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Lois tries to paint the Kent house, but her family remains unimpressed due to her poor skills. When Jon mocks her, she paints his shirt in jest which starts a playful fight between the family to paint each other up. Clark however soon hears the Pingtang Bridge collapsin

Quote1 Look, when I was your age, my dad was really strict, and at the time, it seemed unfair. But now, I realize it gave me a normal life. And that's what I want for the two of you. Quote2
Clark Kent

The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on March 9, 2021.

Synopsis for "The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower"

Lois tries to paint the Kent house, but her family remains unimpressed due to her poor skills. When Jon mocks her, she paints his shirt in jest which starts a playful fight between the family to paint each other up. Clark however soon hears the Pingtang Bridge collapsing in China and flies away quickly, reaching there in time to prevent a portion of the bridge from falling in the water. A fisherman saved from being crushed by the bridge thanks him and spots paint on his hand as Clark waves at him, playfully teasing him about it.

Later while eating their lunch, Jon and Jordan talk to Clark about how he is able to filter out specific sounds, with Clark telling them how he can focus on particular fluctuations after years of training at the Fortress of Solitude. The conversation soon turns to Jordan's powers as he states that he would have preferred super-hearing over heat vision, but Clark tells him to not be so sure since all powers have a cost and Lois reminds that they also come with rules. Jordan resents this since he has to hide his powers and put up a façade, but Lois and Clark reason that it is necessary to protect the family.

Meanwhile, Kyle argues with Lana about the necessity of attending Sarah's therapy in their car before she returns and refuses to open up how she is feeling. At Smallville High, Jordan tries to ask Sarah if she wants to hang out, but she leaves upon realizing Sean is watching. Clark hears Sean and his friends intimidate Jordan and rushes to the school so he doesn't use his powers against them in anger. As everyone else leaves, Jon and Jordan get confused as to why he was there, but soon realize that he was spying on them and get upset at him, refusing to listen to his apology. Later at dinner Lois reminds Clark how she had caught him spying on her before they married and she forgave him because she loved him, telling him to promise their sons that he wouldn't repeat it. Clark takes her advice and convinces the boys to forgive him the next morning.

Later at the Smallville Gazette, a woman named Sharon Powell arrives there asking for Lois, so she could help her take Morgan Edge down and informs her that her son Derek, who worked for him as a miner in New Carthage, had disappeared while taking him up on his offer for an opportunity of a lifetime. As evidence, she plays his last voicemail, where he tells her that Edge's opportunity seemed suspicious and he wasn't sure what would happen. They are however unaware that a man is spying on them. At Smallville High, Jordan overhears Sarah breaking up with Sean before Sean's friend Timmy Ryan pushes him to the ground and tells him to stay in his place.

Sarah later quits the cheerleading team in front of Lana, also the coach of the team, while Jordan decides to take part in football practice in order to teach Sean and his friends a lesson. Jon unsuccessfully tries to dissuade him and Coach Gaines allows him to take some reps, with Jordan being able to swat anyone who gets in his way due to his super strength and impressing Gaines. Sarah later meets Jordan and Jon at Victoria May's Diner, being amazed at his football skills and the two talking to her about her breaking up with Sean and quitting the cheerleader team. Sarah asks them if they ever wanted to change their whole life, with Jordan affirming he did. Lana soon enters the diner and chides her for her recent behavior, with Sarah blaming her for lying about how their family is a mess. As Lana makes Sarah leave with her, Clark arrives there and gets ignored by her when he greets her, while his sons lie that Gaines has started to notice Jon's skills in the field.

Later at the Smallville Gazette, Chrissy expresses reluctance in investigating Edge since she doesn't trust Sharon or her evidence and Derek had a criminal past. They however soon find Lois' car being set on fire outside. Lois blames it on Edg due to her investigation against him when Kyle arrives with the Smallville Fire Department, however Chrissy reminds her that they don't have enough evidence. At home, Lois wonders whether she should back off due to people turning against her, but Clark encourages her to continue her investigation. The next day Clark hands over the papers allowing him to take over the Kent Farm to Lana, and the two talk about how her life is truly like. She informs him how she and Kyle constantly argue, how Sophie has become a bully, and Sarah refuses to let her know what she's going through. Clark encourages her to not lose hope and learns that Jordan's participating in football.

At practice, Jordan faces off against Sean and takes him down, before apologizing to him for kissing Sarah and helping him get back up. Sean accepts his apology and thanks him. Clark, having seen Jordan at the practice, criticizes him when he returns home since he has powers. Jordan reminds him that Jor-El told them that his powers weren't much significant and accuses him of being a bad father, hoping he would go back to being absent from their lives again. At the Cushing house, Sarah refuses to have dinner with the family. Clark meanwhile feels that Jordan might be right but Lois tells him to keep trying and figure out why Jordan is angry, before telling him that she is going to New Carthage in order to meet with Sharon over her investigation into Edge, especially as other people who had been working for him were missing too.

After telling Jordan that he didn't even like football and he would be happier now, Jon realizes that it does make him happy and tells Clark to let him play despite his powers, since otherwise they would be pointless and he was making friends. Lois soon arrives at the Beach Grove Motel in New Carthage to meet Sharon, but gets attacked by the man who was spying on them in Smallville earlier. She calls to Clark for help using her ELT and he arrives there very quickly, allowing Lois to find Sharon before she suffocates to death. The man who is after Lois and Sharon is able to momentarily knock Superman out and goes after his preys again, but Clark wakes up quickly after hearing Lois call out to her. He proceeds to freeze the man and overwhelms him with his super-speed attacks, but he escapes and Clark takes Sharon to a hospital.

At the Cushing house, Lana tells Sarah that she heard about her breakup with Sean and worries about losing her, which is why she wants to know how she is truly feeling and why she attempted suicide. Sarah states that she felt trapped by everyone and thought that she would be forced to choose a life which she didn't want. Lana empathizes stating that she herself was forced to choose such a life, despite putting up a façade of being happy and having a perfect life. This allows the two to reconcile. The next day, Clark tries to reconcile with Jordan and tells him how his dad forbade him from trying out for the baseball team due to his powers when he was in ninth grade, but he attempted it anyway before realizing that he was doing it because he wanted to impress Lana not not because he liked baseball, something he regretted. He then asks Jordan about whether he truly wanted to play football and if he can control his powers, allowing him to play when Jordan responds with a yes.

Clark decides to take up the job of errand-boy for the Smallville Crows, working for them for free so he can spend more time with his sons. Later at the Smallville Gazette, Chrissy apologizes to Lois for not helping her with her investigation and shows her the clues she has gathered about Edge and the people working for him. Meanwhile, the man who attacked Lois tells Edge that Sharon managed to escape because of Superman, but gets told that Leslie Larr will take care of it. He soon spots Larr on the road in front of him and stops his car, before being killed by her heat vision. Larr then informs Edge that she did her job and she'll get a team to make sure no one finds out about the spy.

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  • There are a few references to Smallville in this episode:
    • Clark tells Jordan that, in the past, he tried to play baseball but his father warned him about the consequences of harming others. This is similar to what Smallville's Jonathan Kent did with Clark, trying to discourage him from playing football.
    • Sarah quits cheerleading, just like her mother's counterpart did in the third episode of Season 1.

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