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Lois and Clark move to Smallville with their sons, with Jon stating that the football playbook he had ordered never arrived. As Jon and Jordan discuss their school schedule, their parents forbid Jordan from going to school until he can learn how to control his powers. This causes Jordan to become an

Quote1 After my father died, I felt pretty lost. I had a lot of questions about who I was, why I could do the things I could do. So I came here, found my answers. Maybe this place can help you the same way it helped me. Quote2
Clark Kent

Heritage is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on March 2, 2021.

Synopsis for "Heritage"

Lois and Clark move to Smallville with their sons, with Jon stating that the football playbook he had ordered never arrived. As Jon and Jordan discuss their school schedule, their parents forbid Jordan from going to school until he can learn how to control his powers. This causes Jordan to become angry and leave in a huff, believing their family life is already becoming like it was in Metropolis. After Jon leaves to talk to his girlfriend Eliza, Clark feels confused about how to reach out to Jordan. Lois tells him to keep trying and as he worries about the stranger after him, she tells him to leave it to Sam and focus on his family.

Captain Luthor meanwhile targets a site in Moldova and upon being unable to locate any Green Kryptonite there, takes the owner down. The next morning, Lois and Clark make Jordan wear clothing to protect him from cold weather and he realizes that Clark is going to fly with him to a place he is keeping a surprise. Jon later meets Sarah at the Smallville High School again and she guides him through the school hall, while being told that Jordan was sick when she asks about him. Sean and his friends confront Jon but get told off by Sarah, proceeding to tell him that they were the ones who caused his playbook to be misplaced as they leave.

Clark arrives with Jordan at the Fortress of Solitude, telling him that he had come there to learn more about his purpose and powers after his adoptive father's death, and he hoped it would help him the same way. Jordan spots the orange crystal he got from the Kryptonian pod, with Clark proceeding to tell him that it was a Sunstone crystal which contained the entire history of Krypton. As Clark inserts the crystal, it starts telling them about the history of his planet. Back in Smallville, Lana and Kyle meet Lois while she is researching Morgan Edge's dubious past deals. When Kyle points out what she is doing, Lois states that he is a shady man, but he responds that he's good enough since he's creating jobs in the town. As Kyle leaves to meet with Mayor George Dean, Lana tells Lois to bring her family to the barbecue next night.

Meanwhile, the Sunstone crystal proceeds to tell Jordan how Krypton was destroyed after it exhausted all its natural resources and fell into war. As Jordan questions Clark how he knew what to do, Clark tells him that A.I. version of his biological father Jor-El told him and proceeds to reveal him to his grandson. Jor-El questions why he brought his son there and becomes pleased upon learning that he is exhibiting powers, since it would be finally possible for their Kryptonian heritage to survive. After returning home, Clark tells Lois that it went well and he would take Jordan back tomorrow. Lois tells him about Lana's invitation and that she was going to the City Council meeting regarding Edge's investment proposal, despite Clark's hesitance. Sam then arrives there and Lois tells Clark that she was taking their sons so they don't get freaked out by learning that someone was stalking him.

Sam tells Clark that the stranger hunting him had struck a black market site for weapons in Moldova, but they were able to tag the ship he brought there using a resonance identifier, enabling them to track it if it ever went airborne again. At the City Council meeting, Jon and Jordan meet Sarah and Sophie again, with Jordan claiming that he was now doing alright. Sarah apologizes to Jon for his playbook, but he tells her that he got a new one. At the meeting, Lois spots the same woman who had been staring at her earlier at the diner, and attempts to find out who she is. She introduces herself as Chrissy Beppo, a journalist at the Smallville Gazette, and tells Lois to contact her in case she wants to write for the paper.

Back at the farm, Sam questions Clark about why he moved his family to Smallville, since he would never have a simple life and everyone else would have trouble starting a new life there. Realizing he had told the boys that he was Superman, Sam berated him and told him that his superhero lifestyle had already a taken a toll on Lois, which he was now inflicting on his sons. He then received a call from Lieutenant Rosetti informing him that the stranger had been spotted in Mongolia, causing Clark to rush there. At the City Council meeting, Lois confronted Edge about him failing to meet nearly half of the job target in New Carthage and paying significantly below living wage. Edge responded that he had failed to turn a profit at the mines there but he still attempted to help the town, which he was willing to do for Smallville too. He soon decided to leave, stating that the town residents needed to discuss his proposal further.

Superman meanwhile catches up to the stranger in Mongolia and demands to know what he is after. The man informs him that he wants him dead because he destroyed his planet. The two get in a fight and Clark manages to overpower him as his suit becomes damaged, but the stranger tells him that he has armed his ship and he'd have to choose between him or saving the city he sent it to. Superman rushes after the ship and manages to stop it from hitting New York City, taking it to space where it blows up and knocks Clark back to Earth. At the football practice, Jon requests Coach Gaines to let him take some snaps. Gaines agrees but Sean and his friends spoil his attempts both times.

