything. She mockingly calls him a hero and then leaves.

Clark hears a liquor store robbery in progress, asserts that he is a hero to no one in particular, and uses his heat vision to burn the gun and the man from across the street. The bartender calls him a meta and tells him to leave, pulling a gun. Clark takes it and brandishes it, telling the bartender not to call him an alien. He shoots himself in the hand to show the bartender that he's invulnerable and that it's all a waste of time. He throws a number of men out of the window of the bar and into the street, then thanks the bartender for the drink, leaving.

Lana, on a "photo" shoot, and perhaps a "video" shoot, is coerced by a man with a goatee to be more willing, less inhibited about her body. She gets up, telling him that her name is not Lois, it is Lana. She runs out, steps on a bottle, and leaps off a building. She says, "It's a bird. It's a plane. Make the world safe, Superman." Clark hears her, sees what is happening, then saves her. She thanks him, and is about to kiss him, when a voice comes from the side. It's the man in the goatee and his posse with a gun. Clark tells him that the gun doesn't make him strong, and then he blows them into the wall. He lifts the man in the goatee and tells Lana to take her turn and hit him. She hits him with a board, and Clark tells her to hit him again. She breaks a two-by-four on his face. The goon swears he'll kill her, and Clark tells him that he'll never hurt anyone again, and prepares to kill him. A blast hits him from behind, revealing to be Traci, telling Clark that he's not thinking straight. She sends Leroy, her iguana, to take care of the rest of the posse. It does, and Clark flies off with Lana. A hand grabs Traci from behind, calling her Girl 13, and pulls her into the shadows.

Clark takes Lana into an alley, and Lana begs him to protect her, to make her safe, take her from the cloud in her head. They kiss.


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