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Pilot is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on February 23, 2021.

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  • This is the first Arrowverse series premiere to be entirely set on Earth-Prime.
  • The first post-Crisis suit of Superman was created by his mother Martha and is similar to the one of the Superman from Max Fleischer's animated Superman movies.
    • Curiously, this continuity was previously shown to be set in a Pre-Crisis universe known as Earth-F.
  • Some events from the post-Crisis continuity are revealed in this episode:
    • Jonathan Kent died when Clark was still in his teenage years and he was not Superman yet.
    • Clark and Lois met earlier in their lives so they had two sons, Jonathan and Jordan, who are both named after Clark's fathers, Jonathan Kent and Jor-El.
    • Clark Kent/Superman is now an ally of United States Army; his father-in-law Sam Lane is aware of his identity and often works with him.
    • Unlike the pre-Crisis continuity, Morgan Edge is not in prison and, at some point in time, bought the Daily Planet.


  • While saving a boy when he began his career as Superman, Clark was told by him that his costume was cool, and he replies, "My mom made it for me", after giving his hat back. This scene is partly adapted from Superman for All Seasons #1.
  • Upon returning home, Clark finds his son Jordan playing as Raiden against Superman from Injustice 2, and gets told "Superman is boring", much to his chagrin.
  • In the to-do list of Clark, Siegel and Shuster are mentioned. This is a reference to Superman's creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Shuster Mines is another reference to Joe Shuster. Richard Donner, the director of Superman: The Movie, is also referenced as "Dr. Donner".
  • The truck Clark lifts to prove to his twin sons he is Superman, is of the same model baby Clark picked up in Superman: The Movie.

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