Quote1 As a member of the Superman Squad, I fight alongside the Supermen of many different eras to protect the structure of spacetime itself! Quote2
Superman of the 853rd Centurysrc

The Superman Squad is a team of heroes from the 853rd Century, gathered from across time and united by their inspiration: Superman.


The organization began in the early days of the 21st century, in a form known as the Supermen of America, a grouping formed by the original 'Prime' Superman made up of his closest allies so that he could call upon them in dire situations.[1] In time this gathering would evolve into theSuperman Squad, centered in the Fortress of Solidarity--a tesseract housed in a pentagonal icositetrahedron within the Still Zone--where they may survey all of reality, defending it against the most titanic of threats to the structure of spacetime.

The Superman Squad's actions are inherently limited, as the nature of existence must be preserved, putting various restrictions on their trans-time activities: they gather as a team only in the most calamitous of circumstances, such as battling the Infinity Man in the Crisis In Infinite Eras, or sending out a group to chain the time-devouring Chronovore. Prominent members include Lisa Jennings (once one of Superman Prime's most vicious enemies, ultimately one of his staunchest allies), Superman-Purple (his marriage to the Queen of the 5th Dimension in the 67th century would introduce 10 new senses to the Superman Dynasty, as well as begin the line of the Superman of the 5th Dimension, including Lzyxm Ltpkz and Klyzyzk Klzntplkz), the Superman of the 505th century (he sacrificed his life to defeat and reprogram the perennial enemy of the Supermen, Solaris), Superstar (a sentient solar system), Supercillia (a single celled hero protecting lifeforms too small for others to notice), Superego (a living 'good idea'), SuperBatman (scion of both the Superman and Batman legacies) and Kal Kent, Superman of the 853rd Century (crucial player in the final battle against Solaris, and witness to the return of Superman Prime from his Solar Fortress of Solitude after 15,000 years of meditation in the sun's core).


  • The Superman Squad has appeared both on New Earth and in the universe of All-Star Superman. Its first (and in the latter, sole) appearance in each universe was written by Grant Morrison, with numerous overlapping qualities and events (Kal Kent, the Superman of the 853rd century, appears in both, as well as a golden original Superman living in the sun). Morrison has additionally noted that a battle against the Chronovore mentioned by Kal Kent in DC One Million #1, set on New Earth, is the same battle shown in All-Star Superman #6, theoretically set in another universe altogether, making it difficult to determine the continuity and precise nature, reality-wise, of the group. This, combined with the appearance of the Superman of Earth-30 in one of the Fortress of Solidarity's viewscreens, suggests that the Superman Squad is likely a Multiversal as well as transtemporal organization, possibly recruiting multiple versions of the same individuals, explaining such discrepancies.

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