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Six years ago, Morgan Edge was driving with his employees amidst a meteor shower in Saskatchewan, before telling them to stop near a predicted impact site. Stepping out of the vehicle, he spotted a strange item before stating that the resurrection was about to begin. During the present, he atten

Quote1 They're moving Thaddeus Killgrave, the psycho genius who got radicalized off hating you. Quote2
Sam Lane

Haywire is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on March 16, 2021.

Synopsis for "Haywire"

Six years ago, Morgan Edge was driving with his employees amidst a meteor shower in Saskatchewan, before telling them to stop near a predicted impact site. Stepping out of the vehicle, he spotted a strange item before stating that the resurrection was about to begin. During the present, he attends a football game of the Smallville Crows to prove himself as a "man of the people". He eventually spots Lana and insists that she and Kyle join him for dinner after learning from him that she's his employee. Lois and Chrissy, who are also attending the game, express frustration about not being able to expose him before Sam joins them. Coach Gaines meanwhile makes Jordan play so they are able to win the game, and he succeeds in tackling players of the opponent team, allowing his team to score the winning touchdown. This however causes Sam to become suspicious and question Lois.

As the Smallville Crows celebrate their win, Sam berates Lois back at home for never telling him that Jordan has powers and allowing him to play football. Lois assures that they can take care of Jordan, and Sam expresses displeasure at it since it's resulting in a change of priorities for Clark. Clark soon returns and assures Sam that they know what they are doing, having overheard the conversation, but Sam tells him that he doesn't. He informs them how he kept the military off Clark's back despite their panic at him moving out of Metropolis and how his absence is making the city more dangerous, due to which the government is transferring inmates from the Metropolis Penitentiary due to it being at risk of an attack. Sam tells Clark to escort the van moving Thaddeus Killgrave as a show of good faith, but he rejects it stating he wants to spend time with his family and he will only show up if he's needed. Unimpressed by his words, Sam decides to stay at the Kent Farm for the weekend, stating they'll need his help.

At the diner, Jordan celebrates with the team but Jon gets jealous of him getting all the attention. Tag meanwhile resents not being able to play due to his broken arm and Jon asks him what timeline his doctor gave for him to take off the arm cast, with Tag informing him that it might heal by the play-offs, but they might not even reach it if their wideout Corey Wellnitz doesn't learn how to catch the ball. Corey confronts Tag in response and insults him for being broke, but the others separate them before they get into a fight. Edge while having dinner with Lana and Kyle, expresses interest in the former and states that she wasted her talent, promising to help her achieve her full potential, leaving her uncomfortable. At the Smallville Gazette, Edge's assistant Leslie Larr forces Chrissy to drop Lois' exposé of Edge from her paper, threatening he would sue them into bankruptcy.

Back at his home, Tag decides to take his cast off but his arm starts vibrating wildly and involuntarily. The next morning Clark plays football with his sons, before talking to Jon who expresses disappointment at Jordan grabbing all the attention and how him having an advantage due to his powers is unfair to other players. Clark assures Jon that there are still some things he can do for the team, before Lois comes to request him to speak against Edge's proposal during the vote at the town hall. He agrees but soon learns that she is going to confront Edge at the Shuster Mines. As he tries to dissuade her, Lois reasons that it will intimidate Edge due to it being unexpected and assures him she can handle herself. At the town hall, Lana criticizes Kyle for constantly supporting Edge and not intervening when she felt uncomfortable due to him. Kyle states that he wasn't flirting with her and was just being generous, before accusing her that she would be upset even if he intervened. This causes her to leave in a huff.

Lois soon confronts Edge at the Shuster Mines and threatens to countersue him, which will cause his confidential records to be opened up. As he expresses amazement at her gutso, she asks him what she wants with Smallville, with Edge stating that the same could be asked of her and he could try to find out. Edge warns her to quit her attempts at taking him down but Lois states she still has another move left. Coach Gaines meanwhile criticizes his team for their poor performance at the previous game and berates Tag for smirking at it, since he wasted an opportunity to win the game over a camp party. Tag leaves and Jon follows him, while General Sam Lane asks his subordinates about how Killgrave's transportation is going. Killgrave criticizes the society for being rotten and lazy, before destroying the prison van's door with a polymer resin he was pretending was a chewing gum, and it explodes due to being sensitive to vibrations coming from a guard's analog wrist watch.

Jon follows Tag to the bathroom and asks him if he is alright upon hearing vibrations from the cabin he is in. When he hears his cast explode, Jon calls Clark for help, while Sam also calls him for help in stopping Intergang which is assaulting the convoy transporting Killgrave. Clark arrives at the bathroom Jon is in and he and Jon get surprised by Tag not wearing his cast anymore, with Tag claiming he tore it off. Jon expresses that something is wrong with Tag, but Clark states that it'll have to wait since he has to leave. Killgrave succeeds in escaping by fooling the military using a drone with a voice recorder. Superman recovers it and hears his message about seeing him soon, causing him to start searching the city for him.

