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The Superman Family (Volume 1) was an anthology series published from May of 1974 until September of 1982. The numbering sequence began with issue #164, picking up from the cancelled spin-off series, Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Vol 1. Each issue of the The Superman Family contained six vignettes spotlighting various characters within the Superman universe including Superboy, Supergirl, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Krypto, Van-Zee and Ak-Var, the private life of Clark Kent and the adventures of the older Earth-Two versions of Superman and Lois Lane. The series began publication on a bi-monthly schedule but changed to a monthly format in 1981 with issue #208.

The series started as a 100 page magazine featuring one original story and the remainders were reprinted stories. Starting with issue #170 through #176 the page count dropped to 64 pages. But, still retained the one original story and the remainder of the stories were reprinted. From issues #177 through #181 the page count was dropped to 48 pages and still containing one original story and the remainders were reprinted stories. Beginning with issue #182 the series changed from containing only one original story and the remainder being reprinted to all new original stories featuring the cast of the Superman Family. Plus, the page count was increased to 80 pages until issue #190. The series went through another change from issues #192 through #196. During these span of issues the covers were wrap-around covers and there were no ads. In addition, the page counted was dropped to 64 pages until issue #204. From issue #205 till the end of the series the page count was reduced to 48 pages.



  • From issues #165 through #181 the featured character on the cover had the original new story while the remainder of the characters on the cover were featured in reprinted stories.