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"Misery in Space!": An explosion goes off at S.T.A.R. Labs, and a group of radicals burst in, armed to the teeth with machine guns. The leader commands his underlings to bring him the Pathogen virus, and Dr. Emil Hamilton tells them to stop, saying that they don't kn

Quote1.png Ya knew we couldn't catch it all along, didn't ya? Ya tricked me! Used me ta get close enough ta blow my fortune into space dust. Ya sneaky low-life friend-fragging' SONOVA-- say, ya sure we ain't brothers? Quote2.png

Superman Adventures Special: Superman vs. Lobo #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of February, 1998. It was published on January 2, 1998.

Synopsis for "Misery in Space!"

An explosion goes off at S.T.A.R. Labs, and a group of radicals burst in, armed to the teeth with machine guns. The leader commands his underlings to bring him the Pathogen virus, and Dr. Emil Hamilton tells them to stop, saying that they don't know what they're doing. He warns them that millions could die if the virus was released into the atmosphere, but the leader reveals that that's exactly what they want. They plan to take it to the media and expose S.T.A.R. Labs' research. Hamilton explains that the virus is dangerous now, but they're working to genetically engineer it so that it will only attack other viruses. He explains that the Pathogen could be mankind's first true protection against plague, but the radicals don't listen. Hamilton hits the security alarm, and they make a move against him, ruthlessly firing their weapons at the scientist. None of the bullets make it to their intended target however, and they look up to see Superman in the air, who proclaims that no one is going to die today. The men, let with no other options, desperately fire their weapons, but they do nothing to the Man of Steel. Superman quickly ties up the men, and takes away their guns. Hamilton exclaims that they have the virus, and an alarmed Superman rushes into the containment room. The leader opens the container, and the virus rushes out into the atmosphere. Superman uses his super-breath, and inhales the virus. Later, as the radicals are taken into custody, Hamilton explains to Superman that he saved everyone from the virus, but that it's spread through Superman's entire system. He tells Dr. Hamilton that he's fine, but Hamilton explains that it hasn't affected him since he's Kryptonian, but he's become a carrier for a virus which has the potential to destroy the human race. Hamilton closes him in the containment room, and explains that until they can come up with a solution, Superman can never walk the earth again.

Elsewhere, on the planet Smir, three green aliens make a business transaction with another yellow alien named Snitch, when Lobo jumps off of a rooftop and lands on one of the green aliens, stomping him into the ground. The aliens try to determine if he's a cop, but he lets them know that he's a bounty hunter, and that he plans on collecting the hefty bounties for each alien. The three green aliens fire their weapons at Lobo, but this only annoys the Czarnian, and he whips out his own gun, and blasts one of the three with it, stunning him. The other aliens begin to flee, but Lobo picks up a dumpster and hurls it at the last two green aliens, knocking them both down. He calls his spacehog, which descends into the city, and picks up Snitch as it flies by. Snitch asks if he and Lobo can make a deal, and Lobo agrees. Back on earth, Emil talks to Superman in the containment cell through the computer. He tells the Kryptonian that they've discovered a radiation pulse in a nearby star system, which could have antiviral properties vital to curing eliminating the virus in Superman. Superman asks if he can go there, but Emil replies that the danger could be terrible. Superman tells him that he must, since he'd rather die then live out his life on earth as an outcast.

Lobo is tying up the three aliens on Smir, and Snitch tries to deal with Lobo. He tells him to meet a mercenary named Squeed in the Maracot System, and to bring a big gun. With that, Lobo ties up Snitch, and takes him in as well. Snitch says that he thought Lobo wouldn't lie, and Lobo says that he asked him if he wouldn't and the alien just came up with the wrong answer. Having the information he needs, Lobo flies away on his space hog, with the four aliens in tow. On earth, Superman leaves in a spacesuit, piloting a rocket into space. He gets a call from Lois Lane, and the two briefly talk about journalism assignments at the Daily Planet. Realizing that he may never see her again, a dismayed Superman hangs up, as he flies further into space. Elsewhere, on a space station, a young alien named Maleet tries to console her father, who thinks that there is a great evil, and that society is corrupted.

