"World of New Krypton (Part VI) - Codename: Patriot": Zod is lying in his own blood. The House of El gathers around him and Kal-El calls for a medic.

Quote1 If that's how he broke out, and it was outside of the cell...? Quote2

Superman: World of New Krypton #6 is an issue of the series Superman: World of New Krypton (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2009. It was published on August 5, 2009.

Appearing in "World of New Krypton (Part VI) - Codename: Patriot"

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Synopsis for "World of New Krypton (Part VI) - Codename: Patriot"

Zod is lying in his own blood. The House of El gathers around him and Kal-El calls for a medic.

In the crowd, the shooter tries to flee, but members of the crowd converge on him and beat him up rather brutally. Kal-El, Kara Zor-El and several more soldiers interfere and disperse the angry mob. The shooter is lying on his own blood, looking half dead. He is taken away.

Being Zod out of commission, chain of command dictates that leadership falls to the commanders: Kal-El, Gor, and Ursa. Kal-El and Gor proceed to interrogate the shooter, identified as Ral-Dar. Kal-El wants to know if he was acting alone, but Ral-Dar evades his questions and states all of his actions were aimed to assure the survival of the Kryptonian race. Kal-El is summoned by Alura and he tells Gor to put Ral-Dar back in his cell, for further questioning later.

At the medical facility, Kal-El meets his aunt and his cousin. He learns Ral-Dar's weapon got shattered during the melee, albeit Kara gathered all the pieces she could find. He also learns from Alura that Zod's condition is not good. Whatever he was shot with did tremendous damage on a cellular level, and they have had to put Zod in stasis to keep his health stable. Alura says that Zod regained consciousness just before he was put in stasis, and asked for Commander El. Kal-El is surprised.

Alura's secretary Lyra Kam-Par rushes in the room to warn them there're thousands of frightened people outside of the medical facility, scared that they're being attacked again. Kal-El wants to speak to them, but Alura states that's her job.

Alura manages to assuage the mob's fears, and the crowds leave. Alura admits that she hates public speaking and looks to Kal for assurance that the shooter acted alone. Otherwise, things could get ugly.

Kal-El heads back to continue the interrogation of Ral-Dar, with Kara by his side. They discover that Ral-Dar has escaped, using the same Sunstone device that Tyr-Van used to disable Kal-El's prison cell.[1] Kara deduces someone broke Ral-Dar out.

Nar arrives to inform that Ral-Dar was seen leaving New Krypton and heading on a course towards Earth. Both cousins fear that Ral-Dar intends to trigger a war. Kal orders Red Shard stand down, since an appearance on Earth by a Kryptonian military unit will inflame things. He and Kara have to handle this mission alone. But he can't appear on Earth dressed as Commander El. He'll need his Superman's costume.



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