In Metropolis, The Mole burrows a tunnel below the city and starts to dig through the steel beams supporting the Daily Planet. Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White sense the building

Quote1 You see, I was caught in a mystic war between two sorcerers-- Lord Satanis and his wife, Syrene... It was a battle that split me into two Supermen, each possessing only some of my powers. Quote2
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In Metropolis, The Mole burrows a tunnel below the city and starts to dig through the steel beams supporting the Daily Planet. Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White sense the building shaking and realize the Mole is carrying out his threats. Clark Kent instantly slips away, changes to Superman and flies off to stop the Mole, but all of sudden his body starts fading.

Superman gets pulled in the time-stream and tossed out over a mountain where hundreds of people are slaving around a strange disk-like construction which he's being drawn towards. Superman finally crashes into the ground, and listening to the villagers' talk he gleans he's landed in 14th Century England, and Satanis is ruling over that people. Superman is trying to reason with the villagers when Satanis shows up and states he brought Superman there because he needs his invulnerable body to gain ultimate power. Superman fights him off, but Satanis casts a spell after another until Superman is captured, knocked unconscious and brought to his' castle.

Superman is brought to Satanis presence. The sorcerer still intends to rule all time, even though he is still weakened after their last meeting when his wife Syrene plunged the Runestone of Merlin into the past.[1] Satanis and Syrene chased each other through time, but Syrene cast a spell which got Satanis trapped by his namesake. The Devil was willing to strike a bargain, though, and sent Satanis further into the past. Satanis landed on that village, nearly dead. He was nursed back to health by the villagers, and annoyed because they had seen his weakened state, he killed them.

Superman feels incensed, but he's held in place by Satanis' paralyzing spell. Then Satanis points out at the disk-shaped tower where the Runestone is being drawn to right now. When the gem is caught, Satanis casts a spell to make its powers filter through Superman. Superman feels its power pulling his body apart, but Satanis expects Superman's body to withstand the gem's power long enough for him absorbing it. Though, when he is going to touch Superman, he's repelled backwards by a force-shield.

Syrene appears and declares she isn't relinquishing her father's gem without a fight. Satanis and Syrene magic-duel over power-charged Superman's body, and they accidentally pull him apart into two separate Supermen, each possessing only some of their powers and having their abilities halved. Syrene instantly makes off with the invulnerable twin, and Satanis flings the other Superman back to his own time.

Superman reappears in the same second he left, right when the Daily Planet is toppling down. Although he has lost his invulnerability as well as his heat vision, Superman manages to shore up the building thanks to the creative use of his remaining powers. Unfortunately he is struck by a falling boulder and plummets down, but he is caught and flown to safety by a


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During their battle in the past, Satanis smashes Superman into the Great Sphinx of Giza's face, which would humorously explain its notorious missing nose.

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