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Clark states how he loves Smallville during the autumn due to the Smallville Harvest Festival, because it brings everyone together to donate anything they have for those in need. As he and his family harvest the crops, Jon and Jordan recognize he has been putting in more time as Superman to make mor

Quote1 Martha Kent was everything this town aspires to be. She was kind, she was generous, and she was always there when you needed her. Everyone in Smallville can remember her sitting right here, talking with and laughing with whoever was right there beside her. And though she is no longer physically with us, her spirit remains, and she will be right here for whoever needs her. Quote2
Lana Lang

The Best of Smallville is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on March 23, 2021.

Synopsis for "The Best of Smallville"

Clark states how he loves Smallville during the autumn due to the Smallville Harvest Festival, because it brings everyone together to donate anything they have for those in need. As he and his family harvest the crops, Jon and Jordan recognize he has been putting in more time as Superman to make more time for the festival but remain unimpressed of it. Lois and Clark however tell them how it's about giving to people who are in need and not just about selling, with Lois stating how Clark learnt to give and help from it. Clark also tells that the food stalls put up during the festival are delicious and assures that they will love it.

At school, Sarah asks Jordan if he wants to come to the festival and he agrees upon Jon's insistence. As she leaves, Jon receives a call from Eliza telling him that she wouldn't be coming with him to the harvest festival and is breaking up with him. Jordan tries to console him but gets rebuffed. At the Kent Farm, Clark starts cleaning up Martha's room to turn it into a home office for Lois, while giving her old things for donation at the festival. Lois asks him if he is sure and as he affirms, she tries to help him. Clark stops her from putting Martha's box in the donation box, and she soon receives a call from Chrissy about Sharon Powell being at the Smallville Gazette with Derek, who had mysteriously returned.

Derek claims that he lost his memory after being hit in the head while walking through a tunnel and ended up in Stanton County, with Sharon stating that he was found at St. Anthony's Church. Lois asks him about the message he sent Sharon, about which Derek expresses ignorance and Sharon states that it might take some time for his memories to return. As the Powell family decide to leave, Chrissy and Lois remind Sharon that someone tried to kill her, but she states that she is happy with having Derek back and nothing else matters now. Lois and Chrissy agree that the two were lying after they leave, but Lois tells her to let it go for now. Meanwhile, Captain Luthor, who is spying on Lois, gets asked by his A.I. if he wants to continue on this course of action. Luthor affirms and states that in this universe Superman is always around where Lois is.

Later Sharon and Derek go to donate men's clothes at the Smallville Community Center for the festival. Lana, who is registering the donors, recognizes Derek's name and expresses that she is happy he has returned. Derek however soon starts feeling a sense of unease and leaves while telling Sharon that he'll get the rest of the bags. While leaving, he calls up Leslie Larr, telling her that there's something wrong with him and he needs to see her. Derek's powers start becoming unstable as he talks and he accidentally fires off his heat vision in one of the rooms. Meanwhile while picking up the donation boxes at home, Clark remembers how one day while Martha was talking to him about Lana breaking off with him and dating Kyle, he rushed off to stop a robbery at store, making the thieves put all of their loot back. Back in present day, he hears about the fire at the town hall and rushes there to help people.

While putting out the fire, Kyle finds fellow firefighter Tom Mitchell missing and goes inside the town hall to find him. After spotting him he tries to rescue him, but a burning beam soon starts falling upon them. Clark upon arriving there spots Sharon and rushes inside, putting the fire out using his freeze breath before running outside. The other firefighters then enter to help Kyle, who gets confused as to what happened. Clark informs Lois about the fire and how Sharon was apparently trying to find Derek. As Lois decides to investigate, the boys return and Jon turns down the pizza Clark bought. Jordan states that Eliza dumped him and Lois goes to talk to him, telling him to give it some time as she might change her mind eventually. Jon however mocks her advice and tells her to leave him alone.

Later at the town hall, Lois asks Kyle if the fire department knows anything about the fire's origin and upon learning they don't, asks if anyone got injured. Kyle informs that only Tom, who is a close friend of his, did, but soon gets upset and tells her to leave unless she has another question. Lois then asks him if he had seen Derek and he states that he saw him escaping from the backdoor. She then informs Chrissy about it and tells her to get Sharon to their office in order to find out the truth. As she leaves, Captain Luthor intercepts her and tells her he's been looking for her. At the diner, he claims that he's a Reuters technology reporter named Marcus Bridgewater and is a big fan of her, which is why after reading her article about Morgan Edge he realized there was something else going on. He states that he might have a way to get inside the mines secretly and Lois tells her to call her once he's sure.

