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While flying, Clark Kent, the superhero known as "Superman", reminisces about the important moments of his life: his pod crash-landing onto the Kent Farm in Smallville, being found and adopted by [[Jonathan Ken

Quote1 We married, got our first place together… The twins came. They were as different as brothers get. Quote2
Clark Kent

Pilot is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on February 23, 2021.

Synopsis for "Pilot"

While flying, Clark Kent, the superhero known as "Superman", reminisces about the important moments of his life: his pod crash-landing onto the Kent Farm in Smallville, being found and adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, exhibiting powers at a young age, growing up to enjoy life in Smallville, Jonathan's death during his teenage years leading him to find his purpose, him moving to Metropolis to become a superhero, his first heroic act where he saved a boy from being crushed while wearing a costume made by Martha, becoming a reporter at the Daily Planet and meeting Lois Lane, the two falling in love and Clark revealing his truth to her, the two marrying each other and becoming parents to twin boys named Jon and Jordan Kent, whom they are now trying to raise amidst their busy lifestyle with Jordan developing a social anxiety disorder.

As a nuclear reactor goes into meltdown, Lois' father General Sam Lane calls Superman for help. Clark finds a crack in the plant's structure upon examining it and quickly fixes it with his heat vision, before flying off to the sea in order to freeze the water with his breath, and proceeding to drop a large chunk of ice upon the core. The core successfully cools down and Clark meets with Sam, telling him the situation is exactly the same as the one they encountered at Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, with the cracks in both the structures being man-made. Sam agrees and states that it worries him, before proceeding to talk to Clark about personal life and how he has been overworking himself, which would upset Lois. Clark responds that the only ones he worries about being upset at him for it are his sons, and Sam asks him to schedule a vacation so he can spend some time with his grandsons.

As he arrives back home, Clark gets told by Lois to talk to his sons and apologize to Jordan for missing his therapy. While his talk with Jon goes over smoothly, Jordan refuses to talk to him and hear his excuses. Clark feels despondent about what to do and gets a call from Martha who states that she saw how he saved the plant on the news, and realizes he only arrived back home a short while ago. She tells him to spend more time with his family as his sons would grow up to become adults soon and he won't get this time back, with Clark responding that he is trying. Martha soon hangs up after feeling some uneasiness and the next day Lois informs him that his mom wants him to come home for a visit. Clark agrees to go and after their sons leave, Lois tries to convince him to tell the truth to both of them so they are at more ease in case their powers develop. Clark however rejects the idea, stating that it is too dangerous.

As Clark and Lois arrive for work at the Daily Planet, they discover that Morgan Edge is conducting another round of layoffs following his buyout of the news outlet, with Clark being among those fired. As the two talk about the situation, Clark receives a call from Dr. Frye about his mother, causing him to rush to the Kent Farm at super-speed and discover that she died due to a stroke. During the funeral reception, Clark reunites with his childhood friend Lana Lang and her husband Kyle Cushing, who also bring their daughters Sarah and Sophie with them.

Jordan develops an infatuation for Sarah as she meets with him and she informs him that the internet there is slow. Jordan states that he's been experiencing the same situation and it must be due to the router, with Jon stating that it needs to be reset. Jordan reminds him that the router is in the barn and Clark forbade them from going there as it was dangerous. Sarah however encourages them, assuring that she will keep them safe. Clark and Lois meanwhile talk with Lana and Kyle, with the two informing the Kents that people are moving away from Smallville due to its struggling economy, but they had hope in the form of Edge who is purchasing the local coal mines. Lois warns that Edge only cares for money, with Kyle in turn chiding her and claiming she thinks less of Smallville due to it being a small town. As Clark tells him that they haven't decided what they would do with the farm, Kyle tells him that Martha did, causing Lana to become upset at him. She tells Clark and Lois to meet her at her bank the next day to know the truth.

