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"Funeral Day": Earlier in the day, crews start cleaning up the mess Doomsday left behind, lamenting over the fact that things aren't going to be the same without Superman around. As Luthor tries to get everything se

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Martha Kent

Superman: The Man of Steel #20 is an issue of the series Superman: The Man of Steel (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1993.

Synopsis for "Funeral Day"

Earlier in the day, crews start cleaning up the mess Doomsday left behind, lamenting over the fact that things aren't going to be the same without Superman around. As Luthor tries to get everything set up, he learns the statue of Superman can't be brought over and Supergirl offers to bring it in herself. In Smallville, Martha wishes that she could be in Metropolis to watch them bury their son, but Jonathan tells her they can't.

At the Daily Planet, Jimmy tries to brush off others trying to get him to cash in his stardom as Lois still can't will herself to call Martha and Jon. Perry asks if she wants to go to his burial in his stead, but Lois declines. Heading for the roof of the Daily Planet, Lois wishes Clark would show up and this all be a dream. As she hears the procession, she races back down to street level, tripping over the plaque where they marked where he died. Jimmy finds her and brings her into the crowd as the procession passes through, groups of heroes such as the Justice League, the Justice Society, the Titans, the Forever People and more pass through. As various people recount what Superman did for them, they all start to follow the procession.

In space, Lobo freaks out, killing a number of bar customers over not being able to fight him.

Passing by one of the orphanages, a child laments over how Superman saved his cat from a tree and him from Cerberus. When he catches another kid being bullied by his older brother, he invites him over and offers his cat to comfort him. When a terrorist attempts to kill a oppressive president attending, Batman intercepts him, telling him that he's tempted to drop him, but because this was Superman's city, he'll play by his rules, leaving him hanging and begging to be arrested. On the rooftops and in the sewers, Professor Hamilton and the citizens of Underworld mourn Superman their own way. At the Ace o' Clubs, Bibbo catches a man trying to profit from the death and nearly flips, when the man declares that it was the only way to earn money after Superman saved him, Bibbo decides to help him out his own way, offering him a job.

At Centennial Park, Lois and Jimmy are separated, causing Jimmy to encounter Rex Leech, who wants to profit off of the picture of Superman's death. Jimmy punches him away and his goons attempt to shoot him, only for Robin to get the drop on him. Thanks to the incident, fights are started, forcing heroes like Green Lantern and Wonder Woman to corral them.

In Smallville, Martha can only watch in horror as everything goes to hell, forcing Jonathan to mourn their own way, by burying the few mementos of Clark's childhood in the hole where he crashed. Lois breaks away as President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton give a small speech before Superman's body is lowered. Lois finally calls the Kents and gets through, the two promising they'll be there.

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  • One of the few times where real life people are used in comics. In this case, it was then-President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hilary.

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The Death and Return of Superman

The events from this issue or series are related to The Death and Return of Superman, a retroactively named trilogy in which Superman is killed by the monster Doomsday. Later, four superheroes debut in Metropolis who claim or are assumed to be reincarnations of him—the Last Son of Krypton, the Man of Steel, the Man of Tomorrow, and Superboy. Meanwhile, Superman is brought back to life.

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