In the Maracot System, the mercenary known as Squeed holds a gun to the president of the system's head, and explains that the presiden't's political opponents have paid him and his henchmen well to make sure that the president dies while on vacation. They hear a whoosh over head, and look up to see Lobo, who has just arrived. Lobo walks through the smoke, punching the last of Squeed's henchmen, having made quick work of the others. Lobo says that Snitch sent him there, with information on the Nirvana Crystal, and he tells Squeed that he wants it. Squeed tells him that he's already parted with it, and when Lobo says that he'll settle for the bounty hunter's paycheck, Squeed tells him that he's already spent that too. Four Jakurbi Planet Pounders fly into the air, and rain bullets down on Lobo. The president takes cover behind Lobo, who stands firm amid the hail of bullets, angrily returning the gunfire. Lobo try to call his space hog, but learns that one of the Pounders has his bike in a tractor beam. Distracted he doesn't see the incoming laser, which explodes on him, knocking him back into a wall. Angry, Lobo gets up, and informs Squeed that they'll have to invent a new word for what Lobo plans to do to him. Suddenly, the Pounder aiming at Lobo gets pushed upward so that it misses him. He turns to see Superman in the air, holding one of the Pounders. Superman hurls the Pounder into another one, blowing the both up. With his space hog freed, Lobo jumps on, and peppers Squeed's henchmen with lasers. He then leads two Pounders into each other, creating a large explosion. Squeed tries to leave, but Lobo beats him over the head with a wood club. Lobo asks why Superman is here, and he tells him that he's looking for a crystal. Lobo realizes he's talking about the Nirvana Crystal, and turns to fight him, but Superman assures him that they should work together to obtain it, and then they'll worry about who should get it.

Lobo asks why he should want Superman around, and as he does, Squeed picks up his gun and fires a missile at Lobo's head. Superman tells him that he has his uses, and he catches the missile heading at Lobo's head out of the air. They shake on their deal, and Lobo takes out a gun and shoots Squeed. Meanwhile, Maleet tries to convince her father that things in the universe do happen for no reason, and that there's no plan, but her father won't hear it. He readies a rocket he built, and assures his child that they will destroy the sinister evil, and that the day of purification is at hand. Elsewhere, on an asteroid, Superman and Lobo stand eat dinner over a fire. Superman remarks that the meal Lobo made was delicious, and asks what it is. Lobo replies that it was something he stepped on while parking his space hog, and Superman, disgusted, stops eating and rebuffs Lobo's offer for desert. Lobo tells Superman that he'll buy a distillery with the money he'll get from selling the crystal, and he asks what Superman will get. The Man of Steel explains his predicament, and asks if he can trust Lobo, and Lobo says that there's honor among orphans, and asks if Superman thinks he would lie. That night, Lobo tries to sneak away while Superman sleeps, and he jumps on his hog. As he flies away, a chain attached to the back stops him short, and he falls off of his bike and lands back on the asteroid, where a stern Superman tells him that that's what he thinks about Lobo "not lying" to him.

Later, Superman and Lobo arrive at the location that Squeed claimed to have delivered the Nirvana Crystal, which appears to be a small space station. Inside, Maleet's father hears the intruder alert, and enables the security system. Compact guns pop out of nearby asteroids, and begin firing at the duo. A laser wings Superman's rocket, and he flies out of his rocket. Lobo fires his guns on his hog at an asteroid, and the pieces turn into mini-rockets and head straight for him. Superman grabs one, and hurls it at another asteroid, and it bounces off of three, destroying them all. Lobo flies straight into the other rockets, and destroys them all with his guns. The two enter the station, and Maleet's father stunned, prepares to launch his rocket when he is zapped from behind by Maleet herself. She explains that he was going to send the crystal into their sun, making it go nova, thereby "cleansing" the planet of the evils that he believed were causing their illnesses. Suddenly, the rocket activates, and, weakened, Maleet's father explains that he figured she'd try to stop him, so he programmed it to launch automatically if he didn't send a counter signal. Superman and Lobo rush to stop the rocket on the condition that Lobo gets the crystal once they're finished. Lobo kicks his bike into turbo-speed, and boosts Superman towards the rocket. Superman grabs the rocket, and it explodes, but an unharmed Superman informs a seriously ticked off Lobo that he destroyed the crystal before it reached the sun.

Lobo furiously berates Superman for costing him his fortune, but finally cools down. Other residents of the station arrive and take Maleet's father away, assuring her that her father will get the proper care that he needs. The aliens scan Superman, and inform him that there are no signs of anything, and that he's clear. Superman, elated, announces that he's been purified, and Maleet's father tells her that he was right, although he doesn't understand what Superman is talking about. Later, Superman leaves in his repaired rocket, and Lobo accepts his reward for saving their world. He assures them that Superman will get his share, and snidely asks if they think he'd lie.

Appearing in "Misery in Space!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Maleet's father (Single appearance)
  • Squeed (Single appearance) (Apparent Death)
  • Snitch (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Pathogen virus (Single appearance)
  • Nirvana Crystal (Only appearance; destroyed)
  • Jakurbi Planet-Pounders (Only appearance; destroyed)



  • This issue was originally scheduled for December 24, 1997, but was delayed.[1]
  • Despite the fact that the comic is titled Superman VS Lobo, the two don't actually fight in the issue.


  • The title to this issue is a reference to the Silver Age Mystery in Space comic book.

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