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Superman was a 1988 animated Saturday morning television series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions and Warner Bros. Television that aired on CBS featuring the DC Comics superhero of the same name. At the end of each episode, there was a four-minute segment called "Superman's Family Album" which showed how young Clark Kent discovered his powers and how he eventually became Superman. The series is based loosely on John Byrne's Post-Crisis reboot of the Modern Age Superman.



Season One[]

Episode Air Date No.
"Destroy the Defendroids"/"The Adoption" September 17, 1988 1
"Fugitive from Space"/"The Supermarket" September 24, 1988 2
"By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth"/"At the Babysitter's" October 1, 1988 3
"Cybron Strikes"/"The First Day of School" October 8, 1988 4
"The Big Scoop"/"Overnight with the Scouts" October 15, 1988 5
"Triple Play"/"The Circus" October 22, 1988 6
"The Hunter"/"Little Runaway" October 29, 1988 7
"Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time"/"The Birthday Party" November 5, 1988 8
"Bonechill"/"The Driver's License" November 12, 1988 9
"The Beast Beneath These Streets"/"First Date" November 19, 1988 10
"Wildsharkk"/"To Play or Not to Play" November 26, 1988 11
"Night of the Living Shadows"/"Graduation" December 3, 1988 12
"The Last Time I Saw Earth"/"It's Superman" December 10, 1988 13


  • In the Brazilian version, the catch-phrase of the cartoon opening "Truth, justice and American way" was substituted by "Truth, justice, and the decent life of the people".[citation needed]