Sam leaves in order to hunt Killgrave and tells Jon and Jordan that he knows about the latter's powers, before informing them not to waste Clark's time since the lives of many others depend upon him. The two agree and Jon asks Jordan if he wants to go to Wellnitz's party, with Jordan figuring out that he waned to check on Tag. As Jon affirms, Jordan agrees to go with him and text Sarah for a lift. At the city hall, nearly everyone except Chrissy votes in favor of Edge while Clark fails to show up, and Lana invites Lois to grab drinks with her later. Clark apologizes to Lois later for not keeping his promise but she rebuffs it, stating that it was too important and he has started to constantly neglect her, before leaving with Lana.

At Wellnitz's party, Jon spots Tag and finds that his arm has healed. Tag brushes it off when Jon expresses confusion about how it healed so quickly and Sarah assures he is clean when Jon asks if he is on drugs. The two and Jordan soon meet her former cheerleading teammate Denise Olowe, who commends Jordan for his performance at the game. Sam meanwhile tells Superman to do his job properly, but gets told that it's not a job but a responsibility, and they should figure out where Killgrave is together.

At a bar, Lois and Lana discuss about troubles in their married life. Lois states that Kyle seems to hate him, but Lana assures her that he respects her since she speaks his mind. Lois asks her if her and Kyle's relationship is okay, with Lana stating that they've stuck together for 16 years but have their ups-and-downs. Lois states that she respects Kyle for caring for Smallville. As Lana talks to her about her and Clark's marriage being so strong, Lois expresses frustration at their busy lifestyle getting in the way of their personal life. Lana tells her to not lose trust in her marriage since she made Clark a more confident and outgoing man.

At Wellnitz's party, Sarah expresses concern to Jordan for Jon feeling lost due to no one paying attention to him, before switching the topic to them and how similar they are as rebellious kids. Jordan states that he does really feel happy due to being in the football team, and Sarah expresses that it maybe due to the new company he has. She soon asks him if they should check on Jon, but he states that they should wait. Tag's arm meanwhile starts vibrating again and he ends up breaking the table in Wellnitz's house. As Wellnitz confronts him, Jon tries to break them up but Tag pushes Wellnitz away before running outside, causing Jon and Jordan to go after him. The military meanwhile finds that Killgrave is in Glenmorgan Square, but it turns out to be an ambush as he blasts Superman with a sonic cannon when he arrives, overloading his senses.

Jon and Jordan find Tag in the woods and find him uncontrollably vibrating. Jordan blames himself and states he must help him, though Jon tells him to call Clark instead. Jordan reminds him that Sam told them not to call Clark and he tries to help Tag himself by holding him down, but gets knocked out by his vibrations. Jon checks up on Jordan and uses his ELT to call Clark, who knocks Killgrave and the other Intergang members out using a thunderous clap. After destroying Killgrave's sonic cannon, Clark informs Sam and rushes to Smallvile, taking Tag high into the air to make him unconscious and stop vibrating.

Back at home, Jordan blames himself for what happened to Tag, but Jon reasons that it was just an accident and also apologizes for being jealous of him. Sam informs them that the Department of Defense has taken custody of Tag to keep an eye on him and send him to a special school for metahumans. After Lois stops Sam from revealing more, Clark asks the boys why they didn't call him for help immediately, learning it was due to Sam. Sam admits that he should have been more clearer, but he was trying to make them see the importance of Clark's job. As Clark and Sam argue over him properly performing his responsibility as Superman, Lois tells him to stop, stating he always cared about his job over his family which he was trying to make Clark do as well. Sam decides to leave when she tells him that he wouldn't be welcome at their home anymore if he continues like this.

The next morning, Lana spots Kyle making pancakes for Sarah and Sophie and commends him. Kyle states that it's one of his few specialities, but Lana insists that he has many more due to how much he cares for others. The two quickly reconcile and kiss. Later that night, Jordan takes Lois to the barn and Clark surprises her with an impromptu date night in order to make up for missing their previous dates. As they drink, Sam calls Clark about a situation in Malawi, and Lois allows him to go, assuring him she'll be waiting. Sam then calls Rosetti and tells him to set up a contingency plan against Superman called "Project 7734". Meanwhile, while investigating deep inside the Shuster Mines, Edge tells Larr to punch a wall and finds a rich quantity of X-Kryptonite, enough to create an army. Larr states that they first need to find enough candidates, but Edge tells her to not worry.

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  • Sam Lane mentions the creation of Project 7734. In the comics, Project 7734 is a secret operation which was conducted by his counterpart to safeguard humanity against alien invasions.
  • The episode mentions that Lana graduated from Stanhope College, which Supergirl attended in the Silver Age comics.
  • The names of two Metropolis areas that appear on Rosetti's screens - Bessolo Boulevard and Kirby Avenue - are a reference to George Reeves (whose legal name was George Bessolo) and Jack Kirby.

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