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"The Infinite Destruction": A mysterious object land in the middle of Metropolis in which the MSCU is sent to examine it. Superman soon arrives on the scene and finds out that the device is a nuclear bomb and it is counting down. Superman promptly disables the countdown timer, but he then detect

Superman Fantastic Four #1 is a one-shot published in 1999.

Synopsis for "The Infinite Destruction"

A mysterious object land in the middle of Metropolis in which the MSCU is sent to examine it. Superman soon arrives on the scene and finds out that the device is a nuclear bomb and it is counting down. Superman promptly disables the countdown timer, but he then detect that someone is trying to detonate it with a back-up device. Before Superman could go after the bombers, a alien crystal appear before him and it projects a image of Superman's father Jor-El. "Jor-El" tells Superman that he is a essence of the real Jor-El contained in this crystal to warn Superman that the real cause of Krytpon's destruction was at the hands of the cosmic being Galactus. This revelation shocked Superman, and fearing the possibility that the World Devourer would come for his Earth, he goes to finding experts for help: the Fantastic Four.

As Superman greets the Four and Reed and Susan's son Franklin, he explains to them about Galactus and shows Reed the communication crystal. But suddenly, a burst of energy erupt from the crystal and merging into the Pier Four's equipment, which is possessed by a sentient being and start to attack the Four and Superman. As the heroes are holding off, a unknown satellite suddenly appears and bath Superman in a wave of energy. Reed is able to examine the crystal to learn that its materials is made by Galactus. The perpetrator of the attack on the Pier reveals himself to be Henry Henshaw, aka the Cyborg Superman. The Cyborg reveals that Galactus engineered the crystal as a trap to make Superman his new herald. Indeed, Superman is imbued in Galactus' Power Cosmic. Superman, and along with Reed, is then teleported away to meet Galactus before the Four could stop him.

Susan, Ben, and Johnny very reluctantly join forces with Henshaw to find Superman and Reed while the Cyborg personally wants to become Galactus' herald. He uses his expertise to the Four's spaceship and installing it with a warp drive. While prepping the ship, Henshaw cannot help to compare how much he share in common with the Fantastic Four as he and his crew of the ill-fated space shuttle Excalibur were bombarded by radiation much like how the Four were affected by cosmic radiation, but the similarities ends here. Whereas the Four gained incredible powers and use them for good, Henshaw was the sole survivor of the Excalibur crew, who died from the radiation, and chose to harm humanity. Before they depart Earth, Franklin gives his mother his Superman action figure for luck.

Meanwhile, Superman begins serving Galactus by finding a suitable yet desolate planet for consumption despite Reed's efforts to break Superman free from his conditioning. Just as Galactus is preparing to process the planet, Susan, Johnny, Ben, and Henshaw arrives. The Four tries to battle Superman and Galactus, and Henshaw tries to find a way to gain access to Galactus' power. The battle quickly becomes fruitless against the might of Galactus and Superman, forcing the Four and Henshaw to retreat. The planet is processed, but the sight of its destruction disturb Superman.

Galactus goes to another planet, this time teeming with life. Superman tries to protest Galactus from consuming this planet, but the Devourer states that it must be done. This finally breaks Superman free from his conditioning and turn against Galactus. Superman is joined by the Four and Reed is freed from his prison during the battle. Henshaw breaks his alliance with the heroes, but he is subdued by Ben. Galactus still remain powerful and Superman is relinquish of his Power Cosmic. Fortunately, Reed has another way to defeat Galactus. He and Superman reprogram Galactus' equipment to drawing his energy and channeling it into the planet. This allows Superman and the Four to bargain with the Devourer on the condition that he only feed on lifeless planets in exchange for restoring his technology. Galactus concedes and also revealing that he wasn't responsible for Krypton's destruction. It turns out that Henshaw had encountered Galactus' crystal and altered the crystal's message in order to hitch a ride to reach Galactus. So Galactus promise to give Henshaw "perfection" by turning him into a piece of condensed alloy without thought or consciousness.

The heroes return to Earth and Superman thanks the Four and gives away his cape to Franklin.

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  • Pier Four was the temporary base/home of the Fantastic Four following the events of Heroes Reborn.
  • Henry Henshaw's origins being parallel to the Fantastic Four's was a deliberate pastiche of the origins of the team in Adventures of Superman #466.

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