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Jordan runs away from Tag who quickly catches up to him and knocks him to the ground, before demanding to know the truth about how he caused him to gain powers, telling him he had seen Malcolm Teague's video of the incident at the bonfire party at the

Quote1 Whatever gave Tag Harris those powers came from those mines, and now he wants to extract more of it and make more Derek Powells. Quote2
Clark Kent

Broken Trust is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on May 18, 2021.

Synopsis for "Broken Trust"

Jordan runs away from Tag who quickly catches up to him and knocks him to the ground, before demanding to know the truth about how he caused him to gain powers, telling him he had seen Malcolm Teague's video of the incident at the bonfire party at the Shuster Mines showing the explosion. As he demands from him to tell him how he can cure himself, Jordan uses an ELT to call Clark, who quickly arrives there and tells him to stop. As Tag runs away, Superman chases after him but is forced to rescue a train when Tag destroys the train tracks after running over them, allowing the boy to escape.

Back at the Kent Farm, Jordan tells his family about what happened and worries that Tag might tell others about the situation. Clark soon talks with Lois alone, informing her that Tag escaped from a Department of Defense facility because his powers grew too quickly, while Lois worries that he might get to Jordan before he gets arrested again. She blames Edge for being responsible for it, wanting to investigate the Shuster Mines. When she tells Clark to investigate, he states that he can't due to the mines being lined with lead, causing Lois to investigate on her own. The next day, Jordan feels a headache and Clark tells him to sit out since Tag might target him. Jordan begs him to let him play since it's against his old school and it's important to him, with Clark reluctantly agreeing as long as he proves he's healthy.

Meanwhile after opening the Shuster Mines for work, Morgan Edge appoints Lana as the head of his Smallville team, telling her that she is very capable and has the trust of the people which will help him in revitalizing the town. Lois arrives at the ceremony for investigating and meets with Captain Luthor, who wishes her luck in finding out the truth first. At Smallville High, Jon tells Jordan that Clark was only worrying for him, but Jordan states that he thinks he can't handle himself and he wants to teach his old schoolmates at Metropolis High School a lesson for bullying him in the past. As Jon closes the locker door, Jordan's ears start ringing due to the noise before Sarah arrives and notices his injuries. Jon claims he got hurt while they were playing and she leaves while telling them she will attend their game in Metropolis.

After Sarah leaves, Jordan starts experiencing a migraine due to the school bell and Jon takes him to the bathroom upon noticing that he might fire off his heat vision. Once Jordan calms down, he states that his powers had started becoming erratic since Tag attacked him, with Jon telling him that they need to tell Clark. Jordan rejects the idea, stating that he'll pull him out of the game and it's really important for him. At the Cushing house, Kyle regrets that Edge didn't give him a job, but Lana tells him that her getting a promotion is a victory for both of them. Lois soon arrives and asks them to help her get into the Shuster Mines, because Edge is doing something illegal and dangerous. Kyle berates her, telling her that Edge is putting people back to work, and Lana turns down her request stating that he is giving them an opportunity to help the town.

Back at the Kent Farm, Clark trains Jordan to handle his super strength by punching a large wooden log. Jordan's first punch is unsuccessful, but Clark and Jon encourage him to try again, due to which he is able to create a depression in the log. As the three celebrate, General Sam Lane calls Clark and tells him that Tag was spotted in Metropolis. Clark states that Jon and Jordan are participating in a football game there tomorrow and upon hearing Sam call him a monster, tells him to be more humane. Sam angrily mocks him and warns that he'll incapacitate Tag to put him backin his cage. Later, Lana feels despondent about not being able to find a babysitter for the next day and Sarah mocks Kyle for finally caring about his family upon learning that he wants to take Lana out to dinner to celebrate. Lana states that he really is trying and Sarah upon hearing this tells her that she'll look after Sophie instead of going to the game, telling her she deserves to celebrate her promotion. The two are however unaware that Tag is spying on them.

The next day at the game, Coach Gaines tells Jordan to take down the Metropolis Spartans' linebacker Jimmy Cutter, but he gets disoriented when the play starts due to the whistle, allowing Cutter to injure the Crows' quarterback. Clark calls Lois, telling her what is happening at the game and how the military is guarding the game, while worrying about Jordan not being honest with him about his powers. Jon soon convinces Gaines to let him play as the quarterback and before the play starts, Cutter tells Jon that he's the one Eliza left him for. Jon soon instructs his team and Jordan smashes Cutter to the ground, allowing the Crows to score a touchdown. Clark notices that he is using his powers recklessly and warns him hat he'll bench him if he tries it again. Captain Luthor meanwhile arrives at Lois' house and tells her that he acquired two inspector badges from a friend of his, but she gets suspicious at him due to it. Luthor states that it will look more suspicious if he goes alone and convinces her to come, before fooling the security at the mines.