The following morning Clark tells Lois that the man hunting him knows his past and claims he was responsible for destroying his planet, as well as Sam realizing that he had told his sons about being Superman. As the two make fun of Sam chastizing him for making a mistake as a father, Clark finds that she is writing an unflattering article about Edge's business deals exploiting other towns and warns her against it since he owned the Daily Planet. Lois however tells him to let her do it since she can't let Edge destroy Smallville too. Clark later takes Jordan to the Fortress again but Jor-El tells him that the photo-nucleic effect in his body is insignificant due to his human genes, which meant that he would never gain powers as strong as his.

Clark takes Jordan back after he gets upset at overhearing about his powers, and assures him that they would go again to run more tests. Jordan tells him off and states that he won't go to Kyle's barbecue. Jon then starts insulting Jordan for acting special, blaming him for Sean and his friends targeting him and Jordan realizing they were responsible for the playbook getting lost. Clark tries to calm down the tempers and promises to teach Jon about football techniques, but Lois interjects stating that they need to go the barbecue first, forcing the boys to get dressed. After they arrive at the Cushing family's house, Clark tells his sons to go mingle with other kids. Lana later tells him to give others some time to get used to their new home.

As Jon and Jordan meet Sarah and Sophie, Sarah tells Jon that she heard what Sean and his friends did and tells him not to worry as he'll leave him alone soon. Sarah then asks Jordan why he really isn't going to school, and he claims that his parents are worried about his behavior. As Sarah and Sophie leave, Jon asks Jordan about what happened at the Fortress and learns that his Kryptonian powers weren't that significant. As Lois tries to get a rack of ribs from Kyle, he tells her that he learnt about the workers in New Carthage trying to unionize and reasoning that it would have made it impossible for Edge to make a profit, telling her that Smallville earning some money is better than nothing. Lois soon finds that Edge had edited her article to make it favorable to him.

Soon Captain Luthor attacks the Department of Defense facility overseen by Sam, causing him to alert Superman. The US Army fails to disable Luthor's suit and is neutralized quickly by him. Sam then realizes that he is coming for the command center and tells everyone to evacuate except Rosetti. The man soon disables the power source and knocks out Rosetti, before telling Sam that he knew him on his world and warns him to not trust Superman, giving him a dog tag with the symbol of House of El. Superman attacks the stranger as he asks Sam to help him and succeeds in taking out the suit, but finds that it's being remotely operated. Sam later tells him that the man was there because he had stockpiled nearly all of the Green Kryptonite available in the world at the place in order to safeguard Clark. Clark angrily tells him to find the stranger so he can take him down.

Clark comes back and talks to Lois about what happened, stating that he doesn't feel moving to Smallville was a mistake. He also encourages her to keep pursuing her investigation into Edge's deals and states that he felt their family was growing more closer. Jordan meanwhile comes to apologize to Jon, since he didn't have his back even though he's had his for his whole life, and tells him what Jor-El told him. Jon in turn tells him to not worry and states that he feels he is special. The next day, Clark apologizes to his sons for being away and promises to make time for them, allowing Jordan to go to school and giving him an ELT. Lois meanwhile hands her resignation papers to the Daily Planet.

Jordan later attends school and befriends Sarah, while Sam examines the dog tag the stranger gave him, finding the etching "HELL", which reads "7734" upon reversing it. Clark attends Jon's football practice in order to connect with him, while Lois later reaches the Smallville Gazette in order to request Chrissy to have her editor publish her exposé, learning that she is the editor. Chrissy agrees upon learning that she quit her old job and offers her a position of a reporter at the paper. Captain Luthor's A.I. meanwhile tells him that they'll have to make do without the ship or Kryptonite, but they have time since the Superman of this world isn't like the one he knew. Luthor then remembers a battle with the Kryptonians where Kal-El slaughtered his fellow soldiers, including that universe's Sam Lane, who gave him the dog tag before dying. He agrees but cautions that he will eventually become like that.

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  • Captain Luthor is revealed to be a survivor of a universe where Superman went mad and became a murderer; in his home reality, he also was a member of the United States Army under the command of Sam Lane.
  • It is confirmed that Jordan Kent is named after Clark's biological father, Jor-El.


  • The Superman of Captain Luthor's reality wears a black suit, which is similar to the one that Earth-1 John Deegan used after he turned himself into Superman in the Elseworlds reality.
  • Captain Luthor gives Sam Lane a dog-tag with the Superman symbol, and it reads "Hell" on its back. Upon being inverted however, it reads "7734". This is a reference to Project 7734.

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