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"Fighting Back": Hoping to learn more of Superman's whereabouts, Lois Lane meets with the Contessa.

Quote1.png My soul! What claptrap! I had never believed in religion as anything other than a tool to keep the rabble in line. Quote2.png
Lex Luthor

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #3 is an issue of the series Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1995.

Synopsis for "Fighting Back"

Hoping to learn more of Superman's whereabouts, Lois Lane meets with the Contessa.

On Sorcerers' World, Superman and Mope, on the run from the Tribunal, are captured by the Great Mohr. They convince this wizard to send them to Nrn'Frok, who may be able to clear Mope before the Tribunal.

On Earth, Lex Luthor and the Joker finally escape from Neron's snow globe, and Abra Kadabra is revealed to be the shadowy figure in Lex's limo. As they are spinning through the tornado-like exit of the globe, Joker cries for help. Luthor attempts to grab his arm, but instead lands in the desert outside Las Vegas alone ... with a fake hand in his grasp. He assumes the name "Red Howard" and hitches a ride into civilization.

Meanwhile, the Cyborg and the Tribunal, having Team Superman in custody, plan to recapture the Man of Steel.

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