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Quote1 I have told you repeatedly that this world is different from yours, that our Superman is different from the monster who destroyed your Earth, that he would never turn on humanity. And you've asked me just as often how I know that for sure. I've never really answered that question, but I'm going to now. The reason I know how much Superman loves humanity is that he's not just someone I report on. He is everything to me. He is the love of my life, the father of my sons. John, Superman is my husband. Quote2
Lois Lane

Through The Valley Of Death is an episode of season 1 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on July 13, 2021.

Synopsis for "Through The Valley Of Death"

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  • John Henry Irons' Spaceship



  • It is revealed that Tal-Rho had planned to upload General Zod's mind into Clark's. However, the Kryptonian hero manages to override the Eradication thanks to John Henry Irons' help.
  • John Irons' flashback reveals that, during the Crisis, he was able to directly jump through a wormhole from his world to Superman's Earth as the antimatter annihilated Superman and the rest of his universe.
    • It will later revealed that the evil Superman wasn't effectively annihilated by the antimatter.[1]


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