"Superman: Up in the Sky, Part 3: Fight!!!": This story is reprinted from Superman Giant #5.

Superman: Up in the Sky #2 is an issue of the series Superman: Up in the Sky (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2019. It was published on August 7, 2019.

Appearing in "Superman: Up in the Sky, Part 3: Fight!!!"

Featured Characters:


  • Mighto

Other Characters:

  • Alice (Mentioned only)

Synopsis for "Superman: Up in the Sky, Part 3: Fight!!!"

This story is reprinted from Superman Giant #5.

The referee reminds Superman and Mighto that they cannot use any of their powers before starting the fight. The two competitors prove to be quite equal and tire each other by the third round. Mighto however states that both of them know each other's limits, but he will go down first, advicing him to just fall and stay down for the count. Superman however responds with a punch.

Clark's cornerman encourage him to take Mighto down, stating he's a super-hero and Mighto is a little-known mercenary. In the fifth round, Mighto while pummelling Superman states that he would have lost if his opponent could his powers, but he will win in a fist fight. Clark falls down in the sixth round but manages to get back up. It is revealed that Mighto was sent to stop Superman from trying to find Alice and conditioned that he'll reveal his employer as well as how they knew about him if he wins in a ifst fight, going after them instead of fighting an outright fight.

Superman keeps getting pummelled and after the ninth round is heavily injured, but refuses to quit telling his cornermen he won't stop till he finds her. Mighto gets surprised by the fact that he keeps fighting back and claims he should be falling, but Clark states he would have known he won't if he really knew him. The mercenary then just decides to give up by staying down for the count, telling the referee that he'll fall eventually if he keeps fighting but Superman won't.

Appearing in "Superman: Up in the Sky, Part 4: Alone"

Featured Characters:

Supporting characters:

  • Alien healer (Dies)


Other Characters:

  • Alice (Mentioned only)
  • Lois Lane (Flashback only)


Synopsis for "Superman: Up in the Sky, Part 4: Alone"

This story is reprinted from Superman Giant #6.

As an injured and unconscious Superman drifts in space, a spaceship spots him and its captain orders to fetch the healer for him. The healer however struggles to heal him and the captain tells him to stop as he'll die if he continues doing it, since it costs his life force every time he heals someone. He decides to let him die and abandon him at the next stop.

The healer however stars experiencing Superman's memories and feels guilt about potentially letting him die, but tells his unconscious body that he cannot risk his life to save him. As he keeps reliving his memories, he confides in his wife about it and how he is a great hero who has saved billions of lives including theirs. He also tells her that he needs to save a girl who has been abducted and eventually, finally decides to save his life despite his wife's opposition.

The healer tries his level-best to heal Clark and succeeds, before eventually dying. Superman passes on his savior's last message to his children that even if everything is lost, no one is really alone, before apologizing and consoling them.


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