"For Those Who Serve": Jonathan Kent, the Superboy, has been unable to sleep these past few nights. He still remembers the adventure he and his father had on Dinosaur Island. There, they meet Captain William Storm of the Losers and together, they fought to return home. Although Superman and Supe

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Jon Kent

Superman Special (Volume 3) #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of July, 2018. It was published on May 16, 2018.

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Synopsis for "For Those Who Serve"

Jonathan Kent, the Superboy, has been unable to sleep these past few nights. He still remembers the adventure he and his father had on Dinosaur Island. There, they meet Captain William Storm of the Losers and together, they fought to return home. Although Superman and Superboy hoped they could take Storm with them, the good captain risked his only chance to return home and instead elected to remain on the island, giving enough time to the two superheroes to return to their dimension. Even now, Jon still believes there is chance to save Captain Storm.

Meanwhile, Superman has finished rounding up some criminals that were attempting to rob a bank and, upon returning home, he is confronted by Jon, who asks him to save Captain Storm. Remembering they made a promise to save Storm, Superman agrees. Father and son leave for the Fortress of Solitude, but not before leaving a note for the sleeping Lois so that she does not worry about them.

At the Fortress, Superman manages to reactivate the cube that brought him and Superboy to Dinosaur Island. The cube was originally constructed by Manchester Black, who was responsible of sending the two Kryptonian heroes to Dinosaur Island in an attempt to test Superboy's powers. Now, the cube only has enough energy for a round trip, and the two superheroes prepare to start the journey.

At Dinosaur Island, Captain Storm defends himself from a group of rampaging dinosaurs. His attempts to flee are halted when he finds himself on top of a cliff. Thinking there is no way out, Captain Storm prepares for what could be his last fight. Fortunately, salvation comes in the form of Superman and Superboy, who teleport into the insides of the dinosaur that had been pursuing Storm. Despite their less-than-impressive return to Dinosaur Island, father and son are glad to see Storm again. They express their intentions to bring Storm to their dimension and they will not take a "no" for answer. Amazingly, Storm agrees to come with them. He explains that the island's denizens have been strangely mutated into humanoid hybrids or reanimated into zombies. He even regained his missing leg, in the form of a weird reptilian leg.

Before they can return to their home dimension, however, Storm asks them to make a stop at the cave he used to live in. He wants to pick something up for the journey. Superman and Superboy reluctantly agree and Storm goes on to retrieve his belongings for the cave. Making haste, the three adventurers touch the cube and successfully return home.

Days later, Storm is admitted into S.T.A.R. Labs, where his reptilian leg is removed and he is given a cybernetic leg as a replacement. Cyborg offers to replace Storm's missing eye but Storm prepares to stick with the eyepatch. Clark and Jon have been helping Storm get re-acquainted with the modern world. Storm wants to get a rehabilitation license from the Department of Veteran Affairs and help as many veterans as possible, but first he wants to return his friends dog tags to their families. The dog tags are the objects Storm wanted to retrieve from his cave. He plans to go on a trip, but not before giving Jon his dog tag.

Storm's journey leads him to a motel. He rents a room but finds himself unable to sleep on a warm bed, so he grabs his pillow and blanket and sleeps on the back of his truck. Upon daybreak, Storm continues his journey. He has already delivered the dog tags of Gunner and Sarge. Now, only John remains.

At Metropolis, Clark and Jon talk about how glad they are for helping Storm return to their world. They talk about how superheroes and soldiers are similar in the sense that they fight for what's right and protect those who cannot protect themselves. With their mission complete, Jon can now sleep peacefully. Clark returns to Lois, who also helped Storm by giving him a list about his friends' families. Congratulating each other on a job well done, Clark and Lois go to sleep.

Appearing in "Strays and Strangers"

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  • Mr. Stanley
  • Anges Stanley (In a photograph only)
  • Martha Kent (Mentioned only)


Synopsis for "Strays and Strangers"

Superman returns to Earth after a long mission in outer space. He is tired and plans to take a long rest, but unfortunately, duty calls. A giant Atlantean-sea bug is rampaging across Metropolis. A terrified citizen wants Superman to kill the creature, but Superman incapacitates it without lethal force and brings it into the ocean. He remembers a time where he was a boy and found a dog killing his family's chickens. His father Jonathan, taking pity on the dog, decided to adopt him, astonishing Clark. Jonathan told Clark that there is more hunger than evil in the world and that every pair of eyes is a window into creation, a lesson that Superman still values to this day.

Superman does not have much time to catch his breath, though, as he is told that a building is about to crumble. Even with his powers strained, Superman enters the building and finds an old man collapsed into the floor. Superman brings the old man, Mr. Stanley, to an ambulance, but Stanley begs Superman to save his wife's pictures. Stanley has become too old and no longer remembers his wife Agnes. Those pictures are all he has left of her.

Superman enters the building once again and attempts to find the pictures but comes across a dog trapped on a living room. Knowing he has no time to save both the dog and pictures, he chooses the dog and shields her with his body. As the building crashes all around him, Superman remembers his parents' funeral. With only his dog at his side, Clark wondered if he really was a good person.

Superman awakens and returns to Mr. Stanley. Although he apologizes for being unable to find his wife's pictures, Superman asks him to take care of the dog instead. Mr. Stanley feels bad that he was unable to save the last memory of his wife, but Superman tells him that the truly important memories never abandon people, they become a part of them. With the day saved, Superman returns home.

Appearing in "Split Decision"

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Synopsis for "Split Decision"

Albert Michaels, the Atomic Skull, reluctantly begins another day as a member of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. For today's mission, the MSCU must detain Skull's old partner, Shockwave, and Maggie Sawyer has brought Superman as backup. Although Skull has proven himself a good member of the MSCU, Sawyer thinks that a reunion with Shockwave could cause Skull to fall back his old ways. Superman, always the optimist, tells Sawyer to give Skull a chance to prove he has changed.

Superman and Skull ambush Shockwave, who is angry that Skull has joined the people that previously humiliated him. Shockwave's powers have evolved to the point he can shatter targets by locking onto their molecular vibrations, and he paralyzes Superman, telling Skull they can work together as they did before. As Skull attacks Superman, however, Skull can cancel Shockwave's powers. Remembering the faith Sawyer showed in him when he became a member of the MSCU, Skull chooses to save Superman. Skull weakens Shockwave long enough for Superman to incapacitate him.

Superman thanks Skull for saving his life, telling him not to waste the second chance he has been given. As Skull's hands sparkle with the power he took from Shockwave, Skull wonders what to do next.


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