Tag later arrives at the Cushing house and tells Sarah that he's there because she has always been her friend. As he starts uncontrollably vibrating, Sarah tries to close the door but gets knocked out upon being accidentally hit by him. The Metropolis Spartans attack Jordan at the game, causing Clark to notice his powers are becoming erratic again. As the other kids are taken off of him, Clark covers his eyes and tells him to fire his heat vision at his hand in order to calm down. Kyle and Lana later arrive home at night and Kyle states that he is happy that she got promoted despite him not getting a job. Sophie soon asks them for food, causing them to become confused and ask about Sarah. Upon noticing she isn't in the house, Kyle decides to investigate the CCTV footage. At a hotel, Clark asks Jordan about what happened and whether he noticed his powers were becoming erratic earlier. Jordan lies that he didn't but Jon tells him the truth. Jordan states that he didn't want to tell him because he would have taken him off the game and he wants to be good at football.

Lana meanwhile calls Clark to ask if Sarah came to the game, and he overhears about Kyle finding that Tag had come to their house earlier, causing him to investigate while telling the boys to stay in their room. Captain Luthor soon finds the place he is looking for in the mines while investigating with Lois and uses a portable laser machine to cut the rock. Sarah meanwhile wakes up in an abandoned room and Tag tells her that it's okay, stating that they are in Metropolis. Lois gets more suspicious about Luthor, but he soon takes out some of the X-Kryptonite after cutting through the rocks. Leslie Larr attacks them with heat vision as they look at their discovery, but they are able to dodge it. Jon and Jordan meanwhile get bored while staying in their room, but their teammates soon arrive and tell them to hang out with them and get drunk. Jon feels reluctant but Jordan manages to cajole him into going with them. Back at the Shuster Mines, Luthor manages to knock Larr out with a laser blaster.

Clark meanwhile finds Tag and Sarah's location upon hearing them. Tag tells Sarah that Jordan's responsible for his condition and shows her Teague's video as proof, asking him if he told her something or she could help her. Clark soon arrives there and tells Tag he's there to help. Cutter and his fellow teammates soon arrive where the Crows are celebrating, mocking them. As Jon tells Cutter to back off, he mocks him about Eliza. Jordan insults them for being losers and Cutter gets impressed by him confronting him despite being cowardly during his time at his previous school, while also becoming suspicious that he might be taking steroids. Clark meanwhile tells Tag to come with him or the DOD will arrive there soon. The military however soon barges in and tells Clark to stand down. Cutter goads Jordan to punch him, while one of the officers orders using live rounds on Tag. Jon stops Jordan from punching Cutter but gets his wrist broken in the process. The officer fires Green Kryptonite bullets when Clark gets in their way, but Clark quickly destroys them with his heat vision and angrily warns the soldiers to stand down.

As the military takes Tag into custody, Clark tells them to take off his cuffs and promises him that he won't be alone again. Later, he criticizes Sam for being inhuman towards Tag and even be willing to kill him. He soon rushes off upon hearing that Jon is hurt, while Lois confronts Luthor upon escaping, stating his state-of-the-art technology makes him incredibly suspicious and she doesn't believes he is there to write an article on Edge. Luthor assures that he is trying to stop bad things from happening like her, but she leaves upon hearing about Jon's injury. Jordan later apologizes to Jon at the farm but he refuses to listen to it. As Jon leaves, Clark states that he is right to be upset and tells Jordan that he used his powers irresponsibly, stating that he sometimes wants to snap too but doesn't as it will risk the trust other people have in him. After Jordan leaves, Lois tells Clark about what happened at the mines and states that she wants to figure out who "Marcus Bridgewater" truly is.

The next day, Jordan talks with Sarah regarding Tag kidnapping her. She states that he was obsessed with him and blames him for what happened to him, showing him Teague's video. Jordan pretends that he doesn't know why Tag blamed him and Sarah states that he can trust him if he actually had something to do it. Lana meanwhile talks with Lois about Tag and Sarah telling her that it is connected to the mines, asking her what she knows. When she states that she doesn't know, Lana offers to help her and tells her not to tell Kyle. After Lana and Sarah leave, Jordan expresses his frustration about his powers, blaming himself for what happened to Jon and Tag, while also regretting about lying to Sarah who is her only friend. He grows emotional while stating how his powers are only causing him to drift apart from people unlike what he expected, and states that he wants this to end. As Lois consoles him, he starts feeling a migraine again and Clark rushes there upon hearing her call out to him, taking him to the Fortress of Solitude upon noticing his destabilizing powers.

Appearing in "Broken Trust"

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Other Characters:

  • Jasmine D. (In a photograph only)
  • Maggie G. (In a photograph only)
  • Metropolis Spartans (First appearance)
    • Campana (Single appearance)
    • Jimmy Cutter (Single appearance)
    • Woodrum (Single appearance)
  • Shauna S. (In a photograph only)
  • Sophie Cushing
  • Smallville Crows
  • Tiffany G. (In a photograph only)
  • Bill Hastings (Mentioned only)
  • Derek Powell (Mentioned only)
  • Eliza (Mentioned only)
  • FBI (Mentioned only)
  • Jonathan Kent (Mentioned only)
  • LuthorCorp (Mentioned only)
  • Sullivan (Mentioned only)




  • The episode was originally titled Smells Like Teen Spirit.[1]


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