In the barn, Sarah gives her phone number to Jordan in case he wants to hang out with her at a bonfire party, and he soon spots the router nailed up to a beam. As Clark and Lois talk about what Lana meant, Clark tells her that he heard Martha telling him that it was time to come home shortly before she died and he still doesn't know what it meant. Jordan meanwhile tries to reach the router by climbing a ladder, but slips on the pipes where he stationed one of his feet. Jordan survives the fall and Jon tries to shield him as the pipes fall on him. Clark rushes to the scene after hearing what had happened from Sarah and tosses over one of the heavy pipes using his super strength, finding that both of them survived. The EMT Benny later informs them that they only had minor concussions, surprising everyone and making Lois and Clark realize that at least one of them has powers.

Jon and Jordan talk the situation over, with Jordan telling him that something is going on or otherwise they wouldn't have survived, and they need to find out the truth. Lois meanwhile again tells Clark to come clean, but he hesitates fearing that it might cause his sons to become more alienated. As the two discuss the difficulties of their family life, General Lane arrives at their home and shows Clark that his team found security footage of a man sabotaging the nuclear plants earlier and leaving Kryptonese markings using his Kryptonian name "Kal-El" to gain his attention. He tells him to suit up but Lois stops him, telling him that Clark's mom just died and his family needed him more at this situation. Clark agrees and Sam leaves, chiding Lois for thinking she and Clark could ever have a normal life.

The next day, Clark and Lois go to the Smallville Community Bank and are informed by Lana that Martha had reverse mortgaged her home to help others who were struggling to pay costs of living during the farming crisis five years earlier, entitling the bank to take over the home following her death. Jordan and Jon meanwhile search the family barn and find a hatch to an old cellar. Upon investigating it, they discover an alien ship which hands over an orange crystal to Jordan upon his touch. Lois and Clark soon arrive back to the farm as Clark struggles to understand why Martha wanted him to come back while selling the house. Lois makes him realize that she actually wanted him to save the home but Clark wonders how as they don't have a lot of money, with Lois stating that she has some suspicions about the loan.

Jordan and Jon soon confront their parents about what they found and how they survived the accident in the barn, forcing Clark to reveal the truth about being from the planet Krypton and him having powers due to Earth's Sun, which is how he became Superman. This causes the boys to get upset at them because they lied to them, including about why he was so absent and their own heritage which might be causing Jordan's mental health problems. Jordan accuses Clark of wanting Jon to have his powers as he favors him and also about being a bad father, before running away and Jon telling Clark and Lois to leave them alone. Clark grows despondent and wonders if Jordan is right and blames himself for their life is falling apart. Lois assures him and states it only means he is a human. Clark soon learns about the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant being sabotaged and realizes the person after him is there. The man calls out to him and reveals he has been monitoring him secretly, using the lead encasements in the plants to his advantage.

Jordan soon arrives at the Shuster Mines to hang out with Sarah and other local kids. Clark meanwhile demands to know from the stalker about how he came to know his name, with the man informing him that he knows everything about him and the two had history on his world, which doesn't exist anymore. Superman is able to spot the man through a wall as he nears it and flies at him, but soon gets caught by him due to his armor and gets thrown outside. The figure flies off, forcing Clark to chase him. Back in Smallville, Sarah stops Jordan from drinking too much beer as she had spotted him taking psychotropic medicines during the funeral reception and empathizes since she takes them too. Jordan wonders why and she reveals that she had tried to commit suicide using Lana's sleeping pills due to depression and a troubled family life in past.

Jordan and Sarah develop feelings for each other, and he kisses her before she breaks it off quickly. Sarah's boyfriend Sean Smith however spots them and attacks Jordan before Jon comes to his rescue, having found out about the location of the party from the other locals. The two however soon get into a fight with Sean and his friends and are overpowered. Superman meanwhile chases the armored man to Shanghai, where he gets ambushed and smashed into a shop. He soon resumes his chase and flies into the stratosphere to investigate where the man went, but gets ambushed by him again and tries to fight him off. The man berates him, telling him he will never be human nor would ever be accepted by humanity.

