"The One Minute of Doom!": When a tornado threatens Metropolis, Superman is there to stop it but instead of staying to accept thanks for his heroic deeds, Superman flies off to meet another appointment, witnesses note that Superman looked upset about something. In deep space, Krypto builds a Dog

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Synopsis for "The One Minute of Doom!"

When a tornado threatens Metropolis, Superman is there to stop it but instead of staying to accept thanks for his heroic deeds, Superman flies off to meet another appointment, witnesses note that Superman looked upset about something. In deep space, Krypto builds a Doghouse of Solitude for himself when he too recalls that there is an important matter he needs to attend too and flies back to Earth. Also Supergirl, while secretly helping children fish suddenly has to leave as well.

The three Kryptonians arrive at the Fortress of Solitude to have a moment of silence to remember the destruction of Krypton. They are not the only ones, as the people of the Bottle City of Kandor, and criminals who are still trapped in the Phantom Zone also pause to remember the destruction of Krypton. As they stand in silence, Superman, Supergirl, Krypto, and the people of Kandor all reflect back on how they managed to avoid being killed as well. While on the distant Bizarro World, the Bizarros remember the destruction of Krypton by having a huge party.

After the moment of silence Superman and Supergirl consider how they might remember Krypton in the future. Inspired, they leave Earth with Krypto to find a lifeless world. There they construct an exact duplicate of Krypton, complete with robot duplicates of its people including robot versions of their parents. After spending time remembering their old world, the three Kryptonian survivors leave the planet vowing to always return to the memorial planet and remember Krypton each year.

Appearing in "The Duel Over Superman!"

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Synopsis for "The Duel Over Superman!"

Lois Lane and Lana Lang are both sent out into the stormy Metropolis weather to cover a blackout that has covered the city and they witness as Superman fixes the downed power lines and restores power to the city. Agreeing to have dinner together, Lois and Lana decide to contrive another attempt to get Superman to make a decision on which one he loves more. The two women plot to stage a duel to the death, in the hopes that it will force Superman to save the life of the person he truly loves.

Later that day, they appear at a new amusement park being opened in Metropolis where Superman is has been given the honor of being the first to travel through the Tunnel of Love. Lois and Lana both vie for the chance to ride with Superman and stage a fight on live television wherein they challenge each other to a duel to the death. With the press and Superman tipped off to their "plan", Lois and Lana then continue to plot their fake duel. After Lois tells Jimmy that he will referee the duel, the cub reporter calls in Superman who decides that he is going to teach Lois and Lana a lesson.

Returning to his home, Superman builds robot duplicates of Lois and Lana and brings them to the castle where Lois and Lana are to duel. Trapping Lana in a room, Superman puts her robot duplicate in her place for a fencing match against Lois. As the fight, the robot Lana allows for Lois to land a killing blow. Horrified, Lois thinks she had killed Lana, unaware that she really stabbed a robot.

When Jimmy walks Lois off to console her, Superman frees the real Lana and pits her to a gun battle against the robot Lois. As expected, the Lois robot feigns death which also horrifies Lana and she too is walked off by Jimmy. When Superman meets up with Lois and Lana and tries to explain what happened, the two women suddenly blame each other for faking their deaths. The two women then grab weapons off the walls of the castle and begin fighting. They ultimately knock each other off the edge of the parapet. However, as Superman rescues the women, he realizes that they are really his robots and the real Lois and Lana have appeared to mock him. As it turns out, the girls stumbled upon Superman's plot before he had a chance to tell them and turned the tables on him. They then walk off together smugly gloating that they would never fight over Superman.

Appearing in "When the World Forgot Superman!"

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Synopsis for "When the World Forgot Superman!"

Superman returns to Earth from a mission in space and prevents a manhole cover from blowing up in the middle of busy traffic. When a police officer yells at Superman for blocking traffic, he is shocked to find that the cop and everyone on the street don't remember who he is and laugh at his insistence that he is Superman.

Going to the Daily Planet, Superman finds that even Perry, Jimmy, and Lois don't remember who he is either. Changing into Clark Kent, Superman decides to investigate further and finds that while they remember Clark Kent, they truly do not have any recollection of who Superman is.

Curious, Clark looks all over Metropolis and finds that all traces of him have been erased. Determined to prove to everyone that he is real, he attempts to put on super-feats but to his surprise when he shows off each of his super-powers he finds that someone has placed an artificial device that makes it look like he's hoaxing each stunt.

Superman realizes that the only person who could have possibly done this is his old foe Mr. Mxyzptlk. Sure enough, Superman's hunch proves correct and the Man of Steel finds the magical imp hiding out in the outskirts of Metropolis. Superman manages to trick Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards when Superman scrambles around giant letters spelling out his name, thoroughly confusing the imp what his name really is and tricks him into saying his name backwards.

With Mxyzptlk finally gone, all his mischief is reversed and Superman is relieved that the people of Metropolis once more remember who he is.


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