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"Clark Kent's Brother!": Ma Kent contracts a cold that prevents her and Pa from taking the Caribbean trip that in our reality resulted in their deaths. Also Pete Ross does not know Superboy's secret identity.

Superman #175 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1965.

Synopsis for "Clark Kent's Brother!"

Ma Kent contracts a cold that prevents her and Pa from taking the Caribbean trip that in our reality resulted in their deaths. Also Pete Ross does not know Superboy's secret identity.

A series of mysterious bolts of energy-force are systematically used to attack Superboy's closest friends. It turns out that the energy-force bolts are part of a plan by Lex Luthor to triangulate the location of Superboy's home. Pete Ross is in love with Lara Lang who only has eyes for Superboy and Superboy's rescue of her sows the seeds of deep resentment.

Superboy figures out Luthor's plan and discovers the many electric eye devices that were used for the triangulation. Fearing for his family's safety Clark Kent runs away from home with Superboy promising to "find" Clark Kent. Luthor quickly deduces that odds are that Superboy is Clark Kent and applies for work at the Kent store as part of a plan to prove his deduction. However, the love, kindness and trust of the Kents result in Luthor's reformation. Homesick Superboy living room window and Ma Kent calls him "Clar" but that that time Luthor no longer cares and is adopted as Clark's brother. Pete Ross' resentment of Superboy only grows.

Years later Lex gets a job at the Metropolis Scientific Foundation and Clark a job at the Daily Planet. To be closer to their sons the Kent's sale their farm and move to Metropolis. At a family get-together to introduced Lois Land to the Kents Lara steers the conversation to Superman and Pete Ross, now a successful businessman, uses the tour of Lex's lab to put a tracking device on a machine loaned to Lex by Superman.

In fighting the machines of Kryptonian origin that are wreaking havoc in Metropolis weeks later Lois is put into the hospital. Superman goes to his Fortress of Solitude and finds the door ripped off with all the duplicates of ancient Kryptonian machines that could be used to commit crimes stolen.

Superman flies to the hospital and proposes to Lois telling her his secret identity. Lara overhears and when Pete Ross proposes again during Clark and Lois wedding she finally accepts. Lara then learns that Pete's successful business is in fact crime and that he is the one who stole the ancient Kryptonian machines.

Pete then locks Lara in a soundproof room before going to set up a fatal trap for Superman. Lara uses a pile of trash and a window to bring the fire company and escape. Meanwhile Pete has come to the conclusion that since Lois has a signal watch that she is married to Superman and kidnaps her as part of a plan to lure Superman into a Kryptonite deathtrap.

Running to the Kent's home Lara find that Superman has already left she comments "only another Superman could save Superman now" prompting Lex to use a device with a "serious defect" to give himself superpowers. Lex then flies the cave Pete lured Superman to and starts smashing the place up. Pete tries to use the Kryptonian Death Ray on Lex but it bounces off killing Pete. After rescuing Superman Lex reveals the "serious defect" is that the device causes the person it is used on to eventually designate as he fade from existence.

Appearing in "Clark Kent's Brother!"

Featured Characters:

  • Superboy/Superman (Clark Kent)

Supporting Characters:

  • Jonathan Kent
  • Lex Luthor Kent (Dies)
  • Lana Lang
  • Lois Lane
  • Martha Kent


  • Pete Ross

Other Characters:

  • Douglas Parker
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Perry White





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