Back at the mines, Jordan starts getting angry as Jon gets brutally beaten up and accidentally fires his heat vision at the bonfire, causing an explosion that knocks out many people. Clark meanwhile gets stabbed by Green Kryptonite, the radioactive remnants of Krypton which weaken him, and starts falling to the ground. He however regains consciousness in time due to Lois calling out to him and him recalling the memories of their love life, stopping himself from crashing to the ground in time. Flying back to Smallville, he finds out about the incident at Shuster Mines. Jon tells him that he is fine but something happened to Jordan. Back at home Lois and Clark find out the details from Jordan and Clark states that he doesn't know what to do as his powers are manifesting differently than him. Lois assures that they will help Jordan but he leaves after Jon mocks his situation, causing Lois to tell Jon to go apologize.

Clark talks with Lois about the boys and how she was right about how he should have told them the truth earlier. Seeing the framed stitch on a wall saying "It went by so fast", Clark soon realizes that Martha wanted him to move to the farm so he could spend more time with his family as life in Smallville was much less hectic. Lois initially expresses reluctance but realizes she was right. Clark then goes to talk with Jordan and tells him how his dad did his best to raise him despite having little clue on how to handle a kid, before telling Jordan that he was right about him being absent and promises to be there for him in the future.

The next morning, Lana comes to take over the possession of the house but Clark informs her that they've decided to keep the house. As she goes over the terms for the repayment of the loans, Lois tells her that she had found out about Edge secretly purchasing her bank a few months before it started offering the reverse mortgages, causing Lana to become bewildered. Outside, Jordan and Jon talk to Sarah about the party at Shuster Mines, discovering that no one knows what caused the explosion and except Tag Harris getting his arm broken, no one was hurt. Jon leaves her and Jordan alone to talk about their kiss and she assures it wasn't his fault, with Jordan empathizing with her due to both of them having mental health issues. Lana soon arrives outside and tells Sarah that they are leaving, and Sarah tells Jon that she hoped to see him again. As she leaves, Jordan tries to talk to Jon about his powers risking others but he assures it's fine.

Clark and Lois later tell Jordan and Jon that they're moving to Smallville and they would come with them, while Clark would be taking up farming and teaching them how to do it too. Meanwhile, the man who earlier fought Clark goes to his secret base located in a snowy mountainous region and tells his A.I. that they need to improve his suit's tactile function and speed, with it responding that they also need more Kryptonite as their supply has run out. The man states that they will have to try to find more of it and the A.I. in turn states that it will start upgrading his armor immediately, proceeding to address him as "Captain Luthor".

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  • The first suit of Superman was created by his mother Martha and is similar to the one of the Superman from Max Fleischer's animated Superman movies.
  • Some past events are revealed in this episode:
    • Jonathan Kent died when Clark was still in his teenage years and he was not Superman yet.
    • Clark and Lois met earlier in their lives so they had two sons, Jonathan and Jordan, who are both named after Clark's fathers, Jonathan Kent and Jor-El.
    • Clark Kent/Superman is an ally of United States Army; his father-in-law Sam Lane is aware of his identity and often works with him.


  • While saving a boy when he began his career as Superman, Clark was told by him that his costume was cool, and he replies, "My mom made it for me", after giving his hat back. This scene is partly adapted from Superman for All Seasons #1.
  • Upon returning home, Clark finds his son Jordan playing as Raiden against Superman from Injustice 2, and gets told "Superman is boring", much to his chagrin.
  • In the to-do list of Clark, Siegel and Shuster are mentioned. This is a reference to Superman's creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Shuster Mines is another reference to Joe Shuster. Richard Donner, the director of Superman, is also referenced as "Dr. Donner".
  • The truck Clark lifts to prove to his twin sons he is Superman, is of the same model baby Clark picked up in the movie Superman.

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