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Quote1.png I've been working for the DOD for a long time. I've seen things you would not believe. Glimpses of other worlds and the leagues of superheroes they have on them. And even though we only have your father on this planet, thank God that we do, because he's the finest of any Earth. So don't go losing hope yet. I sure as hell haven't. Your mother hasn't and I guarantee you, neither has Superman. Quote2.png
Sam Lane

Waiting for Superman is an episode of season 2 of Superman & Lois. It premiered on June 28, 2022.

Synopsis for "Waiting for Supermen"

Appearing in "Waiting for Supermen"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Aidy Manning
  • Chuck Arden
  • Cobb Branden
  • Emily Phan
  • Coach Gaines (Cameo)
  • Coach Gaines (Inverse World) (Single appearance) (Cameo)
  • John Diggle
  • Lois Lane (Unknown Earth) (Dies in flashback) (Cameo)
  • Lucy Lane (Cameo)
  • Rahim Olowe (Cameo)
  • Smallville Fire Department
    • Robbie Alvarez
    • Tamera Dalley
  • Sophie Cushing
  • Tonya Martinez (First appearance) (Cameo)
  • A.R.G.U.S. (Mentioned only)
  • Aubrey (Mentioned only)
  • Fuller (Mentioned only)
  • God (Mentioned only)
  • Intergang (Mentioned only)
    • Bruno Mannheim (Mentioned only)
  • John Henry Irons (Deceased) (Mentioned only)
  • Lana-Rho (Mentioned only)
  • Lara Lor-Van A.I. (Mentioned only)
  • Tom "Mitch" Mitchell (Mentioned only)





  • It is ultimately revealed that the continuity of Superman & Lois doesn't take place on Earth-Prime but it takes place in another reality of the Multiverse where Superman is the only hero on Earth.
  • This episode contains some references to Superman & Lois: "Bizarros in a Bizarro World":
    • Before he throws Superman into the sun, Tal-Rho claims Kal has always been the more impulsive of the two of them. In Bizarros in a Bizarro World, the inverse Tal-Rho claims to be the impulsive one.
    • When Tal-Rho enters a bar in the inverse Smallville, he announces that he will buy everyone's drinks, which his counterpart also did in the same bar when he learned Lois was pregnant.


  • Despite Superman being referred to as the only hero on Earth, John Diggle previously mentioned the existence of Oliver Queen on this reality. This suggests that this world's version of Oliver either never became the Arrow, or may be dead/retired.[2]

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