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"The League of Supermen": In a future where the Earth has died, humanity spread out onto other worlds. One of these worlds retained samples of Superman's Kryptonian DNA and essence. They were able to recreate a digital version of Superman's essence, but not

Quote1.png By utilizing Kryptonian DNA data also kept by the drones, surgical technicians were able to alter human physiology to emulate Superman's powers. And while endurance levels limited subjects to a single power, that was enough. The League of Supermen was born! Quote2.png

Superman Annual (Volume 2) #8 is an issue of the series Superman Annual (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1996.

Synopsis for "The League of Supermen"

In a future where the Earth has died, humanity spread out onto other worlds. One of these worlds retained samples of Superman's Kryptonian DNA and essence. They were able to recreate a digital version of Superman's essence, but not his body. Human test subjects were able to replicate some of his powers, but only one per person. The League of Supermen was established as a team of these courageous volunteers, dedicated to protecting their world with Superman's essence as their leader.

The League in action against the Draxonians

These incredible powers also come with severe drawbacks. The current team is lead by Heat, who has heat vision but must vent his powers every fifteen minutes. Flyboy has the power of flight, but will drift into space if not consciously using it. Pounder has superhuman strength but breaks everything normal he touches. See-Through is unable to turn off his X-Ray vision making him functionally blind outside of missions. Shield has invulnerability but cannot physically feel anything. Two new recruits are Juan LaPlaya and Sara Shane, who are given special equipment to train with. The equipment isn't as strong as natural powers but it can be discarded at will. LaPlaya becomes Tempest with the power of super-breath, and Shane becomes Speed with superhuman agility.

The League's greatest current threat is the Draxonians, a terrorist group bent on taking down the government. Meanwhile their boss, Superman, is pushing for aggressive military expansion through a satellite system called "The Gauntlet Project." After diverting a natural disaster, they learn that Superman deliberately put human lives in danger to advance this agenda. Speed hacks into his files and determines that Superman is intending to take over the planet. The League quarrels and Shield is locked in a closet, but the rest agree to stop Superman at all costs. They attack their own facility and successfully destroy the machines that hold Superman's consciousness.

The new members are introduced

In his dying moments, Superman explains that he had not gone crazy and this was all part of his plan. He realized he was slowly losing his humanity in a purely digital form and would eventually become dangerous, but the programming would not allow him to attempt suicide. He planted false information to convince the League to destroy him. He reminds them that being human is the most important thing of all and then finally fades away.

Heat holds a press conference announcing that Superman's essence is gone. He also introduces the League's new members, Speed and Tempest. In accordance with Superman's last wishes he tells the crowd that they will no longer use genetic modification to obtain powers. Relying on man-made equipment only means they will give up some of their might, but it is worth it to preserve the "sanctity of being human."

Appearing in "The League of Supermen"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • League Support Personnel (unnamed)
  • Original League of Supermen (Flashback only)
    • Unnamed (flying girl)
    • Unnamed (fuzzy collar guy)
    • Unnamed (girl with earring)
    • Unnamed (cyborg guy)
    • Unnamed (weird face guy)


  • The Boss (digital essence of Superman)
  • Draxonians (terrorists) (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:


  • Earth (Flashback only)
  • Krypton (Mentioned only)
  • Unnamed World
    • Government Plaza
    • Kobe Mountain Station
    • Northern Ocean
    • The Shrine (League of Supermen Headquarters)



  • Grav-Van


The original League of Supermen

  • This issue is part of the Legends of the Dead Earth series which ran through all of the 1996 DC annuals.
  • The original League of Supermen have never received individual names.


  • The flashbacks to Superman dying in battle against Doomsday and Lois Lane cradling his body occurred during the Death of Superman storyline.[1] The multiple Supermen taking his place refers to the Reign of the Supermen storyline.

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