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"Superman: Villains": Superman flies to Smallville and happily reunites with his parents, who have received news of Superman sharing his truth to the world. As always, they're nothing but supportive of Superman's decision and they feel ready to face any challenge the world throws at them, includ

Superman: Villains #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of May, 2020. It was published on March 4, 2020.

Synopsis for "Superman: Villains"

Superman flies to Smallville and happily reunites with his parents, who have received news of Superman sharing his truth to the world. As always, they're nothing but supportive of Superman's decision and they feel ready to face any challenge the world throws at them, including supervillains interested in getting some payback, but in the name of precaution, Batman has taken steps to ensure the safety of the Kent family. As Martha goes inside the Kent house, Superman thanks his father for finding him all those years ago and Jonathan asks where did little Jon go.

Sometime later, at the Daily Planet, Clark and Lois interview Marisol Leone about the information given to them by Lex Luthor. Before that, Leone mentions that Clark had requested his salary to be donated to the Firefighters Association of Metropolis, so she offers to also make a donation to the entire Daily Planet in exchange for whatever information he and Lois have found about her not going public. Perry, however, sees right through it and calls Leone on her blackmailing attempt. As Lois and Perry argue, Clark goes to the bullpen where Trish Q asks everyone present to raise their hands if they feel safer knowing that Superman is working alongside them. Sure enough, everyone present does raise their hands, but Clark notices Firefly hovering outside the window. As soon as Clark reveals his Superman uniform underneath his shirt, Firefly escapes and Superman chases after him.

Later that night, Lex returns to his office and checks over his messages. Having received 98 messages over the day, Lex attempts to listen to them, only to discover each message is actually the Joker's laugh divided over 98 messages. Realizing the Joker is mocking him over failing to discover Superman's truth, Lex starts destroying everything in his office until he suddenly calms down, telling his assistant and himself that he will be alright.

Meanwhile, the Toyman sits alone in hideout and reminisces about a previous battle he had with Superman, who attempted to reason with Toyman and asked him to put his talents to better use, but Toyman rejected him and called him an alien. He had always believed that Superman was trying to prove he was better than the Toyman, but that all changed when Toyman watched Superman reveal his truth to the world. The Toyman suddenly realized Superman never wanted to prove he was better than Toyman, he was trying to prove he was just like the Toyman and led him to surrender himself and to stand trial for his crimes.

As Toyman sits alone in his prison cell, he is visited by a man calling himself King. He is the director of an organization called Checkmate and he is recruiting people like Toyman who could help him take down Leviathan. King says he has the authority and the permission to remove Toyman from prison immediately and Toyman can serve the rest of his sentence working for Checkmate. Seeing this as an opportunity given to him by Superman, Toyman accepts. As they leave prison, Toyman asks King if Checkmate will declare Toyman legally dead and he will working for them from the shadows and King answers that it can happen if Toyman wants it that way.

Superman meets up with Lois, Perry and Jimmy at the rooftop of the Daily Planet. Perry admits Leone has placed him on a huge dilemma: if he publishes the information about Leone, the Daily Planet will be worthless. If he refrains from publishing the story, the Daily Star will and the Daily Planet will lose an important story. Perry berates himself for failing to see the kind of person Leone really was and Lois confirms that she got the information from Lex. Leone is the leader of the Invisible Mafia and Lois has verified that information with secondary sources. Superman tells Perry that anyone from the Daily Planet, except for Steve Lombard, would publish that story, regardless of personal cost. Unfortunately, Perry finds no comfort in Superman's statement and believes that if the story goes forward, it would mean the end of the Daily Planet.

Meanwhile, Steve Lombard still can't believe that Clark and Superman are the same person and berates himself for failing to see that coming.

News of Superman's truth has reached Warworld and its ruler, Mongul MDCCXCI, who still can't believe that only being in the multiverse who has defeated him time and time again has been living a humble life in a backwater planet. As he kills one of his servants, Mongul remembers killing his own father in order to ascend to the throne of Warworld and asks his son what did Superman want to achieve by pretending to be one of the people he swore the protect. Only now does Mongul realize that Superman never cared about power or control and wonder that perhaps Mongul could have made the same choices Superman made. Mongul's son, also named Mongul, punches through his father's chest, killing him and taking his royal symbol for himself. The younger Mongul, having continued his family's tradition, declares himself Mongul MDCCXCII, the new ruler of Warworld, and looks forward to face Superman.

Meanwhile, in remote town on Earth, Supergirl, still infected by the Batman Who Laughs' virus, walks into a bar and watches Superman reveals his truth to the entire world. Angry, Supergirl destroys the bar's TV and escapes before anyone can see her. As she flies into the sky, Supergirl cannot help but feel angry that her cousin has chosen to reveal his secret identity even when he told her not to. Supergirl eavesdrops on her friend Ben talking to a girl about Kara's sudden departure. Ben is sad that Kara not left him, she left her entire life behind and now, he doesn't know where she is or even is she is okay. As Supergirl takes her leave, she decides that her old life doesn't matter anymore and she will start over. While Superman is busy trying to be part of the world, she'll get busy trying to save it, starting with Smallville.

Meanwhile, on planet Bizarro, Bizarro watches the news about Superman's truth. Confused by Superman's truth, Bizarro asks himself what kind of person he will be from now on.

Later that night, Lois visits Leone at her office and asks her if they can continue their interview, but Leone merely replies "No comment." Lois says that she always thought that owning a media empire would allow Leone to control the narrative, but right now, Leone is not interesting in talking to anyone, not even her own employees. Lois leaves Leone alone, but not before telling her that some of Leone's employees have publishing authority. As Lois and Perry leave the bullpen, the story about Leone's connections to the Invisible Mafia has already been published.

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