At the Smallville Gazette, Sharon states that Derek left after telling her he needed to be alone, without telling her where he was going. Chrissy borrows her phone using an excuse, and upon learning that the two share a phone plan, finds out his location. At the Kent Farm, Jordan asks Clark about going on a date with Sarah at the festival and he permits it. Jon comes in and starts expressing frustration about Smallville. Clark tries to calm him down, but Jon states that he doesn't understand and he has lost all his friends. He asks him to allow him to move back to Metropolis with his friend Brian Kelso, but Clark forbids him, causing Jon to yell that he might do it himself. As Jon leaves with Jordan for the festival, Clark remembers how he disobeyed Martha and refused to stop his vigilantism, telling her that dad's rules about it didn't matter anymore as he was dead and they have to move on. Martha told her that he had to let the feeling of his loss pass away, but Clark stated that Jonathan knew he was sent for a reason. When Martha stated that both she and Jonathan knew that, Clark stated it wasn't to be her son and left in a huff.

Kyle returns home and tells Lana that Tom's lung damage might be permanent when she asks about him. Lana however finds that he has been drinking and she refuses to let him come, with Sarah telling her to go alone with Sophie. At the festival, Jon and Jordan meet up with Corey Wellnitz and Timmy Ryan, who offer a drink to Jon. Jordan decides to leave as his brother tells him to find Sarah while he takes a swig. At the Cushing home, Sarah makes some food for Kyle, who sings her a song she used to love during her childhood. Sarah gets emotional and tells him to stop, deciding to leave for the festival. Meanwhile, Derek while kissing Larr tells her that he started the fire at the town hall and worries about being unable to control his powers. Larr assures him that they will cure him and tells him to follow her. They are however unaware that Chrissy is spying on them.

Back at his home, Clark remembers his mother apologizing and accepting that she was keeping him from his true purpose, giving him the Sunstone crystal Jonathan had found in his pod when he arrived to Earth, telling him it might help him with what he is supposed to do. Back in the present day, Clark leaves for the festival after receiving Lois' message and Sarah arrives for a date with Jordan, but refuses to talk about what happened. Meanwhile, Larr uses a machine that impacts Derek with a strange energy. At the festival, Jordan tells Sarah that he feels happy in Smallville and she apologizes for not telling him the truth earlier about how her life is currently a mess, but a drunk Jon comes there with Timmy and Corey to make fun of Jordan. Sarah chastizes him and accuses him of being a spoiled brat. As she leaves, Jon apologizes to Jordan, who takes him to get some water.

Lois and Clark find Jon and Jordan at the festival, telling them to return home immediately upon finding Jon is drunk, before Lois receives a call from Chrissy about what she found out about Derek and Larr. Clark flies to their place and finds a strange object attached to the machine Larr used. Derek soon flies away while telling Larr to protect the asset, while Superman flies after him. Captain Luthor chases after them after being informed by his A.I. and finds that there are two of them. As Clark catches up to Derek, he tells him that Larr resurrected him and he wasn't alone anymore. Derek sends him crashing into a grain silo before Clark flies after him again. Captain Luthor however manages to take them both down using a rocket launcher and Clark tells Derek that he can help him, but he responds that he can't and his body soon mysteriously disintegrates. Luthor arrives there but finds that both have disappeared.

Back at home, Jon apologizes to Clark, who tells him that it's okay and he empathizes with him, since he left his home himself. He however tells him how it caused him to lose the time he had with his mom, which is why he should wait and they would discuss other options if it doesn't work out. Clark then gives him Martha's box, which was given to her by her father-in-law, and as Jon gets confused upon not finding anything in it, tells him that the box itself is the gift. As Jon and Jordan go to bed, Clark and Lois discuss what happened with Derek, with Clark stating that he doesn't feel that he took his own life since his powers were unstable like Tag's and he stated that he had been "resurrected". Lois deduces that the machine used on Derek is connected to the Shuster Mines.

The next day, Clark and Lois go to Lana to donate Martha's things but find that Edge wrote a check to make up for all the donations that were lost in the fire at the city hall. Lana then tells them to come with her, showing them the plaque they placed on the bench Martha used to sit on and talk with whoever wanted to talk with her. While sitting on the bench, Clark remembers the day he left Smallville and Martha letting him go, realizing that he was selfish. Lois states that she wanted him to be happy and he comments about how they're at the point where their own kids want to leave. Luthor meanwhile gets upset at seeing Clark and Lois together, with the A.I. reminding him that she is not the same as his own universe's Lois Lane. He however states that she is the same, except for her husband, and remembers kissing her before leaving for duty. The A.I. tells him there are other variables but he shatters its device before it can speak further.

Sarah later apologizes to Jordan for getting angry at Jon during the festival and for ruining their date, before asking them if they can just be friends for now. Jordan agrees as long as she would spend some time alone with him, and she assents. While returning home at night, Jordan gets suddenly attacked by Tag Harris and gets knocked into the woods. Tag angrily questions him about what he did to him and Jordan unsuccessfully tries to calm him down before getting punched in the face.

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  • The episode was originally titled The Beacon.[1]
  • The Best of Smallville is a reference to the sign on Martha Kent's bench.
  • It is revealed that Captain Luthor was once married to the Lois Lane of his world.


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